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Slang for bisexual. Contrary to myth, the term does not originate with the Australian rock band of the same name, who as far as we know are all straight Not that we actually know for sure. We just, kinda, you know, assume. Originally, the term was used to refer to electrical devices that can run on either Alternating Current or Direct Current. An early proponent of Alternating Current was the famous inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla, who was once portrayed in a movie by the famous bisexual David Bowie.

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Writer-actor Justin Sayre offers a modern take on gay " hanky codes " in this exclusive video clip for HuffPost Gay Voices. In a recent installment of his variety show, "The Meeting," Sayre suggests revampling the handkerchief color codes, which were historically used by gay men to identify sexual preferences, to reflect the many facets of the contemporary community. Sayre's "International Order of Sodomites" I. US Edition U. News U.

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The sun was rising over the sparkling waters of Echo Lake. The cries of the Loons could be heard welcoming another day. My husband had returned to work in the city leaving me to enjoy the solitude of a summer escape away from the hectic pace of city life. The Muskokas are like another world, in the heart of the Canadian Shield, a vast expanse for granite rock and forest sprinkled with small sparkling lakes. Holidaying was the main industry.

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Traditionally, clinicians have relied heavily on the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs to treat the pain of OA, as numerous studies have proven these agents to be effective. The cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, renal and hepatic toxicities of NSAIDs have limited their use, particularly in the elderly. Several other topical, oral and intra-articular agents are available today, with use limited by efficacy and side effect profiles. Many non-pharmacologic approaches are available but underused, and may be attractive choices to avoid poly-pharmacy in older patients. We will attempt to highlight the evidence behind available non-surgical therapies for OA while paying specific attention to issues in geriatric patients.