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Forgot your password? The female nipple slider I have I believe from cmarnyc works well for all other females, but teens. I just recently encountered this problem and I only found this post I'm guessing it is a nude clothing issue with teens. None of the sliders I could find on the internet works.

Nipple slider

Posted January 22, Sign in anonymously. Windows should ask you if you want to override one file CalienteBody. View Community Rules. But perhaps that can be Nipple slider to a community contributed asset. The chain is also weighted so you feel extra sensitive with Nipple slider move you lsider.

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For those of us not acquainted with nipple clamps, they can be kind of an intimidating venture into Sex Toy Landia.

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For those of us not acquainted with nipple clamps, they can be kind of an intimidating venture into Sex Toy Landia. What are nipple clamps?

Why do people wear them? What will they do for me? When do I wear them? How do I wear them? Carol Queen, PhD and resident sexpert at Good Vibrations , explains that the purpose of a nipple clamp is twofold. The clamp can be used to squeeze or pinch nipples for an intense sensation and secondly, clamps are also very useful for hands-free nipple play. As for why nipples? When you clamp the nipple or use a penis ring, "blood gets trapped into that tissue making it super sensitive to the touch.

While the sensation of clamps might be deemed "painful" to some, other people into BDSM would actually find the sensation "exciting and intense" and not painful at all. Of course, there are levels to the sensation of clamps, and there are many clamps that can be adjusted to your needs or limits.

When choosing a clamp, Queen says you want to take into account two criteria: how big your nipples are, and how much pressure you enjoy. The size of the clamps also affect sensitivity. These bestselling tweezer clamps are a hit at Good Vibrations. The "tweezer" on each end is tipped in rubber for comfort you can find pain to be pleasurable but open scratches and cuts usually are best avoided and there's a slider on each clamp that allows you to adjust the tightness of each clamp.

These rubber-lined alligator clamps have an adjustable screw to change the amount of pressure on the nipple. The chain is also weighted so you feel extra sensitive with every move you make. The feather on these clamps isn't purely for decorative purposes, but is actually functional.

This rose-gold chain is part of the Fifty Shades Freed line , and includes delicate weighted balls on each of the nipple and clit clamps for extra weight. The nipple clamps are tipped in soft purple silicone for extra comfort too. This nipple "clamp" is actually made up of an adjustable string that hooks onto each nipple.

There's a weighted chain in between each loop so you'll still get the sensation of weight and tension, but for those who don't want a metal clip, this is a good option. This particular set also comes with a separate clit clamp with weighted balls for extra sensation.

These nipple suckers are not exactly "clamps" but as Queen explains, they do employ similar sensations. The twist mechanism creates a suction on your nipple or anywhere else you'd like suction for hands-free sensation. No batteries required! These silicone coated clamps feature a pinchless toggle so you're held in place while each tiny-but-powerful vibrator does its magic.

Finn says that these dense metal clamps "tug on the nipple with its weight, adding a sensation of pulling as well as tension on the sensitive tissue. These clamps are non-adjustable so you probably shouldn't buy them if you're just dipping your toe into the water or have limited experience with nipple clamps.

If you're using the clamps with a partner, make sure to get their consent and establish a safe word. Since clamps can cause a bit of pain, extra care and attention to your partner's needs are especially important. You can try placing the "jaws" of the clamp on the nipple or behind the nipple on the areola for different sensations. Finn recommends starting with the clamps at the back of the nipple against the areola since pinching the tip of your nipple right out the gate may be too painful at first.

And despite the name, you never want to suddenly clamp the jaws shut! Once it's on, you can always adjust the tension accordingly. Queen recommends waiting until you're thoroughly aroused before applying the clamps. The reason, she explains, is because "arousal helps mediate pain and for many, this helps the sensation feel pleasurable. Since the toys affect blood flow, you don't want to wear them long term. Thankfully, the fun doesn't necessarily stop when the clamps come off.

Queen explains that when you remove the clamps and the blood starts rushing back to the nerves, it can be an even stronger sensation than when you first put them on. Pretty neat for a sex toy that doesn't even require batteries. Follow Carina on Twitter. Type keyword s to search.

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Nipple slider

Nipple slider

Nipple slider

Nipple slider

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. • View topic - Male nipples are strangely distorted

Moderator: joepal. Return to Bugs, problems and feature requests. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Skip to content. Male nipples are strangely distorted Tech support and suggestions forum. If you only have a basic question on how to get started, please use the "newbies" forum in the community section. From a circular shape in the base mesh it becomes a very oblong ellipse. Also, the Gender slider labeled Nipple size should probably be relabeled Areola size and perhaps a second slider added that adjusts the size of the actual nipple.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. The implemented change to the slider label will appear in the next release?

Has an actual nipple size slider been created too? I created a target to correct the geometry but it has an unfortunate side-effect due to another modeling error. The base of the nipple covers a large area when it is typically, in males at least, only slightly larger or the same size as the end of the nipple. As it is now if the nipple is extended with the Nipple point slider the result is a conical shape a stretched distorted cone if the shape of the end of the nipple hasn't been corrected.

When the geometry is corrected the area in the UV map that used to cover a significant area is all shrunk into the side of the nipple, while the surrounding area gets excessively stretched from the next mesh contour.

I can't claim knowledge of the breadth of variation in female nipples but I think the same issue applies there. So, if you want to have the correct geometry you might need to adjust the UV mapping possibly the skins. I wonder if this is the reason the nipples aren't really distinquished from the areola in the current skin images, avoiding this issue.

I think if you wanted to cover the complete diversity of anatomies there should really be another slider that gives the area from the edge of the areola to the base of the nipple a conical shape. But perhaps that can be left to a community contributed asset. You complain about an issue. You provide something like a draft to enforce your point. Issue is assigned to you. You're in charge for fixing. And there was a target in MH, years ago, with a modification for the roundness of the nipples.

But this target was created before we got the "User contributed assets", so it must be somewhere in the forum as an appended zip-file. Of course I also was not happy about the truncated cone one of my friends calls it the "volcano-form-nipple". Since for females we had old proxies with very "explicite" genitalia with an extra UV-map , I had the idea to get rid off the blurred faces, when I made my girls with bigger cupsizes by also creating an extra area for the areolas.

The picture appended shows my solution. As you can see, I have small problems creating a seamless texture we have the same problem at the neck on the standard human as well. Last not least the output looks better than the original skin for me. Here's what I did: NippleCollage. When you now add detailed elements it could be, that you are disappointed, because it looks even worse blurred vs. I started the way you did with my very first characters, I copied face and some "other parts" Then I saw the pages of David Moratilla.

But doing it the hard way like I did, just by copying zillions of pieces to create a skin texture is a very time consuming job. I've done it 3 times and I will do it again for the next character.

It is also free to be used whatever you want to do with it, because it is not an issue of copyrights or even human rights. But on the other hand it will not change. Aren't I lucky that male nipples can be pictured in polite company? Why aren't eyes glossier? Then, without the masking I add some grains and bumps. Re: Why aren't eyes glossier? It certainly looks better to me.

Are they a result of the gloss setting? Board index All times are UTC. By using this site you acknowledge and accept this.

Nipple slider

Nipple slider

Nipple slider