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Liz Ohanesian, LA Weekly writer and periodic guest contributor to Boing Boing, has an in-depth look at the cosplay subculture phenomenon known as "Crossplay. Crossplay is exactly what you think it might be, cosplay that involves crossdressing. With crossplay, a female fan will present herself as a male character and vice versa. Ultimately, crossplay is no different from cosplay, it's a fan-oriented art form that can take many different paths. Some people don't make a major effort to conceal their actual gender.

Report on a fucking plat.

Fucking A shares several similarities with this work; both of the main characters are named Hester and are strong females with an unwavering love for their illegitimate child. The idea for the play came to Parks while she was canoeing with a friend, when Parks yelled out, "I'm going to write a play, a riff on The Scarlet Letter , and I'm going to call it 'Fucking A'. Ha, ha, ha! She threw out everything except the title and the name Hester, and considered throwing out the latter as well, but the voice of Hester filled her mind and persuaded her to retain it and write Hester's story. Hester's story, however, was not called "Fucking A", but In the Blood ; a contemporized version of Puritan adultery and guilt, about Hester La Negrita and her struggle to survive in a world filled with sexual oppression , along with her five children, all by different fathers.

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In varieties of the recipes, a dash of Spanish paprika and a splash of brandy are included. This garlic shrimp recipe varies throughout Spain; many regions feature local ingredients that reflect the culinary identity of that region. Stir well to coat shrimp, then saute until the shrimp turn pink and start to curl about 3 minutes. Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve with the fresh bread. Total: 20 mins Prep: 10 mins Cook: 10 mins Yield: 4 appetizer servings editor badge.

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Michigan youth summer camps focus on a variety of different ideas and experiences, but all include plenty of time spent outdoors in Michigan's beautiful countryside. These camps are not only fun but educational as well, and they appeal to all different ages. No matter what area of interest a teen has, there's a Michigan youth summer camp designed around it. Here's a selection of camps, all built around varied activities:. This summer camp is located at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and offers up both academic and social activities to help with that transition from high school to college.


HIV diagnostic testing has come a long way since its inception in the early s. Current enzyme immunoassays are sensitive enough to detect antibody as early as one to two weeks after infection. A variety of other assays are essential to confirm positive antibody screens Western blot, polymerase chain reaction [PCR] , provide an adjunct to antibody testing p24 antigen, PCR , or provide additional information for the clinician treating HIV-positive patients qualitative and quantitative PCR, and genotyping. Point of Care tests have become increasingly popular in the United States and some places in Canada over the past several years. HIV infection is identified either by the detection of HIV-specific antibodies in serum or plasma or by demonstrating the presence of the virus by nucleic acid detection using polymerase chain reaction PCR , p24 antigen testing or, rarely these days, by growing virus in cell culture.

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Vicks vaporub contains four active ingredients, levomenthol, eucalyptus oil, turpentine oil and camphor. These are traditional medicines used as inhalations for their decongestant and soothing effect. When the vapour from Vicks vaporub is breathed in, the ingredients can help relieve a blocked nose. They also have mild cooling effects that can soothe irritation in the lining of the nose, thereby easing breathing and relieving cough. This can relieve a cough as well as a blocked nose.

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She originally "wanted 25 yards of fabric to be flowing through the scene", but couldn't make it work. The outfit was first developed in sketches by Rodis-Jamero, assistant art director of visual effects for The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi costume designer. The fact that [Leia's costume is] such a female sensual costume, I think is terrific. Bergey drawings of women in metal bikinis that served as putative armors. Rodgers and the staff created multiple versions of the metal bikini string to accommodate different scenes in the film, including a hard metal piece original bronze bra by Sculptor Richard Miller who is credited as "head jeweler" in the film credits for scenes in which Fisher remained still, and a rubber outfit she and stuntwoman Tracy Eddon could wear comfortably while performing stunts.