John rockers penis-Cynthia Plaster Caster: The Groupie Who Made Molds Of Famous Penises

During his Aug. Without any underwear, this meant that Kravtiz's package busted out in front of an audience of thousands. Musician Wardrobe Malfunctions. You can see the uncensored Full Lenny if you click on the picture above. Keep in mind that it's a picture of a penis with what appears to be a cock ring , so it's obviously NSFW.

John rockers penis

John rockers penis

And he constantly talks. Also, I did not sleep with all these guys!! John rockers penis Nov 1, Messages: 44 Likes Received: 1. May not be the best looking but he makes up for it with the intense sexual energy. He does like oral but will give it in return so that is a plus!

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Will give you cell number and keep in touch with you off the road. He looks younger than he is. R78, sometimes the hole wants what the hole wants. His uncle is pretty hot too. I still rofkers baseball. Damn, some of you guys will give a John rockers penis a pass on anything -- as long as he's hot. Penus John rockers penis, a straight sportswriter, saw it and was amazed. Nice try though. Very very large, uncut, and low hangers. He certainly didn't have anything to be ashamed about.

February 2nd, , am.

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And if the dongs in question are famous penises, then the fascination grows tenfold. These historical penises belonged and belong — some of their owners are still alive to men of power, bank robbers, and rock stars. But the mighty penises also ruined the lives of some of their owners, leading them down roads of destitution and low blood flow.

Read along as we try to shed some light on these famous penises that went down in history. John Dillinger is one of the last American folk heroes, but not just because he robbed 24 banks and four police stations. The truth of the matter is that Dillinger's penis is probably decomposing along with the rest of his body in Indianapolis , but that doesn't mean that the rumor hasn't persisted into the 21st century.

Word on the street is that if you ask someone from the museum about Dillinger's penis, they'll simply say that it isn't on display. That is, until , when a collector of oddities showed up and waggled a penis around for anyone who wanted to see. Unfortunately, this was actually a dried up sea cucumber.

Supposedly, he had his penis pierced so he could move it to the right or left without there being a noticeable bulge in his trousers. In Albert's day, the piercing was known as a "dressing ring," and it allowed the penis to hook onto one side of the pants or the other.

In reality, there's little to no evidence that Prince Albert actually had a penis piercing. Whatever works, you know? According to Caster, Hendrix was pretty cool about the whole shoving his penis into a mold thing , even when his pubes got stuck.

Famous Basketball Players from South Korea.

He loves to spank, too. Much rather hear about Tommy Haas. Likes to have his dick sucked. That doesn't make any sense? Jon has an average size cock and like a lot of guys prefers to receive oral than give it.

John rockers penis

John rockers penis

John rockers penis

John rockers penis

John rockers penis. Word of the Day


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February 2nd, , am. Who Has the Biggest Cock in Hollywood? Someone said it was slow on ONTD today. I thought this would be a fun post for the weekend. The comments posted are from members at the source below.

Please add any celebs you've seen. Details please. Feel free to post photo evidence. Thick from head to base. He was also hung like a horse, at least 6 or 7 inches, and cut. Troy has an amazing body and a very big cock and balls. He was absolutely the best!!!! Great ass, great dick, great nuts. At least 7 inches soft with the biggest and hairiest balls I've ever seen. Nice thickness cut. Balls were of decent size. I pay attention to details" Mike Piazza: "Keeps pubes trimmed close, dick is about 5 inches soft.

He had a huge banana-like cock put to the side and two big balls were bulging. What a horsehung guy! He walked around the locker room completely nude and that massive dick just swinging! He went to sit down on one of the benches in the locker room, and that cock hung over the edge! John Mayer: "he's got a fat one He is uncut, closely trimmed. I think Ben posted it himself Russell Crowe: Tiny, "nicknamed him cashew" Matt Leblanc: xxx when soft, cut "thick as a beer can" Robin Williams: "average meat and nice hairy low hangers" Johnny Depp: Tiny "small carrot" Robert deNiro: "Fine looking schlong.

Pulled out to prove it. Kenny Loggins: Big ol' bulge. And likes to show it off! Pierce Brosnan: "boxers and an average, thin dick" Hugh Jackman: "about 6 inches long and uncut" James Franco: "cut and about 5 inches soft" Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Decent size, uncut, lots of skin hanging.

Josh Hartnett: "tiny for his height" Taye Diggs: "Another huge one. Maybe he's a "grower". Very nice! Reply Thread Link. What was the description? Reply Parent Thread Link. I ctrl-F'd his name straight away, only to see his name left off the list. HUGE oversight. In both ways. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. I have never heard of this diary entry.

I guess she should give him a call after she's had a couple kids haha. HAHA that's the funniest thing i've heard in a while. It was massive and hooked to the left and actually left her bleeding. XD 'small carrot' I'd take it with a pinch of salt. Just because it's small doesn't mean he doesn't know how to use it, bb. I dont believe it either bbs A lot of the other dudes on this list are sluts and I doubt he really fuck around.

Theres still hope! Sean Hannity: Hearsay, but I know. But I reaaally don't want to think about it. Haha that made me laugh cause that's how I was feeling when I read the post. National average is 6 inches. David Tennant's nickname is TenInch. I can vouch for having seen men with 10 in and over that are real. I cannot believe how many ppl came and vouched for the 10 inchers, but it def. My ex did Too bad it was so big he couldn't keep it hard for very long.

Rasputin did they have it on display in a Russian museum. I want to know how big Gerry Butler is. I mean we've seen his back side but not front side.

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John rockers penis

John rockers penis

John rockers penis