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Lifeguard private pool parties in your area! You will be teaching private swim lessons in our clients backyard pools or Lifeguarding private pool parties in…. Birthday parties and private events at private homes, and community pools. Patrols the swimming pool and aquatics facility; Assists in maintenance of the swimming pool; Experience as a Lifeguard is highly desirable. Saturdays am-2 pm private pool parties occur after 2 pm.

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Insurance could be a big consideration in whether to hire or not. The cost of hiring a professional American Red Cross certified lifeguard trained in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation varies. I had to use my first aid skills Lifeguard for private birthday parties my mom! Many homeowners, especially parents, are hiring lifeguards to add a Lesbian orgasm vides lifeline to the function. Are you hosting a party with your friends or family and planning on using your pool? Pirvate parties are fot ways to relax and socialize with friends and family. LIVunLtd 3. Suggested Companies.

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I have been teaching swim lessons for 10 years. Zach Kumar, Lifeguard Calabasas. I have experience working with special needs children as well as older adults who are fearful or reluctant to get into the water. I am excited to begin guarding! November Lifeguard for private birthday parties am here to keep everyone protected. Infant plaid pants for to create your resume on Indeed and apply to jobs quicker. With over lifeguards on staff, know that we can serve your needs with our talented, and attentive lifeguards for hire. This is my first ibrthday Lifeguard for private birthday parties a lifeguard but I am very excited. No matter the venue, celebration, or set type, we've birthdat your back! With us, comes a management team and lifeguard staff to fill your needs.

Are you hosting a party with your friends or family and planning on using your pool?

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Lifeguard Laura Barron, 27, of Chino, keeps on an eye over swimmers at a birthday party for a 4-yea-old in Chino Hills. In less than five minutes, there can be a deadly outcome. Summer is the season of swimming. Backyard pools provide a fun and cool oasis from the relentless heat. They also serve as party venues for birthdays, get-togethers and the usual end-of-the-season Labor Day Weekend blowout.

Balancing a good time with a safe evening can be tricky. Many homeowners, especially parents, are hiring lifeguards to add a needed lifeline to the function.

Kevin and Angela Calbert are experienced swimmers, Kevin being a former lifeguard. Many parents agree. When the family put in a backyard pool two years ago, it soon became a great party destination.

It just makes me feel better knowing there are other eyes on the kids. And believe me, these lifeguards work. They are all business. At the last party I had, the lifeguard was moving around for four hours and never sat down. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in this country. The factors involved include a lack of swimming ability, a lack of barriers, and a lack of close supervision. The supervision part can be dicey. Having a lifeguard there is the best way to prevent tragedies.

John Tyler was a lifeguard when he was younger. Today, he is the chief executive officer of the Happy Swimmers swim school, which is based in Encino. The Los Angeles metropolitan area, however, remains its strongest market. Tyler said his busiest lifeguard services areas are in Torrance and Santa Monica. Tyler was recently in Hawaii, where he learned of a recent drowning of a youngster, 4 or 5 years old, in Kauai.

There was a group of about people around and no one noticed the little girl drown. Insurance could be a big consideration in whether to hire or not. Professional lifeguards from companies such at Happy Swimmers are insured, trained and usually have years of experience. I consider it a blessing to be able to do this and the lifeguards I have take it seriously, too. I want them to be friendly, but they are not there to entertain the children.

They are there for one purpose and one purpose only, to keep their eyes on those in the water and make sure everyone is safe.

The cost of hiring a professional American Red Cross certified lifeguard trained in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation varies. Jeff LeBaron started as a lifeguard when he was a teen. He was a junior lifeguard instructor and worked in Newport Beach among other beach towns. He is a Happy Swimmers swim school certified lifeguard. It can be sobering. LeBaron said he enjoys working private pool parties — parents and children are fun to be around and he enjoys interacting with them, but when the children hit the pool, talk time is over.

He worked a few weeks ago at an Orange County backyard party. He said it was a small party and a small pool, but at one point there were three children in an attached whirlpool bath. I kept my eyes on the kids and all of a sudden, I saw the 2-year-old bouncing on the steps and moving into the deeper water. I could see he was scared to death. Show Caption. By Suzanne Sproul ssproul scng.

Drowning in a pool can happen quickly and silently. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

This is my first experience as a lifeguard but I am very excited. I assume a lifeguard is trained to remained focused on all the swwimmers and recognize signs of drowning, which apparently is a very quiet event, not like the thrashing around we see in movies. He was truly amazing. Book now! I can help bring a little extra peace of mind to any event or occasion.

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Lifeguard for private birthday parties. Re: Lifeguard at pool party?

Book Now! Our Staff undergo extensive background checks, including medical evaluations, drug-screening, and fingerprinting before being considered for a position with Choice Lifeguards. They are seasoned professionals, with training beyond the state's minimum requirements. Pool Parties Any event with a swimming pool is going to feel like a true party, but even just a few inches of water can be deadly if not properly monitored.

Open Water Beaches and Lakes, while serving as the perfect venue for a variety of events and recreational activities, can be extremely difficult to monitor for an untrained person. Event Medics It doesn't stop with Lifeguards. Water Safety Instruction We've trained individuals and entire departments at the state and federal level in both the fun and the potential danger of aquatic activities. No matter the venue, celebration, or set type, we've got your back!

Coast Guard U. Border Patrol And we're ready to work for you! Book now! Enter your name.. Enter your email.. Enter your phone.. Event Date. Enter your start and end time.. Have been a distance running coach for 12 years. I was on the track team in high school and swim team. Out of high school, I competed in Masters Swimming Team. My lifeguard and swim teacher experience has been 10 years. I was also a pool manager for a couple of years.

I also have been a high school assistant coach for swim team for one season. It is the best feeling when you are helping people! I have over 9 years experience as a lifeguard working at large, high-end resorts and hotels, as well as small private pools and parties.

I look forward to helping make sure everyone has a fantastic time, but is safe in the process. Other than lifeguarding, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Recording Arts and have a business doing musical engineering and production. I moved to sunny California earlier this year and am enjoying working here in both capacities. My name is Dustin, I have been a certified lifeguard for over a year now with two years of swim instruction under my belt.

Growing up with four younger siblings and a pool in our backyard, I have always been very cautious and pay close attention to the people in the water and I will do the same with anybody I am assigned to lifeguard.

I have 2 years experience serving general areas including Beverly Hills, Burbank, La Crescenta as a lifeguard for hire. I am a Swim instructor who has taught lessons for 4 years.

I enjoy teaching because I too learn something new each time I give a swim lesson. Swimming is therapeutic to me and I enjoy sharing the therapy with others. I have worked with different departments in the LA area. I have experience the open water environment lakes and reservoirs , the ocean environment beaches and the pool environment.

My scope continues to grow as I continue to push the envelope. I enjoy working together with people so that everyone can enjoy a hot summer day at the beach, lake and or pool. Edson is game to travel just about anywhere in Southern CA, we kid you not. He is passionate about guarding and has taken difficult to fill jobs off the beaten track to keep kids safe. This is my first year lifeguarding and I am super excited to spend my summer with Happy Swimmers!

In the future I intend to be a nurse, so lifeguarding lets me apply the skills that I will use as a nurse. Not only am I passionate about water safety but I both swam and was on the water polo team all four years of high school as well as a former junior beach lifeguard.

Lifeguarding has been a passion since I was a little kid. When I was a little kid, I was swimming in a wave pool and blacked out from lack of oxygen. Although the pool had many lifeguards, none of them noticed me.

My mom brought me back and thankfully I survived. Because of that, I always wanted to be a lifeguard to make sure a situation like that never happens again and so that I can be the one to jump in and save the day. I have been a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor for over 25 years. I was on the swim team in high school and the water polo club in my neighborhood park where I first learned to swim as a child.

I work with emotionally disturbed children who are diagnosed with Autism, bipolar disorder, ADHD and a host of other Mental illness and psychiatric disorders. I also love the joy of someone overcoming their fear of water and finally embracing it. I have guarded and taught swim lessons at summer camps and at my local gyms since then.

In I earned my BS in Marine Biology and became a scientific diver for ReefCheckCA and began volunteering with the girl and boy scouts marine day adventures in I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and love for all things aquatic and ensuring that everyone has a safe enjoyable experience.

I taught and swam all levels. From novice to competitive swimming, toddler to high school, adults and children. I enjoy seeing the look of accomplishment of everyone once they see progression. Serving: L os Angeles and Orange County areas. This is my first experience as a lifeguard but I am very excited. I was previously a swim instructor for two summers, so I have a lot of experience working with kids. I love to swim, especially distances underwater, and I train three to four days a week in the comp pool at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center.

John has been a lifeguard for the past ten years. Originally from Philadelphia, John followed the seasons to be a year-round lifeguard. John has experience lifeguarding on film sets, parties for swimmers of all ages and other events. I kid you not, John is on our list of lifeguards from anywhere in L. Boy does he get around, and does a great job too.

So I decided at a young age I was going to go to SoCal for college, where I can be in the water year round. With this passion of mine, getting my lifeguard certification was an obvious choice, which I obtained as soon as I started school in California. I have now been a practicing lifeguard for the last year and a half, and I can proudly say I made a great choice choosing to get my certification. It has been nothing but rewarding and wonderful and I look forward to continuing my lifeguard career.

I have been lifeguarding for about 6 months now but I have been swimming and around the water my whole life. I love being around kids and I take guarding very seriously, knowing that I am ensuring their safety. I have been teaching swim lessons for 10 years. I come from a water polo and swim background having played all through junior high, high school, and college!! I have also coached water polo and swim team. I have been lifeguarding for 10 years.

I love the water and enjoy making sure others are safe while they have fun in the water too. Over the past decade , I have truly come to see the responsibility that comes with being a lifeguard and it is a responsibility I take very seriously.

I love having fun in the pool but safety first- always. I have over eight years experience teaching children and young adults to swim, and am a certified Water Safety Instructor. I am also a trained Lifeguard. I have taught competitive swim in a Pre-Olympic and Olympic setting, along with giving private lessons one-on-one or in groups. I have also worked with children who have special needs and have successfully taught every child I have worked with how to swim.

My name is Lila. I love being near any body of water. Swim Instructor role:. I have experience in teaching all ages from toddlers to adults as well as coaching and gi ving stroke technique.

I have experience coaching for swimmers of all levels and also have experience with open water swimming. I love to pass on my passion for swimming to others and see them gain confidence and appreciation for swimming and water safety while also having fun and learning the value of hard work.

Learning to swim is a vital and lifelong skill and I am excited to pass it on to others! Lifeguard for Hire, 2 years experience:. I have been lifeguarding for the past two years and have experience with different sizes and types of pools including a country club activity pools as well as a 50 meter Olympic size pool. I am always attentive and professional in lifeguarding and am an advocate that safety always comes first.

I love being able to meet new people and make sure that they have the best experience possible in and out of the pool! Swim Bio : Hello, my name is Armando. I began to lifeguard my first year after high school. Swimming is a life skill you must learn in my opinion sort of like riding a bike. I take great passion in what I do and safety always comes first. Lifeguarding in the Summer is one of the best jobs for a college student I believe. I remember going to the pool every summer and talking to the lifeguards.

Makes you feel like a bit of a hero. I have been lifeguarding for 4 years now and have always worked year-round. I have worked at multiple public recreation departments and swim clubs. My style of lifeguarding is preventative, stopping accidents and injuries before they occur. Safety for everyone is always my top priority and is why I love to lifeguard events besides playing with kids from time to time!

I enjoy working in and around water and love interacting with all kinds of people, especially when I can help their fun event be safe and relaxed. When not lifeguarding, I am a psychiatry resident. Swim Instructor Bio: Hello!! My name is Nanci and I have been teaching swimming lessons since the earth cooled! The best part of my day is when your child actually realizes that they can be successful and swims to me unaided. I look forward to meeting you and your family! Lifeguard Bio: As a parent and a lifeguard, safety has always been my number one concern around a pool.

I am diligent at my position and take it very seriously. I look forward to caring for your needs!! I am also an Emergency Medical Technician. As a young avid swimmer, becoming a Lifeguard was always a focal goal to tackle.

My favorite part about being a Lifeguard is the opportunity for people to trust you. When passion leads, purpose follows. Swim Teaching: Hi there! I come from a long background of aquatics, and am always up for a challenge! I get my teaching experience and understanding on the mechanics of swimming, firsthand from 4 years of swimming on my high school team.

I began coaching in the spring of for a small swim instruction company based in Moorpark CA, while simultaneously volunteering with the special olympics for three seasons as a coach in the SanFernando Valley.

I pride myself on the fundamentals of water safety, on all levels of learning. I push the boundaries of comfort for my students at times just as in any challenging subject of learning but never force students , or have them do anything that exceeds their own abilities.

I am patient dedicated, and have the same level of respect for ALL. Lifeguard for Hire work: Vigilant, preventative, and alert, are all words that belong with a pool side lifeguard on duty.

I can help bring a little extra peace of mind to any event or occasion. I bring to the table tactics similar to those of my swim lessons. On duty, I am constantly on the lookout for any possible problem s , and to the best of my abilities prevent whatever I can before it happens.

Water safety is my 1priority when I am present. I love guarding at different pools and working with a wide variety of ages and personalities. I have years of experience as a lifeguard in different atmospheres including camps, private pools, and lakes. I hope to make your party safe and fun! I have been teaching swims lessons for 5 years now. I have taught a range of classes from infant to adult. I started teaching swim lessons for the City of Sacramento Aquatics Section, which is where I learned how to teach and guard.

I have been a lifeguard and manager of multiple different facilities for 5 years now. I am very confident in my ability to maintain a pool and ensure everyone has a fun, safe time! Both my parents were lifeguards , and they started me in lessons from when I was 5 years old. I continued through Jr. I am also a member of the ELCO water polo and swim team. I am always prepared for whatever comes my way around the water, and enjoy helping others. Outside of water sports, I enjoy drama, writing, surfing, snowboarding, guitar and mountain biking.

I am excited to begin guarding! Swimming has always been a big part of my life, I grew up in Hawaii, was on swim team for two years, and played water polo for three and became captain my third year.

As a competitive swimmer of nearly 10 years, I actually stumbled into lifeguarding by accident! I wanted to stay near the water as much as I could, so I started working as a lifeguard for a summer camp. I love watching people enjoy having fun in the pool as much as I do! After 18 years falling in and out of love with swimming, nothing I find rewrites the influence the water has had on me. My intention as a lifeguard is to protect swimming enthusiasts from mistakes and, if necessary, rescue them from consequence.

Fun fact: I share a name with the Urdu word for beach, shoreline, coastline, riverbank…essentially wherever water meets earth. I have worked in all types of environments public pools, lakes, small parties, large parties and have worked with all different ages. Sammy Womack has spent the past three summers working at the pool as a private swim instructor. She took swim lessons as a child, and would like to give back to her community by teaching in the same way.

She enjoys helping others and ensuring a safe and fun environment while teaching such an instrumental skill in the water. She hopes to become a veterinarian after she graduates from college. Sammy Womack has spent the past three summers working at the pool as a lifeguard.

She enjoys helping others and ensuring a safe and fun environment for all private events. I have been teaching swim lessons for about 8 years now for children as well as adults. I love being in the water and feeling safe and comfortable and only want the same for my clients.

I have experience working with special needs children as well as older adults who are fearful or reluctant to get into the water. I am extremely patient and believe in working in baby steps if necessary to get my swimmers to achieve their goals! I have been a lifeguard for two years now. My intention when it comes to lifeguarding is to maintain a safe and fun swimming environment.

I am here to help everyone stay safe! Hi I am Shirley and I love to lifeguard. I have done smaller parties in the past for friends and family, and now I am ready to take it to the next step. I am energetic and fun, your party will be a blast while keeping a safe environment. I love to play basketball and sing in my spare time.

The best thing I like about lifeguarding is meeting people and all the different cultures. I am here to keep everyone protected. I am currently an assistant pool manager with City of Pasadena 3rd year and regional manager with Happy Swimmers 1st year. Lifeguarding is full of responsibly but it is also very rewarding. You get to socialize with others, jump in the water on really hot days and serve your community.

I have been a competitive swimmer in school and college, a swim teacher, swim coach and recently a masters swimmer. Experience withSpecial needs students: A utism, downsyndrome, multipledisability with or without mental disorder. Event Lifeguard for Hire: I have been a certified lifeguard for the last 11 years. My lifeguard philosophy is based on prevention.

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Are you hosting a party with your friends or family and planning on using your pool? Be honest: Will you enjoy this event? They will prevent any accident by attentively supervising your swimmers, both children and adults. This means that they have been in charge of the safety of hundreds of children, and sometimes, all at the same time. As soon as your party begins, they arrive equipment in hand, ready to ensure the safety of all in and around your pool.

They then take a few minutes to inspect the premises as well as identify dangerous areas and the equipment available. After setting up shop, they wait patiently until your swimmers decide when they want to swim. How reassuring is that?! They will monitor your pool for any of the following events:. The largest swimming lesson ever was offered to 36, swimmers in pools, in 22 countries on June 20 Book a Lifeguard Lifeguard Service.

Red Cross Stay Safe! Aquado Parent Rescuer. Private Lifeguards for Pool Parties. Why hire an Aquado lifeguard for your pool party? A Lifeguard for Your Pool Party. Did you know that…. Swimming Home. Lifeguarding Home. First Aid Home.

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Lifeguard for private birthday parties

Lifeguard for private birthday parties