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Oh this looks like fun. Still have to find the fabric though. I'll check the copious stash first. Thank you, thank you for all this valuable information. I realize that I was working with my skirts completely wrong.

Broomstick make skirt

Broomstick make skirt

Broomstick make skirt

Broomstick make skirt

Broomstick make skirt

Organized Craft Swaps. Click Here. On your pattern paper, draw a long straight Broomsrick equal to L, your desired skirt length plus 1 inch. Learn to Sew a Skirt. Privacy Policy. Use rayon, cotton or velvet for your fabric. Broomstick make skirt pack for a trip, twist the skirt and stuff it in the bag. My Bookmarks. Wash the skirt in cold water and hang to dry.

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The color is entirely your choice. I wish the color was the same as shown but the light blue is a slightly grayed tone, not a tint. Love it! This version of the skirt diminishes that "barrel" look that we Vintage wallcovering so often in the tiered variety. Very flattering but long-hits the top of my feet. I'm glad I took a chance on this skirt. This skirt gets its name from a common method used to give it Broomstick make skirt signature crinkled appearance, which is to twist the Broomstick make skirt around the handle of the broomstick while it's wet. Poodle Skirt. This will be the center of your trapezoid and will be on the straight of grain when placed on your fabric. Sewing these hems together will create a narrow tunnel or tube. I ordered a maxi to my feet and it was exactly what is advised. Make a big dot. As you will see, Broomstick make skirt pattern also halves your cutting time.

This total is the width of the top of your skirt.

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A place to share information on the design and creation of square, round and folk dance clothing. The crinkled broomstick skirt is usually made prairie length. This is a great skirt for travel because it packs easily an d is perfect when you take it out of the luggage.

Calculations to make a three tiered prairie skirt. Make this skirt two inches longer than the usual length. The fabric will shrink and the crinkles will take up some of the length. Put the extra length in the bottom tier and it can be adjust later. Rayon fabric -Do not pre wash this fabric. It will wrinkle and have to be presses before cutting.

Make the skirt according to the instructions. Warning -Be sure to cut off the salvage edges during construction. The salvage edges will shrink and pucker. Just zig zag on the hem edge to keep it from raveling. Don't put the hem in until after it is washed. Do not put the elastic in the waist band until after the crinkling is complete.

The microwave will cook the elastic and ruin it. Do not use fish line or nylon horse hair braid in the construction. After the skirt is made wash it in hot water and detergent. You may want to wash it alone incase it bleeds. Take the skirt out of the washer. Fold the skirt lengthwise several times. Have one person hold the waist band and the other person hold the hem.

Twist the fabric in opposite directions until it doubles back on its self and is a tight ball. Wr ap the ball with the string to keep it tight.

Place the skirt in the microwave and cook it about minutes until it steams. Set it aside and let it cool. The untwist it and re-twist it so that the damp parts are on the outside. Microwave it again until it steams. Let it cool and untwist it. Hang it up to let the last of the damp spots dry out. When it is done, insert the elastic and adjust the hem.

Rolled hems work well for this style. Wash the skirt in cold water and hang to dry. Usually the crinkles will stay in place. To pack for a trip, twist the skirt and stuff it in the bag. Shake it out when you get there and it's ready to go.

It is best to wear a slip under this skirt because it tends to cling to the lines of the body. Square Dance Sewing A place to share information on the design and creation of square, round and folk dance clothing. Materials 1.

My preference would have been to leave the formulas as originally written by Leslie. I have bought another skirt and jacket from this company in the past and am so happy to find them again. You should have a figure that looks like the capital letter "I" but with the base wider than the top. You are ready to "broom" the skirt using your favorite method. It doesn't make me look wide in the hips and doesn't show lumps and bumps like a lot of the thin maxis. After the wash, while the skirt is still wet, fold it into half, and hang it on a skirt hanger or a clip and then twist it from the other end as much as you can.

Broomstick make skirt

Broomstick make skirt

Broomstick make skirt. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE

Gauze is cool and comfortable and has always been popular for the broomstick look. Cotton lawn is another lightweight fabric that is excellent for summer skirts. The broomstick skirt is also known as the hippie skirt. Any pattern for a simple gathered skirt with an elastic waistband is a good basis for this look. While broomstick skirts are often worn with t-shirts or tank tops, an eyelet blouse in a peasant or sleeveless style will complement this casual look well. A basic peasant or sleeveless top pattern which specifies cottons can be used to make a lovely eyelet top.

Eyelet is available in many lovely colors, not just the tradition white and ivory. Powered by WordPress and Origin. The broomstick skirt or hippie skirt. Ivory eyelet fabric—Circle design. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Looking for fresh content? Share fashion photos or styling tips. Do you like skirts? I know that majority women will be saying yes. They are just as popular as jeans; very comfortable, beautiful, and extremely feminine. Broomstick is a popular skirt type that has a rich history dating back to the period of Renaissance, and wrinkled or crinkled appearance is its peculiarity.

It is a very free-flowing and long skirt, and is very much "Indian". It is popular by various names like the gypsy skirt, hippie skirt, peasant skirt, tiered skirt, and Indian skirt. The wrinkled look of the skirt comes from the long pleats that appear like the broomsticks. Broomstick skirts can add to your style statement if you are able to carry them off well. Here are different patterns for this skirts: Plain: Plain colors, like white or black, along with the wrinkled look or pleats can enhance your beauty.

Go for it if you like something that is very simple, yet elegant. Tiered: One to many tiers of same or contrasting colors will look amazing. Many skirts are available in the "tiered" look. The color is entirely your choice. Floral Satin: These include skirts made from satin with floral prints on them.

You can best use them during summers, which will give a pleasant look. Ethnic Print: Ethnic prints, blended with beautiful colors and textures, give the skirts a very traditional "Indian" look. The skirt could be same as hippie style or gypsy style.

Pattern Happy: This one is characterized by alternate patterns of flowers and stripes. Sublimation: This one has an alternation of high and low hem.

Use the appropriate detergent, and see to it that the skirt does not become stiff. After the wash, while the skirt is still wet, fold it into half, and hang it on a skirt hanger or a clip and then twist it from the other end as much as you can. Do not be very harsh with it. You can also tell a friend of yours to hold the waist band end, so as to twist the skirt from the other end. Now if your skirt is a tiered one, knot it after every tier with the help of a twine.

But if it is non-tiered, then add the knots only at the top and bottom. Hang the skirt in a not-so-windy place so that the wrinkled look is not messed up. You can wear light or dark-colored sleeveless or full sleeves short kurtis with these skirts, which will give you a very Indian look.

The color combination is your personal choice. Try using contrasting colors which will enhance your look. You can wear tops along with jackets if you want to carry a western look. A pair of ear studs and sandals will be just perfect. You can go in for some bangles if you want to. Make Your Own Skirt Measure your waist.

How to Make a Broomstick Skirt | LEAFtv

This total is the width of the top of your skirt. Broom skirts can be done in 3 or 4 layers of strips. This skirt is done in four strips. Every layer or strip of your skirt will be 10 inches in depth. However the length will be different for each strip. Each strip needs to be longer in size to form a broom skirt. Your first layer or strip will be 10" X the measurement you calculated in step one. Your last strip if you are doing a 4 layer broom skirt will be 10" X the total length of your third strip PLUS 14".

As shown in the photo to the left, you may have to stitch strips together to get the longer layers. Once you have your strips cut and sewn together, you should have either 3 or 4 strips for your broom skirt.

Now you need to stitch the layers together. Starting with the 2nd strip, gather the seam. Learn an easy way to gather here.

As you can see in the photo, 2 layers are sewn together. Continue this process until all 3 or 4 layers are sewn together. At this point you should have 3 or 4 layers depending on what you preferred of your broom skirt done.

This photo shows four layers. Fold under the waistline again. This time fold it under 1 inch. This will form the casing for the waistband. Leave an opening about 2 inches for the elastic to go through. Don't forget to leave an opening for the elastic. You can see the opening for the elastic in the photo. Put a large safety pin on the end of your elastic and push it through the opening to the other side. Once your elastic is through, stitch the two ends of the elastic together.

Try on your skirt, if the elastic and waistline feel fine, then stitch up the hole where the elastic went through. Your broom skirt is done!!! It's our favorite sewing book to use for beginners in our studio, and patterns are included.

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Broomstick make skirt