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News that Stormy Daniels has told all about her relationship with President Trump, right down to his dick deets, may seem like an extreme case of regurgitation. Or her 20s. Or her 30s. Giant schlongs are noted for their pain-inducing abilities, their girth or their ability to get all the way hard aka, malleable dick. If it smelled weird, we know.

Her friend saw my penis

Her friend saw my penis

Her friend saw my penis

We had the costumes and everything, we had prepared and repeated each part of the show except the one moment when Her friend saw my penis would all be naked of course. He said he was too, and then started gently rubbing and fooling around with my penis. All rights reserved. He must have "fluffed" in the shower. And she's my best friends girlfriend, she used to flirt with me outrageously all the time. Bitch please.

Bobbys mom naked. QUESTIONS?

Friemd grabbed onto that cock and started to stroke it. Apr 11, So my BF and Her friend saw my penis had been friends for years. I accepted i fell in love with a whore that in her past was a prostitute and true love will. Reply 6. Just a little super sex on the side. Your wife will want to do it again and again. She even walks around and lets us all take a squeeze the first time I ever got to feel a woman's ass like that Well, all of a sudden, Bob pulls his big dick out of his pants and starts playing with it. I saw a friend who I haven't seen in a while, except I saw her naked by accident and I don't know how I feel. You realize now that you made a mistake, but the past cannot be changed.

Girlfriend's friends saw a picture of my penis?

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News that Stormy Daniels has told all about her relationship with President Trump, right down to his dick deets, may seem like an extreme case of regurgitation. Or her 20s. Or her 30s. Giant schlongs are noted for their pain-inducing abilities, their girth or their ability to get all the way hard aka, malleable dick.

If it smelled weird, we know. If it tasted amazing, we know. If you have weird flakes in your pubes, we know. Sloppy kisser? If you push too hard or rough when you get a beej , we know. If you treat sex like an endurance sport , she told us.

If you cried beforehand, she said something. If you cried afterward, ditto. She loved it. Maybe you never do it rough and she wishes you would. Kind of like your very special own off-menu order at the In-N-Out Burger , every man also has a cum style women have thoroughly observed and discussed.

Do you whimper when you come? She told us. Do you grunt? Noted and discussed. Pant heavily? Talk dirty a lot, never or too much, including saying unintentionally hilarious things while doing oral? The stories are told just as often with pride and to incite jealousy for being lucky enough to find the rare dude who cares about giving you tailor-made pleasure, as they are horror stories to swap from life in the woman trenches.

Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL. Formerly at Jezebel. Dick Hygiene or Other Aesthetics If it smelled weird, we know. Cum Style Kind of like your very special own off-menu order at the In-N-Out Burger , every man also has a cum style women have thoroughly observed and discussed.

No such camera exists. You do like orgasms don't you? She keeps a passcode on her iPhone and thinks it's safe, little does she know that every time she comes over I get at least two or three good shots of her. Anton Sosa , hypolimnas , worshipbig1s and 1 other person like this. If this is even a real story. When she was ready, she slipped her hand down between them and grabbed his cock and inserted it into her pussy opening. Commented Dec 24, by anonymous Where did you buy the camera?

Her friend saw my penis

Her friend saw my penis

Her friend saw my penis. BROWSE CONFESSIONS

Stupid I know, but I thought it was good enough to go on, so that I could have an excuse to pull my pants down in front of Mom. I took off my shirt, and walked downstairs in my boxers and shorts with a chubby. Mom was sitting on the couch half watching TV and half folding clothes. Well, this is kind of embarrassing Mom, but when we were dating, she kind of acted like there was something wrong with me, you know down there.

Mom raised an eyebrow. Here will you take a look? I grabbed my shorts and boxers at the hips and pulled down, and my semi hard member sprang out. I immediately grabbed put both hands over my crotch and kind of cupped the head of my heavy penis.

She said that no girl was going to want something this big inside of her. She was staring at my gland, or what she could see of it. I still had both hands down and cupping myself, put there was plenty of shaft that was visible. It looked like Mom gulped a little big. With all of this excitement my cock was beginning to fill out. I took a step closer to her, we were about 2 feet apart now. And since she was sitting on the couch, her head was perfectly act crotch level.

I slid my hands from the head of my penis down to the base, supporting it a little bit so that it was pointing at Mom. When I get hard, you could use my cock as a fucking diving board.

She shook her head and then reached out with both hand and gently put both hands on my dick and lifted it up a to inspect it. She smiled to herself, and pulled me by the cock even closer to her. She was really staring at it. She licked her lips. She was gently caressing my shaft with her other hand. Before I knew it, I was on edge of blowing my load. She looked up at me for the first time really since I had pulled my dick out.

With that, I started coming. I never came this hard before. The first jet of Cum hit her on her left glasses lens and forehead and left cheek. It definitely startled her, really it startled both of us, and she jerked back for a second. She still had a hold of my cock, and I thought she would push it a way or start yelling at me.

Instead she gently pointed me down to her neckline and top of cleavage as I shot load after load onto her neck, chest, and blouse. She gently rubbed me and hummed as I was finishing off on her. She let go of my dick and pulled her glass off, with the cum still attached to her forehead and cheek.

Eventually some of it plopping back on her face. Instead she just laughed. And then she put her arm around my waist and pulled me close to her. Barb gave me a hug, too, and her big soft tits squashed against my chest. As she pulled me into her, I know she could feel my hard cock pressing against her stomach.

Barb was wearing a pair of tight yoga pants. I guess all yoga pants are tight, but these looked like they'd been painted on her. In the back, the fabric disappeared in the crack in her ass, clearly showing both cheeks.

In the front, her pussy was clearly defined; the crotch pulled in between her fat lips in a perfect camel toe. When the girls all got together in Allie's room, the laughter and the girl-talk commenced. I wasn't privy to their conversations, but I heard about them later. He loves to flash it at me. Ronnie's a total weenie-wagger," Barb giggled. You wouldn't fuck Mike if you got the chance? One time he came in the bathroom when I was in the shower, but the doors are frosted, so you can't see anything but a shape.

He's turned into a real hunk. One of us take six inches, one seven inches, and one eight. Here, I'll write the numbers on little pieces of paper and we can each draw one.

Barb got six and Allison got eight. How do I start? Like, start off by flashing a little tit. And here I was, not the aggressor, but an innocent "victim. The next time she wore her loose tank top, she wasn't wearing a bra. I have tit radar; I make it a point to be aware of things like that. When she bent over to pick something up, her top fell away, and for the first time in my life, I got a look at real tits. They dangled so provocatively, and jiggled when she moved.

I didn't get a real clear view of her nipples, but I could see they were pink. When she stood up again, she looked me straight in the eye and gave me a smile.

Then she looked at the tent in my sweatpants, and her smile broadened. All of a sudden, I had new grist for my nightly jerk-off fantasies. Now I wanted to see them totally bare. Whole tits. Naked tits. Allison told her friends what she had done so far, and they decided to help her out a bit. I came home from my weekend job at the pizza parlor, and the girls were sunning themselves in the backyard. They were wearing bikinis! They were lying on their stomachs and, because they couldn't see me, I could leisurely scope out three gorgeous asses.

Round, heart-shaped; I'd love to get my hands on that. I could imagine what it would feel like to touch it, feel it, knead it.

Janice and Barb were both wearing thongs, that left virtually nothing to the imagination. Barb's ass was big, like her tits, but it is delectable. The string that disappeared between her cheeks, didn't cover her asshole, which was puckered and brown. Janice's ass was tight, but shapely, just like the rest of her body. Her rosebud, was small and cute, and very pink, just waiting to be licked.

I wondered if anyone had ever done that to her before? Hunger finally broke my reverie, and I stopped looking to rummage around in the refrigerator. When I finished my sandwich, I looked outside again, and all the girls had untied their tops. They were still laying on their stomachs and I couldn't see a whole lot, just a glimpse of the flattened sides of Allie's boobs, because she was the closest to me.

I kind of skulked behind the curtain, trying to stay out of site, just in case one of them might turn over and get me a look at the real thing. I guess my cover got blown, because Allie turned her head and hollered over her shoulder. I was sure they would retie their tops when I came out. But they didn't. They all sat up and turned right toward me. Holy shit! There were three sets of live, luscious breasts right before my very eyes.

Which were totally bugged out. I was so flummoxed by what I was seeing, that I completely forgot to check my pants for tell-tale signs of excitement. My board shorts were completely tented out. The girls were having a wonderful time, exchanging smirks and knowing looks.

Barb, by far, had the biggest tits, about the size of cantaloupes, with big brown areolas and brown nipples. They were kind of saggy, but who could expect boobs of that size to stick out straight. Janice's were what you'd probably call "perky. They were capped with pink, puffy nipples.

You couldn't really tell where the areola left off and the nipple began. Unless they were hard, and I hadn't seen that yet. Allison's breasts were just perfect, the best looking of all of them. A full C cup I checked out her bra in the laundry they were round and firm, with a really nice ski-jump uplift.

She had pink, quarter-sized areolas with long nipples. I later learned that they were that long because she was totally aroused. While I watched, they broke out some sun block and began applying it to their fronts. Each of them lingered over their tits, running their hands all over them, lifting them up, and smearing them with oil.

They lingered over their nipples, and I watched all of them get hard and stick out. I couldn't stand any longer. I was so hot and so hard, I had to take care of it. It took about three strokes before I shot an enormous load of cum all over the floor. Since that afternoon, Allie's demeanor totally changed toward me. The term sexpot comes to mind. She came into my room that evening. She was wearing some kind of shiny dressing gown; satin, I think. And the way her nipples stuck out, she wasn't wearing a bra.

Your penis sure liked it. I mean, like I'm a typical horny teenage guy. I've never seen live tit Whose did you like the best? I mean, you're so totally beautiful all over, it stands to reason that your tits would be too. I think that was the first time she ever kissed me, since we were five and six years old, playing house. I hated it that time. Her tits pressed into my chest, and she had on some kind of flavored lip-gloss. The taste stayed with me for the rest of the evening.

Before I could answer, she took my hands and placed them right on her boobs. I was so paralyzed for a minute; I just left them in that one place and didn't move them at all. Then my libido took over like it was guiding my hands by remote control. I felt them all over, through the sleek satin gown. I put my hands underneath them and lifted them up, feeling their weight.

My fingers traced across the uplift on the tops, around the swell at the sides, finally settling on her nipples. When I stroked them, I felt them grow hard under my fingers. Allison's breathing got heavy, and she had this faraway look in her eyes. She backed away after awhile and I dropped my hands. Before she left my room, she reached into my lap, wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a nice squeeze.

What the fuck? Her friends came over the next weekend. They wanted her to speed up the process. I heard a bunch of giggling going on, and then they called me into her bedroom.

I was totally flummoxed. Each one of them was wearing some kind of really sheer lingerie. I'm not totally sure what you'd call them, because they were all different. A teddy, or a chemise, or whatever, but the one thing they all had in common was you could see right through them. One of them was red, another one was black, and Barb wore a white one. They all had the briefest of matching panties underneath them. Like thong brief. Suave, I wasn't. I stood there with my mouth hanging open, and I wiped it with the back of my hand, just in case I was drooling.

Their faces all wore identical smirks. That's probably why God invented lingerie. We want a guy's opinion. Maybe the white one?

I just saw my friend's husband naked.

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Please click here to register for free. Hello and thank you for registering. Please complete the process by verifying your email address. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Saw a friend working in the yard and decided to stop since I haven't seen her in a while. As we were talking on her back porch, her husband came walking up from inside the house. Fresh out of the shower and totally nude. She had her back to the open door and didn't see him.

He saw me I was facing the door and sort of froze and then just sheepishly shrugged and gave me the "shhhhh" sign and slipped back into the hallway. I guess he knew she would have bitched him out for being naked around company even though he had no clue I was there. She was yammering on and never even noticed that eyes must have been popping out of my head. He doesn't have much personality, and is sometimes actually a jerk and a lot of her friends including me have wondered what she sees in him Good Lord.

He must have "fluffed" in the shower. It was definitley not totally flaccid. Yes, he was cut. Pubes appeared to be slightly trimmed from what I could tell in the few seconds I saw. It was truly one of the nicest cocks I've seen in person. His body ass especially is way better than I would have guessed from the baggy clothes he wears.

Bitch is in heat! He's a cock-tease. Did you see the curtains rustle in the bathroom before you walked in? Do you show-up at a typical time? First job I had in high school was at a men's clothing store. One day I was in the back unpacking some boxes when one of the salesmen came back and dropped his pants. He had a thread that was driving him crazy and he needed to remove it.

He had a good sized bulge in his underwear and his thighs were muscular and hairy. I'd never given him much thought beforehand, he was kind of a nerd, but I found I was much friendlier towards him after that.

I got caught running naked down the hall once with morning wood. I was hard, but not sticking out so I ended up getting the reputation for having a big one. Nobody believed him when he told them. But he'd swear it was true. It oddly isn't even a gay thing R All men, gay or straight, give a certain weird level of respect and admiration to guys who are known to have big cocks.

I remember seeing it play out in college, it was interesting to see the dynamic. I'm not going to be trolling around their house hoping to catch another look. I still don't like the guy very much. I think the accidental nature of the incident was hotter than if he'd intentionally shown me his cock.

And really, you "Dear Penthouse" and "Dear Nifty" people I think my story would have ended with me blowing that magnificent cock if this was fiction! He's just kind of an ass to his wife.

Doesn't do much around the house, not much for working in general. She's the breadwinner. Even at their wedding, he was sort of sullen and rude to a lot of the guests. He is kind of nerdy and socially awkward so maybe he doesn't mean to be an asshole. I think he pretty much just plays video games and works out, while she works well over 40 hours a week.

He 'works from home' They've only been married a couple of years. Look, she is a "big girl" pushing 40, so she wanted to lock down a husband. ANY husband. And I'm sure the big dick doesn't hurt. Actually some not all, there are some that I hope to never see naked. I surprised OP didn't try to convince us that he gave him that " come hither look" and they hooked up later behind the swing set.

If that happened or if that's his perception of what happened - it's not skin off my now. I'm still hard thinking about. This is R25, sorry for typos. I'm typing one-handed and mentally going through the list of all my friends and neighbors husbands He's seriously beautiful. The closest was once in swim trunks. Oh, and I did tell my BF what happened..

You just never know. He has anti-Big Dick Face. Friend's husband, not my boyfriend. Oh fuck you r This is not the focus of anyone's life, just talking about something that happened.

It could have been a gay guy's dick. Don't make this a "poor gay guys lusting after straight cock" thing. Well, he has always reminded me of this guy. Jim Parrack, who played Hoyt on True Blood. Not as good looking though. But I get that the unexpected nature of the event adds a piquant note to it.

She probably asked him to "accidentally" appear naked. Straight women like dangling their men in front of gay men and watching them salivate. I don't know how she could have told him. Clearly, he was in the shower when I pulled up to talk to her in the yard. BUT I do think that him giving me the "shhhhh" signal was funny.

I guess he thought she'd freak out that I saw him naked. Now that his little secret is safe - see if you can hold it over him in exchange for a little 'sumptn. Yeah, he didn't seem to be freaked out that I saw him and he didn't exactly go running off Yep, saw the butt and it was nice. Nicer than I ever imagined. Well, I've never imagined him in any naked way before. There's a scene like this in the promos for "Astronauts Wives' Club", with Bret Harrison appearing naked. Oh my gawd, do you guys ever get out?

Maybe you should spend some time at a nude beach, and get over this thrill of seeing a glance of a stranger's penis? Imagine the day when you get to touch a penis, aside from your own? And shame on me for reading these threads. R56 - Maybe it's because I have a very satisfying , and frequent sex life, that I wouldn't get all thrilled and flustered at a glance of a penis,of someone who sounds like he's not even attractive.

I've seen, and have had so much first hand experience with peni, that an episode of this accidental glance, would hardly even register in my mind. It appears to me, that the OP is a rather pathetic person. I saw my neighbor naked once. I was in the den with her. The husband was drunk after New Years party. He came out of the bedroom naked.

Her friend saw my penis

Her friend saw my penis

Her friend saw my penis