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By Laurel Brown For Dailymail. It has been 12 years since Buffy The Vampire Slayer killed its final demons and went off the air, but James Marsden is still keeping one aspect of the show alive. Back when he played the vampire Spike on Buffy, a similar black T-shirt and jeans were the anti-hero's clothes of choice as well. Scroll down for video. For his airport trip, James kept things simple with a tightly fitted shirt and matching black jeans.

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

And then Pictures of james marsters shirtless fangs on top of that dark secret and tell the world about it. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. I think he did have a profound love for Buffy that confused him and drove him to try to be a better creature. Is James Marsters still alive? It was the hardest day of my marrsters life. So different than other episodes.

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Burbank, Ca. JJ: Page 2. Top Shirtlesss. Forgotten Password. Please Sign In Username or e-mail address. Page 1 of 2. We've sent an email to Please follow the instructions to reset your password. Besides being a talented actor, James Marsters seems to also nurture a secret passion for fine art and nude photography. Taron Egerton. Nobody knows Holly better than Gerry.

James was born in Greenville, California on August 20,

  • The cast of Angel reunites for their 20th anniversary on the cover of Entertainment Weekly , our on Friday June
  • James was born in Greenville, California on August 20,
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  • James Marsters , the actor best known for his roles in Smallville , Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer , has reportedly become the latest celebrity to fall victim to apparent leaked nude photos scandal.

In 11 Questions , The A. Club asks interesting people 11 interesting questions—and then asks them to suggest one for our next interviewee. For The A. But his arc extended far beyond the compelling bad boy he played when he was first introduced. James Marsters: Wow. It depends on the week. It depends on if I go out or not.

And so I can have a normal life. JM: There was a scene between Buffy and me in a church, and I think I ended up draping myself over a cross. I was very, very sad. That scene that was so important, your whole career-making scene? That sucks.

You kind of overacted. It was the direction. Do you want the good news? Then, after we finished those eight days, and the main unit started a new episode, we were doing pickups and extra shots on B and splinter units throughout the next week, which was not even entirely legal.

He was willing to do that. The A. Club: What were the changes that Joss made to the scene that fixed it? JM: He directed me to be less emotional. To be hiding both in the shadows and in my feelings from Buffy rather than try and proclaim them to her.

So, yeah, those were the things he did. So different than other episodes. Really proving that the show can be just a very serious drama occasionally. Loved that one. I have very fond memories of the first one I was in. That was just such an intense experience. I think the director committed career suicide. He got so excited by what was happening in the episode, and birthing this character with me, that he started adding shots. This episode is going to be amazing. I think part of the reason the character broke out quickly is because that first episode was so tight, as far as how many shots he got.

AVC: Do you have a least favorite episode? JM: Not really. Not really. Is there a bad episode? I guess, selfishly speaking, the introduction of Faith [Eliza Dushku] was probably not a good moment for me. I kind of left the show in season two. There were no plans to have me back. JM: Are you kidding me? You mean, if I was forced, kicking and screaming, to give up Spike? No way, I quit. I want Spike. I like Spike. No way in hell. JM: He was the best actor on the show by a mile.

I was a big old thespian in the beginning. His subtlety was a real wakeup call for me. The exposition scene is where the audience is told all the information that they need to know to set up the actual events of the story. If a lesser person had done it, it would always clunk before it started working. Normally on a television show, you film one episode and you know what your journey is going to be every time you do that show, because a lot of television is a little bit repetitive.

If you do a film or a play, you can read the script beforehand and decide whether you want to do that, or give that, or put yourself through that, or show that. In six, I really got afraid to read the scripts. Because I was going to have to do whatever they thought of to whoever they thought of to do it. And I was truly terrified.

You really want to be out of your comfort zone, and I was certainly out of my comfort zone during that time. I think it all fit together and led to an incredibly great story. Certainly, Joss is not about comforting the audience and making them feel goody-good-good all the time. The truth about that scene is that Joss, throughout the entire series, was asking his writing team to come up with their worst day.

And then slap fangs on top of that dark secret and tell the world about it. This is an act of bravery and vulnerability every single episode.

My argument was that, actually, when anyone is watching Buffy , they are Buffy. And so the audience, especially the female audience, they are not superheroes, but they are Buffy.

It was the hardest day of my professional life. I was curled up in a fetal position in between takes. I choose not to. It just really makes me crazy. It was really hard. It was just unbelievably hard. Spike was evil, and I think a lot of people forgot about that. It would be bad to date a guy like this. And also give Spike a really good reason to try to reform and try to become better and try to get a soul.

He goes all the way with things. AVC: What was your reaction when Dawn was introduced, having been on the show in the pre-Dawn universe? JM: I thought it was genius. At some point the young person has to stand on their own. Is she really a hero? And this is what parents do all the time. So is Buffy a real hero? So I thought it was genius, yeah.

JM: Who was the best Big Bad? Were there any others besides Spike? I was unaware. JM: I really am. Spike just had such an interesting journey.

He was set up to be a disposable villain. That was the whole point. When Angel goes bad, he goes bad in a big way. Then they decided to include me into the series. I have the plot for the entire season. It was a winding road that was always surprising, but because Joss and the rest of the writers were so good, it all stitched together into one believable journey.

But it was just so surprising to everyone. I think mainly it was a happy accident. I think something like that has to happen organically. Again, that has nothing to do with me. JM: Yeah. I regret that. Oops, oops. And then Spike got a soul. I think the series ended before he figured out what to do with it.

It centers around a group of super-powered teenagers who discover that their parents are supervillains. The FBI is investigating the celebrity phone and email hacking case. Free Signup. This includes images of James Marsters dressed down in plainclothes, and also James Marsters in a suit and possibly even some nearly nude James Marsters shots as well! Marsters first came to the attention of the general public playing the popular character Spike, a platinum-blond English vampire in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off series, Angel, from to

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless. To look super hot, James Marsters should:


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James was born in Greenville, California on August 20, He made his onscreen debut as a bellhop in Northern Exposure in It centers around a group of super-powered teenagers who discover that their parents are supervillains. Unsure of whether to join forces with their powerful, albeit evil, parents or rebel against them, the teens of course choose the latter option and put themselves on a collision course with destiny!

James gives us a look at those perfect pecs while lying shirtless in a pod. We would run away with this beefy babe any day! Marvel's Runaways - as Robert Minoru. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - as Spike. Made with love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved. Toggle navigation. Live Cams. Free Signup. By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. James Marsters Sexy No Nudity. Top Scenes. Torchwood Marvel's Runaways Sexy , underwear, shirtless, bulge Ep.

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Pictures of james marsters shirtless

Pictures of james marsters shirtless