Opera lovers tweak by rijk-Running a GNU/Linux desktop on the web with Ulteo

Opera Lover. I have installed It seems that account. Post by Opera Lover Thanks for your help. The folder MAIL is missing.

Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Post by Whiskers Post by David W. Not that the legibility of Radar is in question but Opera lovers tweak by rijk white background feels less oppressive than the blue and red -ish orange? Just a thought. You won't be disappointed. There are many online storage services available with various levels of storage from free to premium rate. The other downside is that, if the extensions actually worked, you would be at the mercy of any changes Google make to Gmail and to browser upgrades made from the Ulteo servers, rendering this and any other Dorm freezer refrigerator broken. In this case, you would have a local secured directory where you could put all your sensitive data, and this would be the same on Ulteo online services.

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Hi, i am new here. Been using Netscape 8. Also use Firefox, and the dreaded Internet Exploder! Hope this answers some of your questions. I love the tabs that let you open each site and go back and forth just by clicking a tab. You won't be disappointed. Been using MyIE2 for a while now, which has changed it's name to Maxthon. It is a tabbed browser with a great range of plug-ins. Based on IE but a whole lot better. I am a loyal fan of 2 years. Opera - The Fastest Browser on Earth.

Opera for Mobile is a full Internet browser that allows you to browse any Web site from your mobile device. Everyone has there own opinion on what they think what the best browser is. I want to keep a program that is based off IE becuase i tweaked my settings. We were using Firefox but recently started having trouble with it on all computers.

It could not connect to some of our favorite sites. Both are good. I happen to prefer Advanced; just a matter of taste. Download several browsers and try them out. You can easily remove the ones you don't like.

Avoid IE whenever possible. NEVER go online without an anti-virus program operating! I have several Browsers that I use. They all offer different options.

Both are very good Browsers. I also use FireFox,Opera and Avant. All for different reasons. Some have Zoom ability i. Tab Browsing is also a big plus. Variety abounds the choice is yours. Epiphany and Linux. No spam, no popups, and no viruses. I must weigh-in on this subject! You name it I use it. Depending on what sites I'm visiting, I like different functionality in the browser. Don't be afraid of IE. Just be careful! Download only from trusted sites like CNet and don't open anything you've downloaded until you've scanned it with AVG a free antivirus program.

Having said all that, my vote goes to E2, an IE based browser with tabbed browsing and a slick, streamlined interface. I have used all the main browsers IE, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera etc.

There was a time when my OS was corrupted and all my other browsers were malfunctioning, however, Avant was working smoothly. Avant is also fast. Taking a little extra time to discover the benefits of Opera is well worth it.

Just try it honestly. Oh and it's got a built in popup stopper and security to die for and the auto-completion wand is magic and Sortable columns just for a start.

Yessss, Okkkkkkk. This is for 'nottstu'. Yesssss, I will try it. You convinced me. Once I have it and studied the situation, I will get back. It better be good or else, ahaha Thanks for all the explanations. Firefox, a worthy competitor, is larger than Opera, and you STILL have to go to mozilla update and download at least 10 extensions just to give it a few of Opera's features.

Plus you have to keep the extensions up to date and crap. You also have to update them whenever a new version of Firefox comes out, and sometimes development stops for an extension and you have to find a new one and it's just a pain. Go with Opera, you'll be very happy with it. Those of you raving about Opera, are you using the free version?

A year or so ago I tried Opera for a few weeks and found the ads and flash too annoying to deal with. I'm using paid for version but - for a long time I used the advert supported version with the banner advert top right.

In the end, using operas other screen saving features such as the 'breeze simplified micro' skin and F11 which gives instant full screen view no toolbars or menus at all, F11 again to revert to normal view its a very small price to pay.

And speaking of small prices, O[era isan't that expensive to pay for anyway, especially as if you buy version 8 you'll also get all versions 9. I've tried many browsers and tried I think it's overrated, personally. I keep coming back to Avant. It DOES take a bit of a learning curve to set it up as you want. Just take a few minutes to dig into the settings.

First suggestion is to click and drag the tab browser bar from the bottom to the top. That reminds me, I keep forgetting to make a donation to the fine folks who offer this for free I use Firefox - in fact I just downloaded the latest version for the browser.

I use this browser for the majority of my net use. I like to use Opera for finding information about anything because they have a great list of sites to check out. Geeks included. I recommend Firefox for ease of use and safety. I also have Netscape to use.

I use the various browsers for different reasons. I have Maxthon and use it when I get "bored" with Firefox, but my preference is Firefox. There really is no "best" because each of them has their strengths and different uses. Use the one that you are comfortable with and can use without getting confused about how to do something. The Firefox browser has great help options and tons of users who are ready willing and able to help answer any questions you might have.

Sincerely, Pegasus. There are two realistic alternatives: - Opera - Firefox Now, I used to be a Firebird now Firefox lover, and I'm still trying to like Firefox, but the bottom line is: Firefox has been hyped a lot, but it's really just an open-source IE.

It's a bit heavy and slow, and has had some really dangerous security holes lately. But despite this, it packs some awesome power. It keeps ripping off Opera's features. Opera on the other hand keeps innovating and improving. If you want an open-source IE, get Firefox. It is totally free you can donate its development and it has all required features. This browser uses IE engine, therefore you have no problem with pages.

I use Firefox as second browser too, but I prefer Maxthon for its simplicity, speed and dozens of features and settings. Those of you who like Avant and Maxthon - I urge you to try E2 browser - it's very similar. You Opera lovers - We need to know if you are using the free version. Everyone else is talking about free browsers.

See my posting above entitled ''Opera versions''. As I tried to explain there, Opera IS free, or can be paid for very cheaply as it happens if you must have that extra few millimetres of desktop - though I don't think the questioner did specify best free browser, just best. When I get around to it, I plan on making a live CD version of it, just because. Of course not, unless you can't get them to work, then either one is worth it's weight in gold So, since i'm quite desperate, so what the hell???

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Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Opera lovers tweak by rijk.


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Opera Lover. I have installed It seems that account. Post by Opera Lover Thanks for your help. The folder MAIL is missing. Naruki Bigglesworth. Rijk van Geijtenbeek. David W. Post by Opera Lover I'm still a bit stuck. Feel free to use it yourself. Post by David W. Hodgins Post by Opera Lover I'm still a bit stuck. Hodgins In the settings for the nntp account [Account2] in my case.

Hodgins in accounts. Hodgins Only open the accounts. Regards, Dave Hodgins. Post by Whiskers Post by David W. Hodgins Regards, Dave Hodgins. Max Wachtel. Thanks for any help. Opera Lover UTC. Eik UTC. Whiskers UTC. Naruki Bigglesworth UTC. Rijk van Geijtenbeek UTC. Hodgins UTC. Max Wachtel UTC.

Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Opera lovers tweak by rijk

Opera lovers tweak by rijk