Lump in throat with gagging sensation-Globus pharyngeus: What is this sensation?

Some people feel as if they have a lump or mass in their throat when no mass is actually there. If this sensation is unrelated to swallowing, it is termed globus sensation, or globus hystericus which does not mean the person is hysterical. If people have the sensation but also notice difficulty swallowing, see Difficulty Swallowing. Doctors are not sure what causes globus sensation. It may involve increased muscle tension in muscles of the throat or just below the throat or it may also be due to gastroesophageal reflux.

Lump in throat with gagging sensation

Lump in throat with gagging sensation

My initial battle with globus felt like the longest month of my life, peaking with some terrifying swallowing awkwardness that made eating difficult. Like good footnotes, this sets PainScience. Functional: Diseases that weaken the coordination of the respiratory tract and muscles used for swallowing can make Lump in throat with gagging sensation difficult for your body to clear irritating substances, often leading to painful gagging and dry heaving. Obstructive: The presence of a structure blocking the airways can cause gagging because your body is attempting to clear out the offending source. It also would cause some serious pressure and pain and accompanied by ugly sounding heaving. Try not to eat or drink anything 3 hours before going to bed. I thought. Cochlear implant florida have reflux and the worst symptom in spite of the PPI that I take daily, is the nausea.

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Lump in throatalso known as globus sensationis a feeling of having something stuck in your throat even if is not physically present. However, some conditions may mimic globus sensation at first. I'm so sorry this is long hoping you could perhaps help xx Report. Hearing Aids for Children. Tongue Problems. Disclaimer: This article is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. But i know what you are going through. If your take on meditation is that it's boring or too "new age," then read this. Guest over a year ago In reply to anonymous on - click to read. The condition was once called Globus Hystericusconnoting Lump in throat with gagging sensation as a disorder induced by stress, but today research has proved otherwise. Nikols over a year ago.

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  • Many individuals complain of a lump in the throat sensation.
  • Lump in throat , also known as globus sensation , is a feeling of having something stuck in your throat even if is not physically present.

Posted 3 years ago , 44 users are following. Hello to everyone, i am a 19 year old guy and for about 3 months now soon to be 4 i have had a very strange problem with constant nausea and gagging. This might become lengthy as i will try to explain everything in detail, but i would very much appreciate any thoughts.

This interferes with my daily life and i am so frustrated with it. When this all started i did not experience any other real symptoms during the first month. But my "nausea" and gagging was very intense. It would happen regardless of what i would be doing and it would interfere with my daily activities. At first i thought it was related to eating, but later i realized i would feel it regardless of whether i was eating or drinking anything.

I had an echo scan done on my entire abdominal area and i was told nothing appeared to be wrong in terms of swelling or lumps etc. Around this time i suddenly started experiencing a tight feeling in my lower throat, on both sides of my neck. I was given antibiotics amoxicilin for my throat because i was told it appeared a bit red or irritated. It seemed to help a bit but the tightness remained.

Eventually i kept checking and i was finally given multiple blood tests, urine tests, and even an upper endoscopy. I am constantly being told that this problem has nothing to do with my stomach, as all appears to be fine. About 3 weeks ago i started feeling better and worse at the same time. My gagging and nausea reduced dramatically. I then would experience a burning sensation in my throat and chest.

The burning was terrible and after the very first night of experiencing it, i visited a throat specialist and she diagnosed me with GERD. I was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor. After that i didnt experience a burning sensation in my chest again. So yes, basically i experienced what my doctor thought was heartburn, but for literally one night only. I had never in my life, ever experienced anything similar or any form of heartburn and could basically eat any and everything i wanted.

So currently i am still suffering from random nausea and gagging. But it is very minimal and random. Sometimes if i relax the entire day, i can go 24 hours without a single gag or nausea feeling. But i notice that my nausea and gagging reflexes come on a lot stronger and intensely while i am active. Over the past 3 weeks the tight feeling in my throat has become a lot less. I am currently on a second round of antibiotics as well, prescribed by my throat specialist.

If i continue speaking my throat feels suddenly very tight and contracted. My neck itself feels stiff and numb around all sides and there is pain in my throat area until i stop talking and rest my voice for a long time.

So that is basically it. I am still taking the proton pump inhibitor medication, along with antibiotics. I havent experienced any other symptoms apart from everything i described here. I have no coughing, and i have never once actually vomited through all of this. My throat specialist says apart from some redness and simple irritation which is was prescribed antibiotics for, nothing else looks abnormal, no scarring, swelling etc.

I was planning to take up my gyming activities again this coming month but i am nervous how i might feel since my gagging and nausea increase so much from simple activities and chores. If there is anything anyone can suggest so that i can look into it, i would very much be thankful. I cannot even speak to people at a meeting or get together without having to stop due to the discomfort in my neck from it.

I have so many doubts about that and i worry at times if there is an underlying disease that i should know about. Doctors have told me the fact that i have never vomited throughout all this or experienced any form of bleeding is a sign that nothing is too serious at the moment, but i would like to figure this out before it might get to that point. Posted 3 years ago. I have had this for over twenty years and had no idea what it was, Drs were focusing on autoimmune diseases, For twenty years I thought I was the only person with symptoms like this and just couldn't find an answer, it has only been a couple of months that I have known what I have, so I am a bit overdue for an endoscopy.

I have every symptom of this illness. I'm glad to see it didn't take you as long to get her. Report jar cheryl Posted 3 years ago. But yes i was fully awake for my procedure. I was given an anesthetic to drink and that was supposed to numb my throat. Must have been a joke or something because i pretty much felt everything. And if that was the anesthetic i would be amazed at how terrible it feels without any form of anesthesia. The doctor performing my procedure told me that i was probably supposed to be given some form of Vicodin or sleeping medication to help me relax, but my main doctor for whatever reason decided it "was not necessary".

So i was nervous and shaky during the whole thing, and experienced constant gagging, vomiting, and could basically feel whatever they were doing in my stomach. I don't want to alarm you but honestly it was probably one of the worst experiences of my short existence and i never want to do it again.

So i am very glad that you will have the chance to be asleep for your procedure. It is not a comfortable thing to go through while awake. Report cheryl jar Posted 3 years ago. It was tight and hard to swallow. There was so much going on at that time I can't say for sure if it was actually swollen or just the lump. I am pretty happy to be out for the endoscopy, sorry you had to go through that the way you did. Next time you now know you will want to be out.

I also have the same symptoms in my life, so you are all far from alone, please Cheryl let us know how you're doing, a glimpse of hope would be great. Did the nausea stop on its own? I'm glad it feels better for you!

It interrupts plans and friends and makes everything very difficult. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to stop the nausea but so far no dice. Please let me know if you come up with a nausea fixer. I know exactly what you mean by it kind of taking over your life. I have reflux and the worst symptom in spite of the PPI that I take daily, is the nausea. I think the lump is mainly triggered by stress but the nausea I can't figure out.

Doesn't matter what I eat or if I even eat nothing. I'm so sick excuse the pun of it. It definitely has diminished my quality of life. Sometimes I take Gravol to try and relieve it , but it doesn't always work. The drs. I even have the lump in throat situation, it's like a constant swollen lymph node, but everything you just explained is the exact same. And I definitely don't want to have to "live with it" that just isn't an option, so if I find out how to stop the nausea, you all will be the first to hear about it.

I'm looking forward to it lol. I agree that potentially having to put up with this for years and years is definitely not an option. Hi Carol, I am so sorry you are also still dealing with this crap. I am not sure either if you tried medication, I do remember you wrote to me on at least one of these sites and it felt so good to be validated when I was so sick. I am not sure if you are one that the meds didn't work for either which is just the worst as you have no reprieve from this hell. I will have to go back and find your story to jog my memory.

I hope you can find some help soon. When I first had reflux 20 years ago I didn't know what I had and so there was no medication prescribed and the nausea was there for 4 years and then another 3 off and on.

I had started with a new Dr that knew what the problem was - acid reflux. She put me on Omeprazole and the nausea went away within less than an hour, it took many weeks for the rest of the symptoms to subside but they have. I am still not clear if you are taking medications to help or just diet or do the meds not work for you? After the years of nausea I am willing to take medications to help with this, I know they are not good for us but I couldn't live like that again.

It is so awful to feel like you have the flu for years, people just don't understand unless they have lived this one.

Nausea and weakness and breathless all at once just leave a person lifeless. I hope you can find an answer or at least some temporary relief from this horrible affliction. No one should have to live like this. I was told by an ER doctor that it may be something I will have to put up with for life.

I sure hope not. Report cheryl carol Posted 3 years ago. Do you feel the medication is helping at all? I don't feel things are good enough at this point to try and get off. I was just told by my Dr that I may just have to live with my breathing issue, which I will take over the nausea issue. Do you change your diet? Mine was so strict I wasn't sure I got better from the diet or the meds.

Emotions can play a significant role in aggravating this uneasy feeling. None could diagnose it. Quick reply. I am also afraid of throwing up, and it also has manipulated my life at times. I'm so sorry this is long hoping you could perhaps help xx. It definitely has diminished my quality of life. Globus sensation is often difficult to treat, can last a very long time, and will likely recur in the future.

Lump in throat with gagging sensation

Lump in throat with gagging sensation

Lump in throat with gagging sensation

Lump in throat with gagging sensation

Lump in throat with gagging sensation

Lump in throat with gagging sensation. What is globus sensation?


Globus pharyngis - Wikipedia

It was just the right sort of day for a stress-triggered medical problem: moving day. Or a medium-sized pill lodged in my esophagus. Or a finger pressing firmly on my trachea. I kept trying to spit it up, and getting nothing. It was fucking frustrating. Painless, 1 but deeply unsettling. My initial battle with globus felt like the longest month of my life, peaking with some terrifying swallowing awkwardness that made eating difficult.

I then continued to suffer seriously for about eight months, and then occasional milder episodes ever since — another year and counting.

For a sensory phantom, globus is a serious bully. My globus was clearly a complication of a larger medical drama. My globus got much better, but not entirely, and then I suffered erratic episodes for another couple years, slowly winding down to nothing. You can skip down to the discovery of the weird cause of my throat pain in , or a summary of the slower happy ending by … or just read through the story as I experienced it and save the good news for last.

My globus story is here to help you, the globus sufferer searching the Internet for clues to the nature of your misery. If this article reassures you, or anything else, please drop me a line and tell me about it. I need to write about this.

By late on moving day — a Saturday — I was starting to really worry. It felt so much like there was something in my throat that I kept shining a flashlight down my gullet. This is the problem with trying to diagnose yourself, kids. I woke up Sunday morning to find the lump gone.

I felt like cheering. I kept swallowing experimentally and grinning madly. Alas, I was also about to be hammered by the discovery that globus typically worsens as the day goes on. I spent the rest of the day in a state of extreme anxiety and frustration. A couple times, I was squirming on the edge of panic, fighting the impulse to whimper and scream, like I was waking up from a nightmare about swallowing something too large.

As I relaxed. Another clue! On the third day, I got woozy: I had head rushes every other time I stood up all day long, which greatly exacerbated my fear of seriousness illness. Of course, I was also exhausted and strung out. It had merely been irritating and worrisome. When I put on a fresh T-shirt with a fairly high and tight collar, I felt like I was being strangled. I lightly touched my trachea and discovered that even a tiny amount of pressure felt extremely threatening.

I thought. To the walk-in clinic! It was dark and raining like movie rain, but I trudged out and walked ten minutes to the clinic in my new neighbourhood … and found they had a minimum one-hour wait. Please look in there and tell me what you see. Avoid throat scopes if you can.

Laryngoscopy feels like being force fed a whole chopstick. This time he did it without the numbing, for no apparent reason: just snuck up on me, the bastard. So after a week of having an incredibly distinct sensation of something lodged in my throat, what did he find? I could go on for paragraphs about the doctor and what we discussed, but blah blah blah. He found nothing, he diagnosed globus. His prescription:. On the 8th day, I read Wikipedia.

Beware of Googling your medical problems. Watch this pretty hilarious video about how perilous it is. Specifically, a sub-type of globus — cricopharyngeal spasm — fit me better than my skin. Strange … but good, because according to Wikipedia, cricopharyngeal spasm is a. On the Monday of the second week, I made myself my favourite breakfast: a nice little omelette, hot and soft. The trick is not to overdo them, mere seconds in the pan, like Julia Child taught me.

I had no globus as I prepared them. I had to cough a bit of it back up. Betrayed by an omelette! It was emotionally shattering. Cancer fear rushed back in like a dark tide.

Difficulty swallowing felt like confirmation of my worst fears. If I was struggling to swallow, there had to be something obstructing my throat? When I was about five, I heard a story about my great grandmother getting a fishbone stuck in her throat … and that story stuck in my mind , forever. I hate taking pills, always have. I got over it just as it was really getting to be Quite A Thing. All this is was like sensory gasoline on the bonfire of my globus. I had a bad moment with swallowing my soft eggs, and it triggered an emotional chain reaction.

Everyone has bad moments swallowing, but my moment turned into a 3-day nightmare because of my swallowing idiosyncrazy. An ENT specialist had looked down my throat 36 hours earlier and seen nothing. It seemed implausible to me that any kind of throat cancer could possibly be missed in a careful throat exam on Saturday, yet cause swallowing trouble on Monday. I needed to talk to a doctor. I signed up for an extremely new-fangled online medical consultation service.

A doctor friend of mine had invested in the company a year before and encouraged me to give it a try. So I finally did, and soon enough I was video chatting with an amiable year-old physician who appeared to be hanging out at home. He was quite helpful. Fit, younger non-smokers and moderate drinkers are nearly immune. And then he prescribed homeopathy. You must have the courage of your convictions! Swallowing is not a thing you can think your way through.

You must let the reflexes do their work. You have to just go for it. Acknowledging this now makes it seem like it was all much ado about nothing, but it was scary as hell to live through. But the next night, starving and pissed off, I ate about five pounds of sushi without a hitch. Globus is usually considered to be likely psychosomatic in the absence of actual lumps or other physical causes.

The condition was so named to describe a health problem that starts as a mental or emotional crisis — a scary or stressful incident of some kind — and converts to a physical problem. And so — assuming there really is no literal lump — globus is a conversion disorder. Which is a good-news, bad-news kind of thing. The worst diseases known to science pale in comparison to the chronic and untreatable nature of somatoform disorders. One chilling paper describes a bone tumour growing on the front of the spine, projecting forward into the throat Wong A relatively smooth mass, covered by layers of tissue, such a tumour could grow for a long time in secret, slowly but surely pinching the throat shut.

But such a tumour would also be distinctively unrelenting. I can imagine some minor symptomatic ups and downs on the road to diagnosing such a cancer, the downward trend would be hard to miss — steadily changing from annoying to downright unpleasant. A weirder example is Eagle Syndrome : a seemingly mechanical source of throat trouble that can act pretty strangely, like globus itself.

Eagle Syndrome is an irritation around the tip of an odd little bone at the back of the throat, the styloid bone, which looks like the fang of a sabre-toothed squirrel. The styloid can get too long and start to bother the sensitive anatomy around the tip, nerves and arteries. Except fairly often people get Eagle Syndrome symptoms — including globus — without having an abnormally long styloid at all.

Nor does a long styloid necessarily cause any grief! Not even close, in fact. No one knows what those factors are, of course. Initially, I could only slowly and uncertainly relax my way out of it. I took all evening: a hot bath, a lie down, some deep breathing, sex, an hour of watching The Walking Dead so peaceful! Gargling seems to relax the throat by stretching and vibrating it at the same time. It is a very unusual sensory experience. Not bad. And quite informative about the nature of the beast.

Lump in throat with gagging sensation

Lump in throat with gagging sensation