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Lesbian themes in erotica date all the way back to the frescoes of Ancient Greece. Filmed pornography made all-girl porn part of its standard repertoire from the s onward. These movies often feature actors who are not necessarily lesbian by orientation but who perform in such roles in porn. Other subgenres of all-girl porn are crafted with female and same-sex-oriented audiences in mind. Performers such as Jenna Sativa and Prinzzess have carved out popular niches as all-girl actors.

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Having good hygiene is an important aspect of staying healthy and clean. Maintaining good hygiene can also improve your appearance to others. When you have bad hygiene, there's a greater chance of you spreading bacteria to other parts of your body and it increases your likelihood of getting sick. Luckily, maintaining good hygiene is easy as long as you take the right steps to keep yourself clean and build good habits that you stick to. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Due to our lack of enforcement of immigration laws, thousands of illegal immigrants from countries that sponsor terrorism live in the U. All of them have been ordered deported or have pending deportation orders. Some of them may have come into the country legally, but they committed crimes which prompted the deportation orders. Authorities do not catch the vast majority of illegal immigrants who make it into the country. This is the largest number of Iranians outside of Iran.

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However, the Galerie Libertine on the Zavel has been exhibiting erotic art since Collector and former doctor Guy Martens 66 has set up a foundation and will make his collection that he has built up over several decades open to the public. The new museum will be housed in a building on the Sint-Annastraat, near to the prestigious Grote Zavel. Dr Martens believes that erotica and mythology go hand in hand. The idea is to show what is sacred about love.

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Nurse practitioners have the capability to provide high levels of clinically focused nursing care in a variety of contexts in Australia. Nurse practitioners care for people and communities with problems of varying complexity. The nurse practitioner NP scope of practice is built on the platform of the registered nurse RN scope of practice, and must meet the regulatory and professional requirements for Australia including the Registered nurse standards for practice and Code of conduct for nurses. The nurse practitioner standards Standards build on, and expand upon, those required of a registered nurse. When assuming the title and scope of practice of a nurse practitioner, the NP understands the changes in the scope of practice from that of a registered nurse, and the ways that these changes affect responsibilities and accountabilities.