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So how exactly did the team that took home the championship title at the National Cheerleaders Association collegiate championship in April get suspended for the school year? The new cheerleaders were blindfolded, given adult diapers to wear over their shorts, then led into the living room where the blindfolds were taken off and each girl did a dance. Not all members of the squad were present. The actions violated Towson's student code -- serving alcohol to minors and endangering student safety with beer funneling. All team members made choices they were comfortable with.

Cheerleaders wearing diapers

Cheerleaders wearing diapers

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A group of cheerleaders have been suspended after shooting new recruits with squirt guns, hitting them with hot dogs and forcing them to wear diapers.

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  • On a dare two cheerleaders walk around town wearing diapers under their cheer leading uniforms.
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  • Some cheerleaders at Jackson High School in suburban Seattle have been suspended after having hazed newer members of the squad.

The report says the hazing by the Towson University cheerleaders took place on July 31, , when new freshmen were invited to an off-campus apartment during cheer camp.

According to the report, veteran cheerleaders blindfolded freshmen team members, gave them a choice of doing a shot of liquor or funneling a beer, and instructed them to wear adult diapers over their cheerleading shorts. University officials ordered an investigation last August after receiving an anonymous call about the hazing. Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Cheerleaders wearing diapers

Cheerleaders wearing diapers. Amy The Cheerleader


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Towson cheerleader hazing may not be the worst when it comes to group initiations, but it certainly is making the headlines as Towson University began an internal investigation last year.

The investigation ordered by university officials last August began after they received an anonymous phone call regarding the Towson cheerleader hazing. According to Bradenton, the report on the Towson cheerleader hazing by the Towson University cheerleaders happened way back July 31, This was reportedly when new freshmen have been invited to an off-campus apartment for a cheer camp.

The details of the Towson cheerleader hazing are only making headlines now as it was only recently that it has been made public. CBS Local reports that the issue blew up since last year and it first got the team suspended for a year. An appeal was reportedly made and this led to lighter punishment. The investigation reportedly concluded that the Towson cheerleader hazing involved giving new members alcohol and telling them to wear adult diapers. According to the Towson cheerleader hazing report, freshmen were blindfolded by experienced cheerleaders of the group.

The freshmen were then asked if they wanted to do a shot of liquor or funnel a beer, after which they were told to wear adult diapers over cheerleading shorts. However, according to the website Deadspin's Mike Hellgren, the Towson cheerleader hazing may just be the "tamest hazing ritual ever", despite many on the Towson campus taking it seriously. Considering the girls are freshmen, a lot of them are not over the age of Senior Melanie Bulavinetz shared her opinion saying, "Everyone knows what hazing is.

Degrading anyone, especially your teammates, is just morally wrong. Despite the cheerleaders who initiated the Towson cheerleader hazing saying that the incident was "no big deal" as it was just a bonding experience to bring the girls closer, Towson University said it has no tolerance policy on hazing.

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Cheerleaders wearing diapers

Cheerleaders wearing diapers