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A year-old girl suffered severe brain injuries after being thrown from a horse. The trail they had been riding on had become wet due to severe rains the night before and the horse lost its footing. Even though the girl was wearing a helmet at the time, the force from the throw was enough to cause severe damage to her skull and brain. It is likely that if she had not been wearing the helmet she would have been killed. Since the injury, the girl has gone through 14 surgeries and has slipped into a coma twice.

Risks of horseback riding

Risks of horseback riding

Risks of horseback riding

British Horse Society. Costa et al. In there were 8 deaths on Rising roads from horse riding as reported to the British Horse Society Risks of horseback ridingpedal cyclist deaths and motorcyclist deaths Department for Transport. Waivers Make sure all riders participating in horseback riding activity have completed and signed waivers. He found many serious accidents resulted from a "mismatch between the skills of the participant and the task attempted".

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This site uses cookies. Views from the Saddle I am sure that I could Risks of horseback riding avoided Risks of horseback riding of my falls over the years if I had always used one. Make a choice that will not expose you to risks that are unknown or unacceptable to you. Even if the danger is difficult to quantify, it is unarguable that horse riding is potentially dangerous. Of course mounting blocks are not always available, but usually a substitute can be found or someone can give the rider a leg up. I always like to carry a pocket knife because a good one has multiple tools like cutting blades, leather punches and wire cutters. There is no way to tell when that might happen. Globe Pequot Press, No better person to write an article on the topic of risk than an equine, personal injury attorney if I say so myself; and I do. Init was reported that 13, children under the age of 15 visited the emergency room for a horse-related injury. That way we get lots of good exercise and Risks of horseback riding benefits, without the risks and hassles of riding outdoors. Reducing Condensation in Your Horse Trailer. Horses are easily spooked and this is when the majority of injuries occur.

This rider was not seriously injured.

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It makes sense that horseback riding is dangerous, after all, the average horse weighs 1, pounds and we trust them to carry us on their backs. Despite the safety breach, I, the girl who was afraid to swing from the monkey bars, just had to ride horses. I never felt the weight of danger these giant creatures possess, instead I felt safest in their presence, no matter how many times I fell off or got stepped on.

Somehow, my paranoid parents let me have at it too, as many other nail-nibbling parents do for their horse adoring children.

Statistics published on iGrow. The types of equine activities one partakes in will up the chances of mortality significantly, as well as dismissing proper safety gear and precautions.

For instance, equine sports like eventing, jumping, and bronc riding carry higher risks than dressage riding. Head injuries accounted for 8. Preventing horseback riding injuries starts with understanding the leading causes, which include:. When a horse falls, he or she will often land on their rider, a cause of injury associated with the worst equine injuries seen amongst ER doctors.

You are checking your cell phone or scanning the clouds when, boom, suddenly your horse decides to bolt, buck, or act completely out of character. Lisa Zeppegno , an acupuncturist from California, found herself with compression fractures of her L1 and L2 lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, and the bone at the base of her spine, all after a mundane trail ride turned sour. Lisa and her friend were thrown from their spooked horses after 2 young bike riding boys illegally cut across a trail marked for horses only.

Thankfully, no one was hurt beyond repair, but it just goes to show that anything can happen anywhere, even if you are only out walking on a quiet rural trail. In , it was reported that 13, children under the age of 15 visited the emergency room for a horse-related injury.

Being careful with kids and teaching them the important safety rules and regulations before they start to ride or handle horses independently is key to keeping them as safe as possible. Also, wearing helmets is well documented to reduce the risk of head injury.

Any well qualified and reputable riding school should strongly enforce the use of riding helmets. Speaking of helmets, according to a study published by trauma room surgeon Dr. While some accidents are preventable, the unpreventable can be made less serious if the proper precautions are in place.

Always be prepared for the worst case scenario and it could save your life. Horses are often injured in equestrian sports as well, sometimes by mistake and sometimes due to human error or outright abuse. Playing it safe around the barn and respecting the power of a horse can help riders and horses live in peaceful harmony. Your blog is very interesting! Or how riding affects your life today? Do you happen to have a link to some of the studies mentioned in the article?

Would love to dive into this a little further. Hey Bijmin, I went back through the article and added links to all studies mentioned. I hope this helps! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Becky.

In Blog , Equine Confessions. How Dangerous Is Horseback Riding? In addition, not wearing a helmet greatly increases the risk for a fatal head injury. I am a horseback riding writer from sunny San Diego, California. Anastasia October 27, Bijmin December 6, Awesome article Becky! Cheers from NZ, Bijmin.

Becky December 6, Leave a Comment. Is My Horse Happy?

A single guide leading five or six riders always poses a problem because one cannot constantly be looking backward, particularly at a gallop. Br J Sports Med. Obviously turning on a light reduces our night vision as well. For every equestrian related death there may be approximately 7 or 8 very serious injuries. On the other hand I have been badly hurt by horses, but never had the same kind of fear of them and I think the manner of my introduction to them and relationship with them has a great deal to do with it. There were five loose horses and as a herd of zebra galloped across our path in a racing challenge, which is tremendously exciting to horses, the five of them followed after the zebra at top speed, cutting across our path too close. They can help with tack repairs and as hoof picks.

Risks of horseback riding

Risks of horseback riding

Risks of horseback riding

Risks of horseback riding

Risks of horseback riding. Statistics


Horse Riding Is Leading Cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries, Study Finds - ABC News

Sports-related head injuries are increasingly gaining attention as researchers investigate long-term consequences of multiple concussions. In the database, Even for equestrians, he said one brain injury can mean permanent damage that affects their reflexes and attention, making safe riding difficult.

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Risks of horseback riding

Risks of horseback riding