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Minor league baseball player's wife, baby, mother-in-law killed at their home: Sheriff originally appeared on abcnews. A minor league baseball player's wife, baby and mother-in-law were killed at their Virginia home, allegedly by another family member, authorities said. Matthew Bernard, 18, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon on three counts of first-degree murder after he allegedly killed his mother, sister and baby nephew that morning at the family's home in Keeling, an unincorporated area near Virginia's southern border with North Carolina. A firearm was used in the crime and a caller reported a shooting, but cause of death has not been confirmed, police said. A motive is not clear, Taylor said.

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The prostitutes had in common many negative experiences not found or found less often in other populations of young women. These women had discovered that sex could lead to a kind of status, even though that status is negatively labeled by the wider culture. In a society that values women on the basis of their sexuality, a woman who views herself as "debased" may see prostitution as a viable alternative--perhaps the only alternative.

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A pregnancy test can tell whether you are pregnant by checking for a particular hormone in your urine or blood. The hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin HCG. HCG is made in a woman's placenta after a fertilized egg implants in the uterus. It is normally made only during pregnancy. A urine pregnancy test can find the HCG hormone about a week after you've missed a period.

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But then reality sets in, and some summer weekends have us bound to the bright lights of the big city. While in the concrete jungle, one shouldn't have to forgo poolside-lazing and mellow mingling. Luckily, New York City is full of sun-basking opportunities high-up above the bustle of its streets. These chic spots to take a dip, while right above our heads and in some of the city's top hotels, might as well be miles away with their self-contained tropical vibes and holiday atmosphere. The vibe here is off-beat yet incredibly thoughtful, think brickwork mixed with natural wood, glass, and greenery.