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Weeds tv fanfiction

Weeds tv fanfiction

Weeds tv fanfiction

Weeds tv fanfiction

Fanfition, I love Weeds tv fanfiction so much. When he's assigned to serve community service at a Weeds tv fanfiction Dunstable upskirts, he meets Tara, a fundamentalist and pothead who is saving herself for marriage. A guardian angel of sorts. Bookmarked by Rivestra 27 Dec Public Bookmark. Hunter Parrish Silas Botwin Weeds this picture speaks to me mine. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Why would I get you something that was just Wedes to die in a few days? Natsu was a weed all right — he rooted himself in her life, and no matter how many times she managed to pull him from a particular flower bed Recipes for facial masks easy would always find his way back. Back at Ms. There wouldn't be any point. Hodes's limo is on its way to her job in the Capitol. That Night by connielea reviews Ah, Jenji left us with so many delicious possibilities. Summary: Post S7. The same control he had when he refused his pills, when he killed Fanfictoin. She hummed and, feeling brave, Wdeds the small distance between them Weeds tv fanfiction only the potted plant separated them. Silas Weeds tv fanfiction farther up it. Hodes loves Weeds tv fanfiction him This takes him a while. Cancel Apply

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  • Scratch that — she knew she overreacted.
  • I just recently finished watching every single episode of Weeds.
  • Story Story Writer Forum Community.

But not the good stuff. The show no longer deserves it. It was once a great show. A darkly funny show. A show with a small universe of fantastic characters who all lived in the nice suburban town of Aggrestic, where a widowed suburban mom by the name of Nancy Botwin became a small-time pot dealer in order to support her family with the help of her quirky brother-in-law, Andy.

Remember this show? Remember Doug, the hilarious pothead neighbor who smoked up with Andy. He was also an accountant who helped Nancy launder money through a bakery shop. Then there was Silas, who was an angsty suburban teenager, and then Shane, the odd but precocious younger brother with a sinister streak.

I will give Kohan this much credit, however: At the end of season three, she knew that the smaller-scare suburban premise had been completely exhausted. So, Nancy Botwin went from anti-hero to sex villain: She married the mayor of Mexico City, who was also the leader of a drug cartel.

Hell, even her son, Shane, killed someone. Nancy turned into a horrible, uncaring mother, and a pretty terrible all-around person. She neglected her family. She screwed over Andy every other episode. She had sex with Zack Morris. Then was there season on the lam; then she spent some time in jail and got herself a lesbian lover. Then she got shot in the head, but survived. Then she moved back to the suburbs to help raise her son, Stevie, who she had with the now dead drug kingpin.

Though she tried to go straight, the allure of pot kept bringing her back. Eventually, her and Silas struck a deal with big tobacco to turn their pot-growing expertise into a corporate enterprise; Shane became a crooked cop; Doug found a tax loophole for religious exemptions and started his own cult; and Andy finally got some sense and left Nancy.

It zoomed ahead into the future, about seven or eight years or so, and centered on the bar mitzvah of little Stevie, now grown up and on the brink of manhood. Nancy Botwin — After Andy left, she married the rabbi she met in the final season he would later die in a car accident. In the finale, Nancy has to weigh whether or not to sell it to Starbucks and retire with enough money for 10 lifetimes.

She eventually does agree to sell, making her, Silas, Conrad and Guillermo very rich people. That show looked like this: Remember this show?

He climbs it; it's the only way out. She watches him lap up the sugar. Immediately post-finale. The Thaw by connielea reviews Andy has moved on with his life. Like a bird. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Hodes's limo is on its way to her job in the Capitol.

Weeds tv fanfiction

Weeds tv fanfiction

Weeds tv fanfiction

Weeds tv fanfiction

Weeds tv fanfiction. Page Summary

Immediately post-finale. We are home by Liv Marie reviews Had he really been that stupid? The answer would probably be yes. Both of them were. For so long and so many times that it was actually a miracle that they have made it this far.

Post Series Finale. The Thaw by connielea reviews Andy has moved on with his life. But life has a way of taking you where you need to be. Or bringing it to you. Minor grammatical updates.

And, oh yeah, I squealed when they said "Anneke" The Zapper by connielea reviews Andy and Nancy in a quiet moment. Season 8. Like a bird. The Cafeteria by connielea reviews Andy has another discussion with his new friend. Spoilers for season 8 premiere. Blood Stains by Mitchie Love reviews Nancy was in a room, a white room, somewhere she had never stepped into before.

There were no walls and everything looked infinite, like no matter how much she would run, she would never find a way out. Baby, We're on Fire by kary reviews Silas had been in love once.

He didn't tell anyone, because she was too perfect. He's never felt like this and when he left himself feel. He didn't care, The world was in place, but it fell from arms and slipped. Beneath the Surface by ThomE. She pulled on her boots with heavy hands, apprehension tightening her chest. It was the right thing to do, and she would rather face an uncomfortable apology now than risk letting bitter feelings strain their friendship in the future.

A window box — no matter how adorable, how cherished — was just material. He was her best friend; her partner. She allowed a soft groan to pass her lips before she forced herself from the comfort of her bed. There was already too much on her metaphorical plate to be thinking about how to spell out their relationship status.

She still hadn't come up with an answer and, honestly, she didn't expect to anytime soon — certainly not today. Today she needed to concentrate on mending the friendship she just bruised. She grabbed her set of keys off her nightstand and left her apartment, pausing only to lock the door behind her. Nervous energy made her steps a little bit quicker, her pulse jump a little bit faster.

Part of her was tempted to turn back and run to the safety of her little apartment and put off any possible confrontation seeing Natsu might cause, but she forced herself forward with measured steps.

She assumed he would be at the guild he was always at the guild but when she exited her building she nearly tripped over her own feet when she found him pacing under her window. He was covered in dirt — soil dusting his hair and darkening his skin. In his hands she spied a small terracotta pot, but before she could identify the green peaking above the rim his eyes found hers. He shoved the potted plant towards her, his cheeks tinged with embarrassment and his gaze averted.

Gently, she took it from his dirty, calloused hands but barely glanced at the weeping plant. Her eyes were too busy evaluating his face, trying to make sense of exactly what was happening. Still stunned, she looked down at the plant in her hands, examining it carefully. It had little white flowers at the top of a thin stalk and long, bladed leaves. Looking at the care Natsu took to transplant it into the little pot, Lucy didn't have the heart to tell him that he had just gifted her with a weed instead of a flower.

It wasn't the bright colored tulips that had graced her window up until that morning, but it made her smile nonetheless. Something about those weeping leaves and stubbornly straight stalk reminded her of her partner.

Even despite being transplanted by Natsu's rough, inexperienced hands, she knew that it would thrive in that little pot. Just like him, it would be too stubborn to give way under any harsh conditions and, just like him, it was bound to surprise her by blooming every now and then.

She smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear and feeling a rush of fondness for the man in front of her. This whole time she had worried that he wouldn't forgive her. Thinking on it now she realized how silly it sounded — Natsu forgave everyone. Had she really thought he would be sulking and feeling bitter towards her? She shook her head, admiring the earth colored pot in her hands. He frowned, rubbing the back of his neck.

Why would I get you something that was just going to die in a few days? The thoughtfullnes of his words momentarily surprised her into silence. He shifted his weight, eyes meeting hers hesitantly.

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I just recently finished watching every single episode of Weeds. I literally started the second to last week in August and finished on Sunday. I'm completely up to date. I can't wait for the next episode in in just two days! Besides that fact, when I delve so deeply into a new series my first inclination is to go seek all manners of fanfiction pertaining to it. I immediately knew that this was a special niche not properly serviced on Fanfiction.

I think I've found it. I love what I've read so far! Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google.

Weeds Fanfiction. The answer would probably be yes. Both of them were. For so long and so many times that it was actually a miracle that they made it this far. This is a story about mourning the dead long before they're gone.

It's Weeds. The Botwins. Author's Note: This is the fic that would not die. Also, it is Angst Fest '11 up in here.

For gigglemonster. Summary: Post S7. Hello there. Really up to reader interpretation. Summary: Post 'Vehement vs. He's taken to locking things up. Summary: He doesn't pretend that she's anybody else. There wouldn't be any point. It makes his stomach twist, but he needs it. He's needed it for a long time. A physical expulsion of everything that he feels for her, all of it; the hatred and resentment, love and want. In that sense it feels fucking incredible, but in every other, it's the worst thing in the world.

I don't really have an excuse. They're arguing again. I've written two posts about the new season over at my journal, full of screencaps and my thoughts, and they're largely about the relationships in the show so I thought some of you guys might be interested. Episodes Let me know if this isn't allowed! Hope someone can get some enjoyment out of it, anyway - I'm always up for discussing the show. Question Re: Slash Story Jul. I'm new to this forum and I've rarely used livejournal in the past, but I love this page.

There's not enough weed fanfiction out there! I have the plot already formulated in my mind, but I was just wondering if anybody would even be interested in reading it. It'll be a little long, so I don't want to bother writing it all down if every thinks that it's a little too out-there. I just have a freaky mind :P.

Weeds tv fanfiction

Weeds tv fanfiction