Iodine breast cancer iodoral-

Abstract Iodine is an essential element in human physiology. Its role in thyroid function is well known and heavily weighted in the literature. Its putative role as an anticarcinogenic agent is just beginning to be widely appreciated. The molecular effects of iodine as well as ongoing epidemiological evidence points to its probable role in prevention of cancers through its antioxidant, antiinflammatory, prodifferentiating, and proapoptotic effects. This is particularly evident with stomach and breast cancers but may be relevant for many other cancers that have yet to be substantially studied.

Iodine breast cancer iodoral

Finally my breast team looked at Tamoxifen, and then decided surgery was the lesser of the two evils. Or paint the entire breast. Polycystic breast are extremely common in 40s. Iodine metabolism and breast cancer. I used iodine, and specifically the protocol developed by Drs. Home June Vol. Iodine replacement in fibrocystic disease of the Breeast. I have become increasingly fatigued, unfocused and unsettled. Support Center Support Center.

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My niece just experience a ruptured cyst and must find ways to bring her system back into balance. All doses were associated with an acceptable safety profile. B reast H ealth A wareness M onth. I eat a whole foods organic diet, meditate and am in the healing arts. Do you Swingers sex vids taking 12 mg of iodine per day will help with my Thyroid? After B6 evening primrose oil, vit E and magnesium supplements, black cohosh, and various other supplements failed, I was put on Danazol. Your Name. I should have hopped a a plane to see you in before I let them cut out my thyroid. Arthur Queensland, Australia. Given the various functions of Iodine in the body, it is easy to see how even a slight deficiency can cause widespread problems. The protocol not only includes Miller, Jr. Sectionthe material on this Iodine breast cancer iodoral is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. I 2 decreases the invasive potential of a triple negative basal Goalie thongs cell line, and under in vivo Iodine breast cancer iodoral the oral supplement of this halogen activates the antitumor immune response, preventing progression of xenografts from laminal and basal mammary cancer cells.

Placebo: vegetable colored water solution drops.

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  • The role of Iodine and Breast Cancer is gaining much needed attention.
  • David Brownstein was on about thyroid and iodine deficiency.
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Placebo: vegetable colored water solution drops. Evaluate the activity of placebo on tumor size, and molecular tumor response, as well as side effects attenuation. Information from the National Library of Medicine Choosing to participate in a study is an important personal decision.

Talk with your doctor and family members or friends about deciding to join a study. For general information, Learn About Clinical Studies. Search for terms x. Save this study. Warning You have reached the maximum number of saved studies Iodine Supplementation on Breast Cancer The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.

Federal Government. Know the risks and potential benefits of clinical studies and talk to your health care provider before participating. Read our disclaimer for details. Last Update Posted : September 28, Study Description. The study analyzes the clinical response [tumor size, thyroid status, side effects Common Toxicity Criteria V4. The leading causes of failure of breast cancer treatment are the rapid development of metastases and tumor resistance to antineoplastic drugs.

Anthracyclines doxorubicin DOX , epirubicin, etc. Previous studies support that the oral supplement of molecular iodine I2 exerts synergistic antineoplastic and cardioprotective impact when used in combination with the DOX in rodent and canine mammary cancer model.

Drug Information available for: Iodine. FDA Resources. Arms and Interventions. Outcome Measures. The first measurement is obtained in the mammography taken before the start of the protocol and the second measurement is made on the tissue after surgery. Presence or not of: Edema, hand-foot syndrome, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, asthenia patient interview and clinical auscultation.

Eligibility Criteria. Please refer to this study by its ClinicalTrials. BMC Vet Res. Oncol Rep. Epub Sep 1. Activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma is crucial for antitumoral effects of 6-iodolactone. Mol Cancer. The extrathyronine actions of iodine as antioxidant, apoptotic, and differentiation factor in various tissues. Inhibition of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced mammary carcinogenesis by molecular iodine I2 but not by iodide I- treatment Evidence that I2 prevents cancer promotion.

Mol Cell Endocrinol. Epub Apr National Library of Medicine U. National Institutes of Health U. Department of Health and Human Services. The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Breast Cancer. Phase 2. Study Type :. Estimated Enrollment :. Triple Participant, Care Provider, Investigator. Actual Study Start Date :. Actual Primary Completion Date :. Estimated Study Completion Date :. Placebo Comparator: Early Cancer placebo The daily supplement of a vegetable colored water solution drops for 7 to 35 days in early breast cancer diagnosticated woman.

Other Name: control. Other Name: experimental. De-identified individual participant data for all primarily and secondary outcome measures will be made available. Data will be available within 12 months of study completion. Requestors will be required to sign a data access agreement.

Again after few months liver metastasic for this second time. Would a different form of iodine supplementation be of help? Molecular iodine I 2 exerts significant antineoplastic effects, acting as a differentiation inductor and immune modulator, but its effects in antitumor immune response are not elucidated. What kind of medicine you took for breast cysts? Thank you for all the good information about iodine!

Iodine breast cancer iodoral

Iodine breast cancer iodoral

Iodine breast cancer iodoral

Iodine breast cancer iodoral

Iodine breast cancer iodoral

Iodine breast cancer iodoral. About Jeffrey Dach MD

Iodine deficiencies can occur not only because of inadequate intake, but also due to the damaging toxins, like the flame retardant Bromide, we are exposed to every day. Bromide actually competes with Iodine on a cellular level and always wins.

Given the various functions of Iodine in the body, it is easy to see how even a slight deficiency can cause widespread problems. An especially interesting area of study in Iodine deficiency is the field of hormone balancing. Recent research may prove this to be true. Much promising research has been conducted on the use of Iodine to treat fibrocystic breast disease, as Iodine concentrates in and is secreted by the mammary glands. Normal breast architecture requires adequate Iodine, and in a deficient state, the breasts and thyroid compete for available Iodine.

Hyperplasia, or increased cell growth, may be induced in these glands. Estrogen production increases with an Iodine deficiency, thus causing an increased sensitivity to estrogen by breast tissue. As early as twenty years ago The Lancet reported that Iodine deficiency predisposes one to an increased risk of Breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancer.

Assessing Iodine levels and the imbalance of hormones is the key to lowering that risk. The same study author monitored five PCOS patients who, on the same iodine dosage experienced a regulation of their periods, disappearance of ovarian cysts, and control of their diabetes.

The identification and treatment of an Iodine deficiency has obvious benefits, especially when it comes to Breast Cancer. In order to determine the daily amount of essential Iodine required for whole body sufficiency, an Iodine Loading Test must be performed. Feel free to leave a comment or question about Iodine and Breast Cancer. Great article. Iodine is so important for breast health. I just finished writing an article on this exact same topic and will be posting tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on the recent study that Japanese women who eat seaweed daily are at an increase risk of papillary thyroid cancer? Interestingly I read that Kelp is polluted with arsenic and halides. That may be the reason they are developing cancer. The pollution in our oceans is a sad reflection of man kind has done to this beautiful planet.

So if one such as myself is taking a medication that has iodine in it from Kelp. Does this put me at risk as well? If so, what options do I have for treating my Thyroid and Endocrine system if Iodine can be dangerous?

I would suggest you you the Iodine Loading Test to see if in fact you are deficient and how much of the Iodine you really need. YOU can order this test on my web site under Hormone Testing. It is important to note that you must ingest Iodine and Iodide in order to properly balance your Thyroid. V- I am so glad that your are spreading the word about the importance of iodine and breast health.

The iodine protocol has taken away any fear for me of a recurrence of breast cancer. As for the increase of thyroid cancer for Japanese women-Um, they just had a nuclear meltdown. Radiation kills the thyroid. Iodine will help to protect it. We all should be on iodine as the radiation that was carried from the reactors has spread worldwide. Plus, you need to have measurable doses. Pls I need an urgent reply. You can ask your Doctor to order these tests for you.

Hi I was wondering where I could find the studies you mention ion this article please e. You can find links to articles in here. Iodine is very important for life. You Have Highlighted approx all the important points. Thanks For Sharing Such an amazing Post. Hi My mother has breast cancer since 2 years befor. She had removed her breast and chemo also radiotherapy.

After one month metastasic to liver other organs free. David Brownstein was on about thyroid and iodine deficiency.

It has helped me immensely. I had a lot of fibroid cysts in my breasts, and migraine headaches. There were so many large cysts that you could hardly see any breast tissue.

By the way, the mammogram read normal, always a mystery to me how it could be normal. The cysts were very painful and I had on occasion been going to a surgeon to have a needle aspiration of the fluid.

After about one month the cysts were noticeably smaller. Currently, my breasts are not painful and I only have a few cysts that are hard. The headaches are infrequent, maybe every couple of months. God Bless you for your work, and many thanks! Fibrocystic breast disease is not a benign illness; it is a precursor to breast cancer. We presently have an epidemic of breast cancer with one in seven women suffering from it.

I think one of the main reasons we are seeing such an increase in breast disease is due to iodine deficiency. We are seeing epidemic increases in diseases—including cancer—in all of those tissues. Iodine deficiency disrupts the normal architecture in the glandular tissue. When iodine deficiency is present in the glandular tissue the architecture becomes disrupted. Cysts would be the first manifestation of iodine deficiency. Next, if iodine deficiency continues, the cysts can become hard and nodular.

Hyperplasia follows next. It is a precursor to cancer. The final step in the iodine deficiency continuum is cancer. Iodine deficiency could explain a plethora of problems we are facing—particularly the epidemic increases in diseases of the breast, ovary, uterus, prostate, thyroid and pancreas. David Brownstein. Does iodine shrink or eliminate uterine fibriods of size 5cm and what are the required amounts to take and does it work effectively without any other supplemmenray minerals like selenium and magnesium?

Z, I have seen iodine shrink fibroids. It is best to work with an iodine-knowledgeable doc. The salt helps bind bromine and fluoride which can cause a detox reaction. Thank you for all the good information about iodine! I have been taking Ioderol for many years, but only at the There is no evidence of lymph node involvement. Thank you! The surgeon wants to remove it and I am waiting to see if I can heal myself naturally first.

I am also using the frankincense and myrrh eo. It has been a few months since you wrote, have you noticed any changes? Or will it make it worse? Three separate opinions have advised to remove right away, wait and monitor growth and the the last said cut half. Again, trying to avoid the surgery. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you. You bring up good points. Many cases of papillary thyroid cancer as well as other cancers may be over-treated as this type of cancer is very slow growing. You are also right—many have it at the time of death and were not affected by it. Certainly, those people did not need treatment for it. Unfortunately, there is no clear path here. I suggest educating yourself about your options and picking your path. But, the research is not totally clear.

Hi Dr. Brownstein, I have been taking synthroid since I was 16 and I am now 62…. My question is… If I am on synthroid, will it hurt me to take the Lodoral I took Lodoral for about a month and I felt great, but then I read an article that said too much can cause cancer as well and too little.

So I stopped………. It is best to work with a health care provider who can help you optimize your iodine supplementation. Iodine does not cause thyroid cancer; it helps prevent it. Iodine deficiency is associated with thyroid cancer—as well as cancer of the breast, ovary, uterus, prostate, and pancreas. Brownstein, I have been taking nascent iodine and I was just wondering if it would be better to take Lugols.

Please advise. Thank you, Renee. Renee, As I explained in my book, different tissues of the body take up different forms of iodine. For whole-body iodine sufficiency, it is best to take a supplement with both iodine and iodide in it. Is it enough? My doctor was very dismissive of any treatment for this disorder and told me to live with it, surgery would be indicated if it became severe.

I play classical guitar and my hands are my life. The 4th edition of your book about Iodine, on page 22, says this condition can be treated with Iodine. I took Iodoral tabs for several months but did not notice any improvement.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Arthur Queensland, Australia. Arthur, I have had success using iodine topically over the site where the tendon is inflamed. My question is, can I take Iodine pills even when I do not have my thyroid?

I am 63 years old. Dear Eglis, Every cell in your body needs and requires iodine. Just because you have no thyroid tissue does not mean that you do not need iodine. Also, you asked for a doctor in Florida—Dr. Jeffrey Dach is in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I had cystic breasts and had treatments over a period of years in Surgery Clinic including one biopsy.

I also have at least 2 rather large uterine fibroids that did not reduce in size with menopause. At no time was iodine ever mentioned for either problem even when I got a private physician with Medicare eligibility. About years ago I did try Iodoral tabs for about 90 days.

I did not notice much at that time so did not reorder. Again, not sure about any benefits. Also do not have any negative signs like acne. She said I was at risk for Cancer. They were compounded by another doctor and in very tiny amounts, far less than prescribed. Even the Technician remarked after seeing the original.

Today that information is on iodine, specifically how supplementing with iodine can lessen breast pain, reduce your risk of breast cancer, and even improve your health overall.

The number one reason women visit clinics specializing in breast care is breast pain—in fact about 45 percent of women who visit these clinics have breast pain.

Often, when a woman has breast pain, she will be frightened and fear the worst. Breast pain is caused by the fluctuation of fluids. During your menstrual cycle, there is a build up of fluid in your uterus and your breasts due to inflammatory hormonal changes. When you get your period, some of this fluid leaves your body when you menstruate.

However, the fluid in other parts of your body, like in your breasts, has to be reabsorbed before it can be eliminated. This could occur if you eat inflammatory foods, like highly-processed, chemical-laden, or high-glycemic foods.

Daily iodine intake can help many women with breast pain. Research shows that those who take iodine in doses ranging from 6 mg to 90 mg per day feel healthier and have a greater sense of well-being. Taking iodine at these levels eliminates breast pain from fibrocystic changes about 70 percent of the time. Iodine decreases the ability of estrogen to adhere to estrogen receptors in the breast. Iodine taken in doses times the RDA which is only — mcg per day has important benefits.

These include its role as an antioxidant, in preventing and treating fibrocystic disease of the breast, and in preventing and treating breast cancer. I recommend a minimum of There are other iodine supplements available that you can try too:. Iodine deficiency is rampant in the United States. Is it possible that YOU are iodine deficient? Today, average iodine intake in the U. Note: In comparison to those in the U. And there are plenty of cautions about taking too much.

Notes: Rarely, a person will get a reaction usually in the form of a skin rash or bad taste in the mouth to adding iodine to her diet. The reaction is known as iodism, and it is a result of the iodine releasing excess bromide, fluoride, and other toxins from the system. Just decrease your dose of iodine, if this happens to you. If you are on thyroid medication, taking higher amounts of iodine will often decrease your need for thyroid medication.

So add iodine to your diet very, very slowly, and discuss this with your health care provider. Footnotes: 1. Preece et al. Hughes and D. Ghent et al. Eskin et al. Christiane Northrup, M. Recognizing the unity of body, mind, and spirit, she empowers women to trust their inner wisdom, their connection with Source, and their ability to truly flourish.

I had extensive pelvic endometriosis exacerbated by an ovarian ectopic at age Following this I had surgery to remove all pelvic endometriosis. A few months following the surgery, I had recurrence of pelvic pain and the painful right shoulder and right sided shoulder pain intensified. The so called endometrial Ob gyn expert dismissed my symptoms, and in spite of ultrasound and MRI scan showing endometriosis of the rectum, said it was not endometriosis.

The thoracic MRI showed a cyst on the liver, but not anything else was visible. I have since found out that diaphragmatic endometriosis often does not show up on an MRI scan. I refused the toxic medication and took matters into my own hands, detoxing with celtic sea salt and nascent iodine. My arthritic symptoms have disappeared and cystic breasts are now completely normal. It is completely criminal that women are prescribed toxic drugs and endure unnecessary surgery, all of which could be avoided.

Why are doctors so brain washed by the drug companies. I was recently diagnosed with having FBC at the age of I rather much prefer the natural route. What brand of sea salt and nascent iodine do you use? And what time, dosage, do you take daily? Thank you! I had tried every bra and could not find comfort in any of them. By the end of the day I would be in such discomfort I would take it off as soon as I arrived home.

Over the past year I have lost a lot of hair and it has become brittle and thin. I have become increasingly fatigued, unfocused and unsettled. My taste buds changed, saliva increased, thirst increased, and I developed tinitus and a racing heart. Recently I hit rock bottom.

My arm and leg muscles have become weak and tender, my ability to concentrate non-existent. I have been doing yoga five times a week for two years so this was not normal. I can barely get through the day. I eat a whole foods organic diet, meditate and am in the healing arts. I do all the right things. Taking the Iodoral put me here. Please beware. There are other safer ways to address breast pain.

Iodine saves my life. Painful polycystic breasts. Had scan. Polycystic breast are extremely common in 40s. Without iodine my breast lumpy. Nipple cracked. Iodine helped. People need to stop cutting salt so much. Maybe why hypothyroidism so common too. This is so true!! Also my hypertension stayed elevated so I was advised to steer clear of sodium so I kicked iodized salt out of my life.

My cycles are now horrid! I stopped using toxic tampons and used cloth reusable pads, etc but the pain persists. Needless to say as of Saturday I added back in table salt as well as paint my uterus and breasts with iodine daily. I am sure to also use it orally with its companion nutrients. I eat Brazil nuts for selenium and use selenium drops. I actually feel alot better. Occasionally I still get the same type of breast pain I got when premenopausal.

It is usually in the upper outer quadrant. I just did this 20 minutes ago and not only did the pain disappear but I felt a calming sensation too. Does iodine relieve anxiety? I am 5yrs postmenopaudal, on Armour thyroid and have very painful breast pain everyday.

I was on HRT therapy but advised to go off as I have a predisposed genetic connection to Estrogen receptive breast ancer. I am weaning off the estradiol and progesterone.

My breasts are SO painful! Should I supplement with iodine? I have used Iodoral and had relief that was very noticeable! Hello — is it ok to take iodine with Hashimotos Autoimmune disease?

I have very sore and swollen breasts mid cycle thru my menstrual period. I believe in iodine for optimal Thyroid function. Since starting the iodine I notice my nipples are tender and my breasts are a little sore. Do you believe taking 12 mg of iodine per day will help with my Thyroid? I have symptoms of fatigue, loss of motivation, anxiety, cold body, brittle nails, macular deposits and do not sleep well. Severe FBD started at age After B6 evening primrose oil, vit E and magnesium supplements, black cohosh, and various other supplements failed, I was put on Danazol.

Horrible drug. Fast forward 20 years and 3 children later the only respite I had had was a year after each birth, before the pain and swelling came back with a vengeance.

Iodine breast cancer iodoral

Iodine breast cancer iodoral