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Her slimmed-down appearance will no doubt raise eyebrows after a campaign was launched urging the lingerie brand to feature curvier models. Has she gone too far? Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale flaunted her very thin frame after a four-hour gym workout on Tuesday. Kelly captioned the mirror selfie: 'Just doubled up class and then I doubled up the double up. What I'm trying to say is I just smashed four hours and I'm proud.

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There are a few reasons why we watch hentai, but obviously, we watch hentai for the constant nudity and sex. Welcome to the world of the hardcore. In an obviously lewd version of Japanese society, dropouts, or the people who failed to be admitted to universities, are forced to work as public sex servants and help aspiring students to study and contribute to society. Niimi is a student who studies hard and in order for him to not become a dropout, Shichijo Reika, a student at the top of her class, comes in and helps relieve his sexual desires so he can study better. Is Reika a dropout?

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Nicki Minaj marries convicted sex offender after announcing she's retired from music. Holly Willoughby left 'terrified' by 'haunted' Dancing on Ice studio. What for? Well apparently Swifty used material in her smash hit Shake It Off that Braham had copyrighted the year previously from his song Haters Gone Hate. Let us know what you think: did Taylor copy the lyrics or is this all just one big coincidence?