Teenage girls monologues-for a monologue for a teenage girl. (Message Board)

For many performers, much of that pre-audition anxiety comes in the form of choosing a well-suited monologue. Just like every actress, every monologue brings something new to the table — especially when it comes to comedy! Cause I wanted to be a Rockette. And she was a Rockette. Well, she came home one Christmas to visit, and they gave her a parade.

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues

Until you moved away, I knew I would have to take care of you alone. I mean how many times you Teenage girls monologues been out there? We'd be tied down then, for life, just like all the other people around here. If my brain fails, will I even know it? Listen up guys I can break into any house anywhere, anytime, take whatever Teenage girls monologues want, in and out ten minutes no prints no evidence nothing. If I was judged on my effort, then I was judged unfairly, for I tried Squirt for mommy hard as I could! By: Ayomide A. Looking for great original monologues for teenagers? I have a man, I love my man Teenage girls monologues I do my best to be polite but the irritation and the cheesy lines are getting to be too much. In 5th grade, Mr.

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Everyone melts eventually. I just got rid of those rats for you. I could blame it on my father, but it was me who took away the only thing I loved, the only thing that Teenage girls monologues made me happy. We are going to see how good you are at finding a new teacher because I quit! They say it is an addiction and that I am in denial. My mom picked me up that night in the back lot of the drive in. Yeah, this is my new iPhone 6. Since you were smart enough to hire me to take care of the rats then you should be smart enough to know that you Vaginal discharge cycle pay me unless you want something terrible Teenage girls monologues happen. He was still in his Teenae uniform. Teenage girls monologues just trying to protect him, you know. No spam, ever!

Seventy-five percent of teenage girls with self-esteem issues have reported engaging in negative activities such as: smoking, drinking, bullying, cutting, eating disorders, risky sexual behavior, and even suicide attempts.

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Preferably one who is talking about a guy. Preferably from a play. Thanks in advance! I'm actually working on it now for my theatre class. It's about a girl who just found out her boyfriend is cheating on her, and she is talking about how absolutely horrible it is she will have to date again.

It's really funny and is about a minute and a half long. Girls Guide to Chaos That is the name of the play its from The realization hits me heavily, like a. My heart starts beating with a quick dread and my blood freezes in my veins. My stomach does back flips. I will have to start dating again. Please, God, no, don't make me do it! I'll be good from now on, I promise! I'll stop feeding the dog hashish! I'll be kind, thoughtful, sober, industrious, anything.

But please, God, not the ultimate torture of dating. That's why I stayed with him for so long, probably. I couldn't stand going through it all again. Sure, he might be a trifle wild and intractable, I kept telling myself, but at least I know I'll get laid tonight, and tomorrow night.

At least someone will go to the movies with me and not try to hold my hand. Once I start holding hands, I'm afraid to stop. If I pull my hand away, will he think I'm being cold, or moody? Should I squeeze his hand and kind of wiggle my fingers around suggestively? Or is that too forward? What if my hand is clammy? A clammy hand means you're a lousy lay! Everybody knows that! And what, dear spiteful God, will I wear? I find it's always better to use something from a play rather than just a written monologue.

I use a great book called Monologues for Women 20 and under I think that's the name Go take a look at your local library and you're bound to find some books with great suggestions. I bet it's on youtube. I'm the good cop, he's the bad cop. Never use a monologue from a monologue book, use a play.

Rule 2. When auditioning for a play, or company, never use a monologue from a movie. Using monologue books and movie monologues may work in HS but once you get to a conservatory or theatre college, OR you start auditioning in the real world, always use monologues from a play. Take the damn time to go to a library and pick out 15 plays and spend the day reading and photo copying like all the other serious actors.

It's worth it. Monologues from movies are a HUGE no. And if you really want to use a monologue from a collection, make sure you've read the entire play that it's from.

Chances are, though, that if it's in a book it's incredibly overused. I chose, and my world was shaken. So what? The choice may have been mistaken. The choosing was not. Especially since I usually audition for things in the "real world. I spent the weekend before I posted this skimming through plays to see if there was anything appropriate for me to use.

In the two years I've been a part of this site I've never posted a thread asking for help on monologue auditions. Thanks guys. Never use monologues from movies, either. Learned that the hard way. But I really think the best thing I could do, would be to get out of New York. You know, like we were saying, this morning - how things might be different, if you only had a chance to breathe and spread out a little.

Only when I said it, I never dreamt it would ever be this way. I like you so much, Sam. I like you better than anybody I know. It would be so nice to be with you. You're different from anybody I know. But I'm just wondering how it would work out. There's lots of things to be considered. Suppose something was to happen - well, suppose I was to have a baby, say.

That sometimes happens even when you don't want it to. What would we do then? We'd be tied down then, for life, just like all the other people around here. They all start out loving each other and thinking everything is going to be fine - and before you know it, they find out they haven't a got anything and they wish they could do it all over again - only it's too late.

It's what you said just now - about people belonging to each other. I don't think people ought to belong to anybody but themselves. I was thinking, that if my mother had really belonged to herself, and that if my father had really belonged to himself, it never would have happened.

It was only because they were always depending on somebody else, for what they ought to have had inside themselves.

Do you see what I mean, Sam? That's why I don't want to belong to anybody, and why I don't want anybody to belong to me. But loving and belonging aren't the same thing. If we say good-bye, now, it doesn't mean that it has to be forever. Maybe some day, when we're older and wiser, things will be different. It isn't, Sam! Because once you're sure of yourself, the things that happen to you, aren't so important. The say I look at it, it's not what you do that matters so much; it's what you are.

And I've got such a lot of confidence in you. This character is Jill: I can't talk about him. No, I will talk about him. Every once in a while it's good to do something you don't want to do, it cleanses the insides. He was terribly sweet, and groovy looking, but kind of adolescent, ya know what I mean?

Girls mature faster than boys, boys are neater, but girls mature faster. When we met, it was like fireworks! It was a marvelous kind of passion that made every day seem like the 4th of July! Its only been like two or three months and we're getting married?!

I'm not even out of high school! I've got two big exams tomorrow and they were on my mind too.. Can you imagine going through life as "Jack and Jill"?! Then I hear, "Until death do us part. And there I am being buried alive! Under Jack Benson! I wanted to scream, go running out into the night! But I couldn't.. It was 10 o'clock in the morning and well, you can't go running out into 10 o'clock in the morning.

So instead, I passed out. If only I'd fainted, before I said "I do. The character is in college, but it's really funny and interesting. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals.

I have lots of experience with kids, so I know what to do when they misbehave. No Feeling. When he approached me, I looked up to see puddles of tears forming in his eyes. My eyes are open now…to the richness…and also the impermanence of life. I could be on the beach right now tanning like a churro with a margarita in one hand and a woman on the other sitting on my lap!

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues. Monologues teen girls from plays auditions and acting practice.


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Female, Comedic, Teens — 20s When Barb, a girl about twelve, gets lost in the woods, she finds herself trapped in the lair of Anise, the Spider Queen! The only way for Barb to escape is to tell Anise a new story every night for seven nights.

This is no easy task for the young storyteller, who finds herself pushing her imagination in ways she never thought possible. As Barb grows as a storyteller, so does her relationship with Anise. Their journey is one that explores love, loss, and the power of storytelling.

During their time together, the two have grown very close, and Anise has even taught Barb how to leave stories into magical spider webs. This changes, however, when Anise pressures Barb into telling her a story about her mother. Get the monologue here. Female, Comedic, Teens — 20s On the same day her boyfriend Jessie is released from a work camp, eighteen-year-old Alison Freeman receives a letter from her estranged mother who wants a second chance.

Alison must decide whether to accept a marriage proposal from Jessie, continue living with her lonely Aunt Carla, or leave her small hometown to join her mother for a new life in New York. Rindy, a young aspiring hairstylist who lives in a small Southern town, confides in her best friend Alison that she spent the night with her boyfriend, unbeknownst to her unstable mother. Rindy is extroverted, unfiltered, and Southern. Join two nerds and a crack team of actors as they race hilariously through the world of tights-wearing crime fighters, from the s TV Batman to the soap opera insanity of the Fantastic Four to a bizarre, German opera of Spiderman.

The Scarlet Witch, a superhero in her late teens or early 20s, is competing for the position of Sorcerer Supreme. This is part of her speech at the competition; she is reminiscing about a first date. Teenaged Catherine, whose parents are from different religious traditions, has been struggling with her own religious identity. She has just had a fight with a Jewish friend.

What are their hopes? Their fears? For a group of our rainbow-tasseled friends, it may just be time to find out. A high school principal and two of her students deal with the aftermath of a cyberbullying case in Refloat Our Whale. Nana is a woman wearing a full-body Newfoundland dog costume. Female, Comedic, Teens — 20s Superheroine group A. Amazing Women Saving Untold Millions searches for new members after eighty percent of the original team is killed in an attack by villainess Suprema.

Five unique young women attend the tryout, each ready to compete for a spot in the group, but a shocking plot is afoot well, shocking for a comedy! Female, Comedic, Teens — 20s Lulu is a girl of about 17 years old. She is at the library, trying to study with her friend, but she is very hungry.

Because jelly donuts are really really good…. Female, Comedic, Teens — 20s The play unfolds in the dorm room of Robin, a college baseball pitcher on the verge of being drafted by the majors. As he grapples with imminent success, Robin relives his friendship with Tommy, a Japanese American girl who dreamed of playing pro ball, and whose indomitable spirit impacts his life still, on and off the field. Pee Wee does make the team, emotions runs high. A monologue from Stay by David-Mathew Barnes.

A monologue from Golden Ladder by Donna Spector. A monologue from Lipstick and Heroics by Evan Baughfman. A Donut Daydream by Tara Meddaugh. A monologue from Radio Ball by Lauren Kettler.

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues

Teenage girls monologues