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Raised in the " Little Dixie " area of western Missouri , James and his family maintained strong Southern sympathies. He and his brother Frank James joined pro- Confederate guerrillas known as " bushwhackers " operating in Missouri and Kansas during the American Civil War. As followers of William Quantrill and "Bloody Bill" Anderson , they were accused of participating in atrocities against Union soldiers and civilian abolitionists, including the Centralia Massacre in They continued in crime for several years afterward, recruiting new members, but came under increasing pressure from law enforcement seeking to bring them to justice. On April 3, , Jesse James was shot and killed by Robert Ford , a new recruit to the gang who hoped to collect a reward on James' head and a promised amnesty for his previous crimes.

West and jesse james ancestry

West and jesse james ancestry

West and jesse james ancestry

West and jesse james ancestry

Fellman, Michael. Please note: The ancestor reports on this website have been compiled from thousands of different sources, many ancewtry years old. After the death of her son, a defiant mother sat on the front porch giving tours of the house and selling stones from the grave and supposed pistols owned by her famous son. She is a sister of the Hon. Inhe was identified as a member of a guerrilla squad that operated in Clay County. Jesse thus embarked on West and jesse james ancestry course of outlawry that would end only with his violent death in Forge Books.

Twin holme equestrian. Jesse Woodson James

Jesse recovered from his chest wound at his uncle's boardinghouse in Harlem, Missouri north across the Missouri River from the City of Kansas' River Quay [changed to Kansas City in ]. The Militia went to the fields and whipped Jesse up and down the rows of corn and then took him to the barn where they were torturing his step-father. James sought to retain full guardianship, citing fear of the environment in which West and jesse james ancestry daughter would be placed if returned to Lindemulder. Starrs, L. Jesse married Vina C. The original farmhouse is on the left and an addition on the right was expanded after Jesse James died. According to faculty records, final examination for the senior class West and jesse james ancestry taken on May 24, When but fifteen, he followed his brother James into the ranks of Quantrill's Raiders. This extended a measure of protection over the James—Younger gang by minimizing the incentive for attempting to capture them. The house in St Joseph where Jesse met his death is preserved and is the epitome of morbidity. Local violence continued to increase in the state; Governor Thomas Clement Fletcher had recently ordered a company of militia into Johnson County to suppress guerrilla activity. Documents of Jesse Cleveland James. Starrs, L. Jesse married Kat Von D. After a series of campaigns and battles between conventional armies inguerrilla warfare gripped Missouri, waged between secessionist " bushwhackers " and Union forces which largely consisted of local militias Extreme big boobs as " jayhawkers ".

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  • Raised in the " Little Dixie " area of western Missouri , James and his family maintained strong Southern sympathies.
  • Historical records and family trees related to Jesse James.

Born in Missouri, they nevertheless had many connections to Kentucky, and it was these the editor of The Kentucky Encyclopedia Kleber asked me to investigate—with special attention to the robbery of the bank at Russellville to determine if it was actually perpetrated by the James gang. I completed that assignment Nickell , as well as a longer, historical-journal article Nickell a , and produced other related writings Nickell b; The following is a summary that also looks into Jesse James ghost-lore and other legends.

Beginning in , Robert attended the Baptist institution Georgetown College where I once taught and examined the original records. They then moved to Missouri. After Robert S. James died during the California gold rush, his widow remarried but was soon widowed again, and finally, in , she wed Dr. With the outbreak of the Civil War, Frank James joined a Confederate guerilla band, and his fifteen-year-old kid brother did likewise two years later.

Jesse thus embarked on a course of outlawry that would end only with his violent death in He was accompanied by a man who appeared to be observing the layout of the bank. The robbery began when Coleman drew his gun, but owner Long sprang toward a rear door, receiving a bullet-grazed scalp in return. Nevertheless, Long escaped and ran to the street where the two sentries were now firing their Spencer repeating rifles at anyone who approached.

The three robbers ran outside carrying saddlebags filled with greenbacks and silver and gold coins. The band then fled out of town and, although citizens soon pursued them, vanished in the woods Nickell a, — Were the bank robbers indeed the James Gang? To answer this question, I approached it from several angles. I also used additional clues, such as aliases, descriptions, and other factors. It is necessary, however, first to recognize that the group—at this time really the Younger-James gang—was a loosely constituted band whose membership could vary from robbery to robbery.

In fact, both of the James brothers had an alibi for the Russellville robbery: they were holed up in Chaplin, Nelson County, Kentucky, recovering from gunshot wounds. The desperadoes then fled on fast horses, splitting up to take preplanned routes, and disappeared. The Columbia bank robbery, for example, followed the same M. Despite the alibi of the James brothers, Louisville detective D.

Bligh, who investigated the case, believed they were nevertheless involved. Oliver was shot to death, and George was sent to prison for his role.

Although only five men robbed the bank in Russellville, popular writers would extend the number to eight or even a dozen and spur them into town at a gallop with guns blazing. Soon, the legend grew that the robbery was that of the James brothers. Pistols, often with his name carved thereon, proliferated. As artifacts and tales about Jesse James proliferated, so did the persons who—following his death on April 3, —claimed to be the real, escaped-from-death outlaw, some seventeen by one count Nickell b.

Joseph, Missouri. On that fateful day, young Bob Ford and his brother Charles—new members of the James Gang—were at the home. Bob Ford intended to kill Jesse for the reward money offered by Missouri Governor Crittenden, so when the unarmed notorious outlaw and respectable family man stepped up on a chair to dust a picture, Ford quickly drew his pistol and shot Jesse in the back of the head, killing him instantly.

Oh, the dirty little coward that shot Mr. And they laid Jesse James in his grave. Scarcely had a year passed when a Missouri farmer claimed he had seen Jesse James. As American folklorist Richard M. The last—and best known—Jesse James claimant was one J. Frank Dalton. I recall him on a television program when I was a boy. According to Dalton—then said to be nearly years old—the man killed as Jesse was Charley Bigelow, a former member of the James Gang.

This is all fantasy and conspiracy nonsense of course, aimed at the credulous. They rode up to the front of the bank and two lines of men were placed across the street to keep anyone from interfering.

Other evidence discredits Dalton. Then there is the handwriting. I also ran down two stories of old men in my hometown area who thought they had encountered Jesse James in , about the time he supposedly robbed a West Virginia bank mentioned earlier ; one was in Morgan and the other in Elliot County, Kentucky. In , the latter then in his nineties reportedly visited J. Dalton died the following year. That question has since been answered by James E.

He headed the James identification project. He and I were fellow speakers in at a forensic conference in Nova Scotia where we swapped investigative stories over lunch. See Figure 2. The skeletal remains yielded evidence consistent with being those of Jesse James. For example, an anthropological analysis showed the remains to fit his known profile as to sex, age, height, and racial typing.

A spent bullet was found amid fragments of the right ribs where Jesse was known to have carried an unremoved bullet. The skull—carefully reconstructed—yielded evidence of a single entrance wound behind the site of the right ear.

The remains thus proved to be those of Jesse Woodson James — with a significant degree of scientific certainty. In death, the legendary Jesse James attracts mystery mongers—including buried-treasure enthusiasts and ghost hunters—like a magnet. Often the two topics are combined. Buried treasure real or hoaxed was sometimes used to promote caves as commercial attractions.

For example, see Hauck , For example, as a board member I attended a meeting of the Historical Confederation of Kentucky at the old Talbolt tavern in Bardstown in that was, however, uneventful as to ghost activity. From there, his mother sold pebbles to souvenir hunters for a quarter each, replenishing them as necessary from a nearby creek [Settle , ].

The entire farm is haunted, according to sources citing the usual anonymous experiencers. With ghost tales of Jesse James—as with buried-treasure and other legends of the notorious outlaw—we must remember the old skeptical maxim: Before trying to explain something, first be sure that it really occurred.

Joe Nickell, Ph. His personal website is at joenickell. Alert: This site works better with javascript. Figure 1. The Long Bank in Russellville, Kentucky, was robbed in Was it by the Jesse James Gang as legend holds? Photograph by Joe Nickell. Figure 2. Older Posts.

Starrs, L. Jesse Jr. The robbers inside the bank were thwarted when acting cashier Joseph Lee Heywood refused to open the safe, falsely claiming that it was secured by a time lock even as they held a bowie knife to his throat and cracked his skull with a pistol butt. Research the James family. As followers of William Quantrill and "Bloody Bill" Anderson , they were accused of participating in atrocities against Union soldiers and civilian abolitionists, including the Centralia Massacre in

West and jesse james ancestry

West and jesse james ancestry

West and jesse james ancestry

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Six months after the Gallatin robbery, Edwards published the first of many letters from Jesse James to the public, asserting his innocence. Together with Edwards's admiring editorials, the letters helped James become a symbol of Confederate defiance of federal Reconstruction policy.

Jesse's initiative in creating his rising public profile is debated by historians and biographers. The high tensions in politics accompanied his outlaw career and enhanced his notoriety.

For this, they wore Ku Klux Klan masks. Former rebels attacked the railroads as symbols of threatening centralization. The gang's later train robberies had a lighter touch.

The gang held up passengers only twice, choosing in all other incidents to take only the contents of the express safe in the baggage car. John Newman Edwards made sure to highlight such techniques when creating an image of James as a kind of Robin Hood.

Despite public sentiment toward the gang's crimes, there is no evidence that the James gang ever shared any of the robbery money outside their personal circle. Jesse and his cousin Zee married on April 24, They had two children who survived to adulthood: Jesse Edward James b.

Jesse Jr. The Chicago -based agency worked primarily against urban professional criminals, as well as providing industrial security, such as strike breaking. Because the gang received support by many former Confederate soldiers in Missouri, they eluded the Pinkertons. Joseph Whicher, an agent dispatched to infiltrate Zerelda Samuel's farm, was soon found killed. Two other agents, Captain Louis J. Lull and John Boyle, were sent after the Youngers; Lull was killed by two of the Youngers in a roadside gunfight on March 17, Before he died, Lull fatally shot John Younger.

A deputy sheriff named Edwin Daniels also died in the skirmish. Allan Pinkerton , the agency's founder and leader, took on the case as a personal vendetta. He began to work with former Unionists who lived near the James family farm. Detectives threw an incendiary device into the house; it exploded, killing James's young half-brother Archie named for Archie Clement and blowing off one of Zerelda Samuel's arms.

Afterward, Pinkerton denied that the raid's intent was arson. But biographer Ted Yeatman located a letter by Pinkerton in the Library of Congress in which Pinkerton declared his intention to "burn the house down.

Many residents were outraged by the raid on the family home. The Missouri state legislature narrowly defeated a bill that praised the James and Younger brothers and offered them amnesty. This extended a measure of protection over the James—Younger gang by minimizing the incentive for attempting to capture them.

The governor had offered rewards higher than the new limit only on Frank and Jesse James. Across a creek and up a hill from the James house was the home of Daniel Askew, who is thought to have been killed by James or his gang on April 12, They may have suspected Askew of cooperating with the Pinkertons in the January arson of the James house.

The robbery quickly went wrong, however, and after the robbery, only Frank and Jesse James remained alive and free. Cole and Bob Younger later stated that they selected the bank because they believed it was associated with the Republican politician Adelbert Ames , the governor of Mississippi during Reconstruction, and Union general Benjamin Butler , Ames's father-in-law and the Union commander of occupied New Orleans.

Ames was a stockholder in the bank, but Butler had no direct connection to it. To carry out the robbery, the gang divided into two groups. Three men entered the bank, two guarded the door outside, and three remained near a bridge across an adjacent square. The robbers inside the bank were thwarted when acting cashier Joseph Lee Heywood refused to open the safe, falsely claiming that it was secured by a time lock even as they held a Bowie knife to his throat and cracked his skull with a pistol butt.

Assistant cashier Alonzo Enos Bunker was wounded in the shoulder as he fled through the back door of the bank. Meanwhile, the citizens of Northfield grew suspicious of the men guarding the door and raised the alarm.

The five bandits outside fired into the air to clear the streets, driving the townspeople to take cover and fire back from protected positions. They shot two bandits dead and wounded the rest in the barrage. Inside, the outlaws turned to flee. As they left, one shot the unarmed cashier Heywood in the head. Historians have speculated about the identity of the shooter but have not reached consensus.

The gang barely escaped Northfield, leaving two dead companions behind. A massive manhunt ensued. It is believed that the gang burned 14 Rice County mills shortly after the robbery. The militia soon discovered the Youngers and one other bandit, Charlie Pitts. In a gunfight, Pitts died and the Youngers were taken prisoner. Woodson, respectively.

Frank seemed to settle down, but Jesse remained restless. He recruited a new gang in and returned to crime, holding up a train at Glendale, Missouri now part of Independence , [48] on October 8, But the new gang was not made up of battle-hardened guerrillas; they soon turned against each other or were captured.

James grew suspicious of other members; he scared away one man and some believe that he killed another gang member.

Joseph , Louisiana. A law enforcement posse attacked and killed two of the outlaws but failed to capture the entire gang. Among the deputies was Jefferson B. Snyder , later a long-serving district attorney in northeastern Louisiana. By , with local Tennessee authorities growing suspicious, the brothers returned to Missouri, where they felt safer. James moved his family to St. Joseph , Missouri in November , not far from where he had been born and reared.

Frank, however, decided to move to safer territory and headed east to settle in Virginia. They intended to give up crime. The James gang had been reduced to the two of them. With his gang nearly annihilated, James trusted only the Ford brothers, Charley and Robert. For protection, James asked the Ford brothers to move in with him and his family. James had often stayed with their sister Martha Bolton and, according to rumor, he was "smitten" with her.

Crittenden , planning to bring in the famous outlaw. On April 3, , after eating breakfast, the Fords and Jameses went into the living room before traveling to Platte City for a robbery. From the newspaper, James had just learned that gang member Dick Liddil had confessed to participating in Wood Hite 's murder.

He was suspicious that the Fords had not told him about it. Robert Ford later said he believed that James had realized they were there to betray him. Instead of confronting them, James walked across the living room and laid his revolvers on a sofa. He turned around and noticed a dusty picture above the mantle, and stood on a chair to clean it.

Robert Ford drew his weapon, and shot the unarmed Jesse James in the back of the head. The death of Jesse James became a national sensation. The Fords made no attempt to hide their role. Robert Ford wired the governor to claim his reward. Crowds pressed into the little house in St.

Joseph to see the dead bandit. The Ford brothers surrendered to the authorities and were dismayed to be charged with first-degree murder. In the course of a single day, the Ford brothers were indicted, pleaded guilty, were sentenced to death by hanging , and were granted a full pardon by Governor Crittenden. The implication that the chief executive of Missouri conspired to kill a private citizen startled the public and added to James's notoriety.

After receiving a small portion of the reward, the Fords fled Missouri. Craig, who were law enforcement officials active in the plan, were awarded the majority of the bounty. Suffering from tuberculosis then incurable and a morphine addiction, Charley Ford committed suicide on May 6, , in Richmond, Missouri. Bob Ford operated a tent saloon in Creede, Colorado. On June 8, , Edward O'Kelley went to Creede, loaded a double-barrel shotgun, entered Ford's saloon and said "Hello, Bob," before shooting Ford in the throat, killing him instantly.

O'Kelley was sentenced to life in prison, but his sentence was subsequently commuted because of a 7,signature petition in favor of his release and a medical condition. The Governor of Colorado pardoned him on October 3, James's original grave was on his family property, but he was later moved to a cemetery in Kearney.

The original footstone is still there, although the family has replaced the headstone. Some said that Robert Ford killed someone other than James, in an elaborate plot to allow him to escape justice. None of James's biographers accepted them as plausible. The report, prepared by Anne C. Stone, Ph. Starrs, L. The theme of survival was featured in a documentary, Jesse James' Hidden Treasure , which aired on the History Channel.

The documentary was dismissed as pseudo-history and pseudoscience by historian Nancy Samuelson in a review she wrote for the Winter — edition of The James-Younger Gang Journal. Dalton was allegedly years old at the time of his first public appearance, in May His story did not hold up to questioning from James's surviving relatives.

James's turn to crime after the end of the Reconstruction era helped cement his place in American life and memory as a simple but remarkably effective bandit. After he was covered by the national media as part of social banditry. Displaced by Reconstruction, the antebellum political leadership mythologized the James Gang exploits. Frank Triplett wrote about James as a "progressive neo-aristocrat" with "purity of race".

Senators from the state, former Confederate military commander Francis Cockrell and former Confederate Congressman George Graham Vest , were identified with the Confederate cause. In the s, after James' death, the James Gang became the subject of dime novels that represented the bandits as pre-industrial models of resistance.

But there is no evidence that he shared the loot of his robberies with anyone other than his gang members; they enjoyed the riches with him. In the s, James was pictured as a psychologically troubled individual rather than a social rebel.

Some filmmakers portrayed the former outlaw as a revenger, replacing "social with exclusively personal motives. Jesse James remains a controversial symbol, one who can always be reinterpreted in various ways according to cultural tensions and needs. Some of the neo-Confederate movement regard him as a hero. Thousands of visitors watch reenactments of the robbery, a championship rodeo , a carnival , performances of a 19th-century style melodrama musical, and a parade during the five-day event.

Each year a recreational fair, the Jesse James Festival, is held during the third weekend in September. William H. Fulkerson estate Hazel Dell. Over the three-day event, thousands of spectators learn of the documented James Gang's stopover at Hazel Dell and of their connection with ex-Confederate Fulkerson. This is a reference to a short time James supposedly spent near this area.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Jesse james. For other uses, see Jesse James disambiguation. Near Kearney, Missouri , U. Joseph, Missouri , U. Zerelda Mimms m. Further information: Social bandits and Robin Hood. Main article: Cultural depictions of Jesse James. Seattle Times.

Archived from the original on December 29, Retrieved December 7, Knopf Publishing. University of Nebraska Press. Cumberland House Publishing. Douglas Agriculture and Slavery in Missouri's Little Dixie. University of Missouri Press. Oxford University Press. Route Washington: SleuthSayers.

Jesse James Was His Name. Missouri Under Radical Rule, — Retrieved February 12, Retrieved February 5, Since , James has nationally published Garage magazine. His first suppressor was a basic reworking of an original Maxim design that he claimed could bend the laws of physics by offering a 78 dB rating at the muzzle.

In the Discovery Channel made the documentary Motorcycle Mania , which chronicled James's everyday life. Following the success of the documentary, the Discovery Channel approached James with an offer to host a new show called Monster Garage where James and a crew of mechanics modified vehicles under a short deadline.

James later established Payupsucker Productions, under which he produced shows like History of the Chopper , Iraq Confidential with Jesse James and Green Scream , in which James plans to break the land speed record with an eco-friendly hydrogen car. He also had an appearance on Discovery Channel's Sons of Guns. He appeared on the second season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Each celebrity played to raise money for a favorite charity; James selected to play for the Long Beach Education Foundation. The show features James doing death defying stunts. The first episode set a ratings record for Spike, drawing the largest audience ever for an unscripted series on the network, with 2 million viewers. James has appeared on an episode of Street Customs where he had his pickup truck customized by West Coast Customs. He asked the Red Jacket Firearms team to build a customized Browning Automatic Rifle for him, and even assisted in the build himself.

Designs and Paul Teutul, Sr. James's Discovery Channel website states that his great-great-grandfather was the notorious outlaw's cousin. On July 16, , James married his third wife, actress Sandra Bullock. They met when she arranged for her year-old godson , a fan, to tour the set of Monster Garage.

In October James's ex-wife Lindemulder, who had been in federal prison for six months for tax evasion , sought to regain custody of her then five-year-old daughter with James—Sunny—after James had been granted sole guardianship of her.

James sought to retain full guardianship, citing fear of the environment in which his daughter would be placed if returned to Lindemulder. In March a media scandal arose when several women claimed to have had affairs with James during his marriage to Bullock. Bullock cancelled European promotional appearances for The Blind Side citing "unforeseen personal reasons. The child began living with them in January , but they chose to keep the news private until after the Oscars in March However, given the couple's separation and then divorce, Bullock continued the adoption of the baby as a single parent.

In late James became engaged to professional drag racer Alexis DeJoria. According to police, James's customized bikes were emitting 11 times the legal limits of hydrocarbons. Investigators also found that the motorcycles did not have state-certified emissions equipment on their fuel tanks. The bikes were sold between and James said the CARB refused his offer to recall and modify the uncompliant choppers.

Since West Coast Choppers has built emissions-compliant choppers. Fortune Fashions Industries claimed over 6 million dollars in damage. Lawyer Lawrence H. Nagler, representing Fortune Fashion Industries, claimed "Jesse has stolen the benefit of Fortune Fashion's work and manpower to put this together.

Yanny pointed out that James was a prolific entrepreneur long before he met Fred Kayne, the owner of Fortune Fashions, selling his West Coast Choppers brand apparel in his own shop and online. The trial concluded with the verdict in favor of James. When Fortune Fashion Industries asked the judge to squash the jury decision, the judge stated that Fortune Fashions Industries was "not entitled to any proceeds from an unrelated line of clothing that came into being a year after the failed venture.

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December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Long Beach , California , U. Television personality welder fabricator blacksmith. Karla James m. Janine Lindemulder m. Sandra Bullock m.

Jesse James’s ‘Haunts’: Legends, History, and Forensic Science | Skeptical Inquirer

Robert Ford and Jesse James. His family was one of the old families of Logan County Kentucky. Robert was one of nine children, five sons and four daughters. The five sons were as follows: Wm. James , John James , Robert S. James , Thomas M. Hugh Cohorn. Mary Elizabeth mother, Mary Poore James died the following day after she was born.

A neighbor, Mary Elizabeth Hendricks who had lost her child one week before , breast fed the new infant girl a few weeks until she became very healthy and continued to raise her as her own until she was married. Was a graduate of Georgetown, Kentucky College having completed all requirements of the four-year classical course, on June 29, His degree was the Bachelor of Arts.

According to faculty records, final examination for the senior class was taken on May 24, Robert is listed as having tied for third place honors in the class. For his accomplishment, he was awarded the opportunity to present an oration at the commencement exercises.

All associates who knew him spoke of him as a kindly man of God. So convincing as a Minister one would remember his sermons the rest of their life.

He was an educator, gifted orator, and a successful farmer. He married Miss Zerelda Cole, one year before he graduated from college. They met at a religious gathering. Her family was from Lexington, Kentucky and she was educated in a Catholic convent St.

Catherine's Female School in that city. The Cole family was of Revolutionary stock and her grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Black Horse Inn. The brick portion was attached to the Inn in It was the living quarters of her father James Cole, born September 8, to February 27, and her mother Sarah Sallie Lindsay to She was the daughter of Anthony and Alsey Cole Lindsay. Alsey was the daughter of Richard Cole Sr. The Cole family had come from Pennsylvania through Virginia to Kentucky.

Richard Cole Sr. He bought a large track of land from Hancock Lee. Hancock's son, Maj. John Lee helped in the settlement of Versailles, KY. Richard Cole Jr. They were friends to be desired and enemies to be feared and avoided. James Cole to was married to his first cousin Sally Lindsay. She had only two children before his death. It is said he died after being thrown from a horse. Zerelda was then only two years old, she continued to live at the Black Horse Inn with her grandfather as guardian.

After James death her mother married again to Robert Thomason whom Zerelda did not favor. Zerelda did not accompany them, instead she went to live with her Uncle James M. Lindsay, at Stamping Ground, Scott Co.

By the time school ended in the spring of Robert James and Zerelda were not speaking. Zerelda was of the Cole and Lindsay Families, who had been famous for their courageous deeds during the Revolutionary War. She inherited these same traits, and with her education it made her unwilling to comply with his wishes.

But three days later before fall , the desire and love for Zerelda was too strong, Robert proposed to her and they were married December 28, at the home of Uncle Judge James Madison Lindsay, in Stamping Ground, Kentucky. He was 23 and she was 17 years old. He returned to Georgetown leaving alone his pregnant wife with her mother. His desire was to finish his final year of theological training and return home by next Christmas, but the Missouri River was frozen the poor roads were treacherous, so it was spring after he had graduated before he arrived at Kearney, to reunite with his wife and a new son born January 10, , Alexander Franklin James.

He later returned to Georgetown College in where he received his Masters Degree. He then decided to settle in Clay County where he purchased a farm from Asa W. Thomason, near Centerville, a town which later changed it's name to Kearney.

The farm had no house and they built a cabin during the next spring. Robert bought two slaves. He combined farming and preaching to make a living.

He founded the Baptist churches at New Hope and Providence. In , he went to California. Jesse was only 4 years old at this time. He went in order to get money to educate his children. The trip lasted from April 21 to August 1, 3 months. Robert died 18 days after arriving in California. James - born Nov. She married on Nov. She died in Zerelda James remained a widow for four 4 years, and then she was married to a Mr. Sims, who died.

She then married Dr. Reuben Samuels in Their children were: Sarah L. Samuels - born Dec. She was married on Nov. John T. Samuels - born May 25, He married on July 22, to Norma L. Fannie Quantrell Samuels - born Oct. She married on Dec. Archie Payton Samuels - born July 26, He was murdered by Pinkerton detectives on Jan. Samuels and Zerelda lived in a neighborhood of Northern sympathizers, of course Dr.

Samuels and Zerelda were Southern sympathizers, which lead to cruelty towards their family. Samuels was hung up three times because he did not know the whereabout of Quantrell's band.

Jesse was in the fields working at this time. The Militia went to the fields and whipped Jesse up and down the rows of corn and then took him to the barn where they were torturing his step-father.

The Militia then went to the house and confronted Mrs. Samuels Mrs. Robert James at gun point. They then took Mrs. Samuels and her daughter to jail at St. Joseph and imprisoned them for 25 days. Jesse James decided after this incident that he would not allow the militia, lawmen, or anyone else to treat him that way again. It is no wonder that Jesse joined the Quantrell's gang after his family was beaten, imprisoned, tortured, persecuted at every turn and driven from home. Legend said that the two brothers were brutal murders and came from an illiterate family.

The brothers robbed banks and stole from the railroads because those institutions were forcing people into poverty, raised grain prices which forced farmers to sell their farms.

Jesse came to their aid. As far as being illiterate, there are alot of letters written by Frank and Jesse that were well written. Jesse W. Ky By the time school ended in the spring of Robert James and Zerelda were not speaking.

West and jesse james ancestry