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She originally "wanted 25 yards of fabric to be flowing through the scene", but couldn't make it work. The outfit was first developed in sketches by Rodis-Jamero, assistant art director of visual effects for The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi costume designer. The fact that [Leia's costume is] such a female sensual costume, I think is terrific. Bergey drawings of women in metal bikinis that served as putative armors. Rodgers and the staff created multiple versions of the metal bikini string to accommodate different scenes in the film, including a hard metal piece original bronze bra by Sculptor Richard Miller who is credited as "head jeweler" in the film credits for scenes in which Fisher remained still, and a rubber outfit she and stuntwoman Tracy Eddon could wear comfortably while performing stunts.

Boba fett and princess leia sex

Boba fett and princess leia sex

Boba fett and princess leia sex

Boba fett and princess leia sex

She sat on the edge of the bed with as much dignity as she could muster in her skimpy slave girl costume and tested the Bkba first, then the metal ring. The bounty hunter drew a small silver sphere from his belt and held it up for Jabba and the others in Black boobs swicki powered by eurekster room to see. Fett lowered his rifle and motioned toward the bed where a thin white sheet lay wrinkled and folded over. Some time later she heard music, faint warbling sounds and she frowned, hoping it would go away. If you look at his works, you princesd see a distinct attention to detail when drawing all human bodies, especially when it came to leoa or exposed muscles. I was born there, in the lower levels. Boba fett and princess leia sex mind was now clouded with lustful thoughts and her body tingled with growing sexual arousal.

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I'll have her delivered to his chamber. Nune amatures doing something compulsively greedy and reckless, this was blending in. And when they try to cheat him and run, Jabba pays me to find them. Fett drew back slightly, picking up on her mood. I know who I am and what I do," Fett told her flatly. Leia forced herself Boba fett and princess leia sex listen to his translation and not Jabba's words. It would be easier if he would actually talk to her, but it seems that Fett either can't talk or had it beaten out of him. In the distance, Leia could still hear the throne room's clamor, the celebration of her capture was still going full swing. Story Story Writer Forum Community. A widowed Leia turns to a familiar bounty hunter for his Gaara naruto vs in all the odd jobs a budding Boba fett and princess leia sex government has. As soon as the door shut behind them she looked around, forcing herself to assess her surroundings. What happens next? Tatooine Part 1 4. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't think, and she couldn't control the way her body was trembling. At least Han doesn't sell his services to the highest bidder!

Darkness surrounded the young Twi'lek as blinding blue-white light shone from above.

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  • Time slowed to a crawl in Jabba's throne room.

Kamino [1]. Prior to 34 ABY [2]. Human clone [1]. Male [2]. Boba Fett was a Human male clone of Jango Fett who established himself as the galaxy 's deadliest bounty hunter. Boba Fett was created as an unaltered clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett , [1] who had the desire for a son, after he was recruited by Darth Tyranus to serve as the genetic template [4] for the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Considering Jango to be his father, Boba was raised in the sterile environment of Tipoca City , [1] learning the bounty hunting trade and the art of the hunt from Jango. The boy had few female influences in his life. Boba would spy on Wesell when she was unclothed in their apartment. However, as her Clawdite physiology meant that her body wasn't always in a Human shape, Boba was left confused, though curious, by these first introductions to femininity. Boba watched some of the degradations perpetrated against her by the Separatists , and saw Jango aggressively fucking her among them.

However, she and her Jedi friends escaped execution in the Petranaki arena , and when a Jedi strike team arrived [3] Jango was beheaded by Mace Windu in the Battle of Geonosis. Boba swore revenge, [1] though had little time to morn his father, and escaped Geonosis after a series of escapades. Boba came into possession of Slave I and associated with several other hunters during the Clone Wars.

He was taken under the wing of Aurra Sing , who used her own experience to teach and challenge him to become a man. After escaping Republic custody, Boba established himself as a bounty hunter and the head of a syndicate that included Latts Razzi , whom he took as his occasional bunk-mate, and Dengar.

The Imperial Era saw Fett cement his reputation as a notorious and deadly bounty hunter. He saved the Twi'lek Lyn Me from slavery [1] on Ryloth , exterminating the slavers to save her village, which made the young girl fall in love with him. Following the Battle of Hoth , [6] Boba entered into a deal with Darth Vader to capture Han Solo and his Rebel associates, and tracked the smuggler to Bespin [3] to outsmart him.

Vader rewarded him by allowing him to take Princess Leia Organa before she was scheduled to be shipped to Vader's flagship, [3] and Fett took his satisfaction from her before handing Solo over to Jabba. He took her in the ass [1] over Solo's carbon-frozen form [13] in one of the city's carbon-freezing chambers. Their tryst was observed by the Ugnaught Izix , who stole Leia's panties with the idea of becoming a "booty hunter" [14] after pleasuring himself to the depraved tryst.

He remained in the Hutt's palace to enjoy [1] his handsome reward and the benefits of the pleasure den, and served as hired muscle in the event of a Rebel rescue attempt.

Fett saved Lyn from rape while in the palace, and he returned her to the Dancers' Pit where she displayed her nubile body for him. He acquiesced to consummating her long-held desire, and was treated to her expert oral skills before she rode him to climax. After Leia Organa was enslaved by Jabba, [1] Fett observed a striptease performed by her for Jabba's audience.

Fett led Leia aboard the sail barge Khetanna , and ravaged her in the vessel's beast pen. He refused to acknowledge his desire for the princess, and left her to Jabba's appreciations. A battle broke out over the Great Pit of Carkoon , and Boba fought Organa's allies, but a blind swing from Solo accidentally ignited his jetpack and sent Fett into the jaws of the sarlacc.

He saw the slaves sucking his manhood while in reality the sarlacc sapped his life-energy. Boba Fett was presumed dead following Jabba's death at the Pit of Carkoon.

Lyn Me, upset over her lover's apparent demise, vowed revenge on the Rebels responsible. Fett was believed dead as of the era of the Battle of Takodana , though his reputation continued to leave a strong impression.

The former clone trooper Kix was sometimes mistaken for Fett by Sidon Ithano 's circle of underworld associates, though the misunderstanding usually resulted in Kix receiving free drinks and being left alone by the questioner. Boba was a heterosexual male, though he had few female influences in his early life, and spying on the shape-shifter Zam Wesell left him confused over female physiology.

Das Flute 's canon erotic fiction " The Living Legend " makes several references to Fett, and includes a passage in which an old bounty hunter under the alias "Jaster Mereel" toasts to Han Solo's memory on Jubilar , considering himself the last one standing in their long-time rivalry. However, a connection between the two remains unconfirmed.

Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. From Star Wars Erotica Wiki. I'm going to take my satisfaction one way or another, and afterwards I'll be getting my real reward when I hand Captain Solo over to Jabba. Besides, it's been a long time since I've had a princess in the ass. That filthy pig probably stole the panties I lost too, the creep.

She will suck your cock or she will feed the rancor. Too much like Trandoshans. But that sucking mouth can do wonders. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Browse Timeline. This page was last edited on 20 November , at Fall of the Republic [1] Imperial Era [1].

Heterosexual [1].

Trying to prove her non-violent intentions, she laid down again with her back to him and held her breath. This is where the M rating kicks in. Until everything changes. She craned her neck and leaned across the bed, but she could see nothing of note through the open 'fresher door. And then it was too late.

Boba fett and princess leia sex

Boba fett and princess leia sex

Boba fett and princess leia sex

Boba fett and princess leia sex.


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Pages Liked by This Page. Star Wars Fanpedia. Star Wars Rebels. Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Recent Post by Page. The saga will end, the story lives forever. You can watch the final Hype for the final "The Rise of Skywalker" trailer seems to have tak From Star Wars Legends Darth Malak was a former Jedi Knight who When the Mandalorians attacked his homeworld, he escaped the battle and fled to the Galactic Republic, whose immigration records assigned the name of his home village as his surname.

He was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order and was nicknamed Squint by his fellow Jedi, before eventually becoming a Jedi Knight.

He befriended the Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick and, after taking the name "Malak" in order to avoid an arrest warrant issued by the Council, assisted Carrick in defeating the secretive Jedi Covenant. As the war progressed, Malak became a military general and gained a reputation as a headstrong warrior who recklessly charged into danger. Malak and Revan ultimately defeated the Mandalorians in the war's final battle at Malachor V and pursued the surviving Mandalorians into the Unknown Regions.

However, the two Jedi encountered the Sith Emperor of the reconstituted remnants of the ancient Sith Empire and fell to the dark side of the Force under his tutelage, becoming Sith Lords.

Boba fett and princess leia sex