Mother-in-law sex stories above rest-Dear Prudie: I caught my mother-in-law breast-feeding my son. What do I do?

Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. My father in law was 16 years her senior, when he married her, was a heart patient for about 10 years before he passed away and she used to boss around him too as she used to work and he had retired, he passed away seven years ago. I dreaded the moment but said that i was a bit busy and will catch up with him later.

Mother-in-law sex stories above rest

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The following is a true story of the time I had sex with my mother in law.

  • My mother-in-law, Ellen is now in her late fifties but still gives the impression of being a very sexual woman.
  • I'm planning this to be the first of several stories involving this set of characters.
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It had been only two years before that Lora had got engaged to Jed Beaton. She had met his parents, Joe and Samantha Cookson; he worked as a council planning officer, a nice guy but a bit of a yes man. He was especially submissive to his wife, Samantha, a good looking forty five year old career lawyer, a confident and somewhat domineering woman.

Jed laughed as he thought of what a frigid bitch she probably was, a right uppity and snobby cow, he laughed out loud as he thought that he thanked god that his Lora wasn't anything like what he imagined her mother was like.

The two of them were about to start their new life together in London, and they wouldn't need to think or worry about her stuck up bitch of a mother so smile and get through it was his idea. He watched as her mother paraded around the lounge holding court at this they're going away party. She was putting on the airs and graces as if she was actually something and not just a council employee's wife.

Jed had a thought that what his future mother-in-law really needed was a fucking good seeing too, a fucking she would never forget. That, he thought was exactly what he would like to do to her.

With that image on his mind he watched her flounce around the room, as he could feel his cock begin to stir in his pants, he readjusted himself and kept on thinking of what he would do to her. I'd throw her on the bed or the sofa, pull her legs wide apart and fuck her brains out, until she orgasmed on my cock!

Wonder if she would freak out.. Even if it was from her daughters husband. She gave him a look that said it all, what's making you so horny? If only she knew he thought she wouldn't be smiling a dirty smile like she was right now he thought. The rest of the evening went by without any issues between him and the 'ice maiden' as he had decided to call her.

A load of varying ideas flitted in and out of his mind, of what he would like to do to her, and how he suspected she would react. Oh how he'd love to hear her beg, scream with lust or whimper as he stuffed her prim and proper pussy full of cock, yes right up her uppity cunt! He'd show that bitch what a real fucking was.

He gritted his teeth and tried to be as quiet as possible as he shot stream after stream of cum all over his hand, belly and bed sheets thinking of his mother-in-law as if he had filled her married cunt with his load. Nothing happened of course, well not for some time. But his mother-in-law Samantha had been her usual snooty self, telling him he had better take good care of her daughter or he'd answer to her. He managed to look serious enough not to cause a scene but had been simmering for ages afterwards thinking 'who the fuck does she think she is the fucking queen of Sheba!

Now she really did think she was someone special. Jed dreaded the days ahead but was determined to make it as pleasant as possible for the sake of his wife Lora. The long drive around the M25, onto the M1 and Via the M6 did little to smooth his mood, the road was busy and there were several bumps on the way up. All in all it took nearly nine hours to travel to the in-laws new home.

Jed had let out a huge sigh when he eventually rolled up and watched as Lora jumped out of the car and ran to greet her mum and dad. He climbed out and Joe shook his hand saying "come on in son!.. You must be knackered after that long drive! He may have been differently inclined if he had watched Samantha studying him carefully at opportune moments, and his interest may have been peaked if he had known why. Samantha had taken the opportunity to study her daughters husband unhindered, she didn't really like him but not because he wasn't good enough for her daughter it was because he reminded her of her first ever proper boyfriend from college, who had taken her virginity and whom bore a striking resemblance to Jed.

That first boyfriend had fucked his way through college and never once had the same girl twice, he had a good sized dick on him as she recalled. Samantha had to stop thinking like that she suddenly realised her pussy was getting damp from the memories of her first sexual escapades.

Stopping herself from such lewd memories she cleared her throat and launched into taking her daughter around the new home showing her all over the property. They had retired to bed sometime around ten and Jed remembered he could lie in next day as Lora had arranged to go to town with some of her friends for the day.

Jed had planned on a relaxing day clay pigeon shooting with some friends after lunch, at least he'd be out of the frigid bitch's way after lunch. The morning was filled with his mother-in-law rolling her eyes at anything he said or suggested, no fuckin wonder Joe had fucked off to his club as soon as he could.

He kept thinking what is wrong with her, she just wouldn't say or acknowledge one thing he said or did as being okay, everything was a bloody drama. He found himself once again thinking that entire frigid cow needs is a good fucking up that tight cunt of hers.. Her clothes torn of her, her knickers and bra flung aside and the living daylights fucked out of her, that'd sort the snooty cow out, he bet. He still didn't have the balls to do anything about it though so contented himself with sneaking off to the toilet and tossing himself off into the pan, unloading a great wad of spunk into the bowl when he came grunting the bitch's name as he did.

Just then he heard the phone ringing and Samantha's false posh voice answering it, before she called out "Jediah it's for you a man calling himself Paul requires to speak to you! He sped down the stairs to answer the phone, picking it up he heard Paul saying; "That you Jed old boy?

Jed was disappointed and now that Joe was gone, he was alone with her! He really didn't want to tell Samantha as she would undoubtedly gloat. Or even laugh at his misfortune. He decided to go for a walk instead, so grabbed his hat, coat and gloves he set off banging the door shut behind him in a foul mood, he set off along the path at the driveways end. He had only gone about a mile when the bloody rain started so he turned back not wanting to get wet. He thought if I can just get in without being seen I can hide upstairs in our room till Lora gets back.

He quietly opened the front door and closed it as gently as he could. He couldn't hear anything so taking his boots off, coat, hat and jacket he stuck them in the hall cupboard so no one would see them and notice he was back. The last thing he wanted was Samantha finding he was back before anyone else.

Just as he was about to creep upstairs he heard what could only be described as singing by Samantha from the other side of the house. He crept along the corridor until he could see through a gap in the side of the kitchen door, to see where she was. Samantha obviously thought she was alone, as she had stripped off all her clothing and was putting them in the washer to wash. Needless to say Jed had an instant erection, as her body was still in great shape for a forty five year old.

As she turned unawares he could see her he could see her shaven pussy, and her firm large tits with large stiff nipples poking from the areolas. This was far better than any image he had conjured up in the past, as she waltzed around naked oblivious to his presence. Jed had now a major problem, his cock was by now out of the confines of his trousers and he was stroking it gently as he watched her.

He was by now plucking up the courage he had lacked previously and was intent on fucking his mother-in-law right reason or none. He quickly stripped his clothes off until he too was naked, his big heavy balls and large erect cock swaying around in front of him.

Slowly he pushed the door open until he was clearly visible from the kitchen area. Samantha didn't see him at first, but then she let out a shriek as she caught sight of this naked man in her peripheral vision. Turning quickly around with a horrified look on her face while trying to cover up her naked body, she let out a scream "My Godddd! Get out you bastard She tried desperately to free her arms from his grip, Jed meanwhile clamped his mouth over her left tit and flicked his wet tongue over the beautiful hard, pink nipple, causing it to immediately begin swelling further in his sucking mouth.

Instead of pulling or pushing him away Samantha began to moan "Oooooh! She was swooning with pleasure from the tonguing he was giving her tit, then he moved over to its partner. The sucking of her nipples and the caressing of her body with his now free hands, had evidently disarmed the icy bitch, allowing Jed to lift her petite body up into his arms and lay her down on the tile counter top in the Kitchen.

He then pushed her knees apart to reveal her clean shaven but dripping wet sex to him. And then he planted his mouth over her cunt, sucking and licking at it, feasting on her love juices intent on eating the bitch out.

This was causing her to moan out; "Oh, Godddd! Oh, my Goooooooooood! I'm cummingggg! I'm cumminggggg! Once Samantha had settled down Jed lifted her up in his arms headed on down the hallway to where her bedroom was located. The door was closed but not all the way, using his foot to push it open.

Jed approached the unmade bed and unceremoniously dropped the bitch onto the middle of it. Before the realisation of what was happening could take hold of Samantha, Jed was right onto her pinning her arms above her head with one strong hand grasping both her wrists, just like in his fantasies he had about just such an occasion.

This was by no means intended to be a gentle lovemaking on Jeff's part, his obvious long disdain of this icy bitch of a mother-in-law had him banging away at her tight pussy with all the effort and gusto he could muster up, intent on teaching her a fucking lesson, she wouldn't be so uppity now the bitch as he held her legs wide whilst ploughing a long deep furrow in her cunt.

Samantha moaned, groaned and flopped around like a rag doll as Jed handed out to her a sound fucking she would never forget. She had even raised her legs up to wrap them tightly around his ass. As her ass began bucking back up under him, her arching her hips thrust in time, up to meet his hammering thrusts into her, he had released relaxed arms so he could grab her ass with both hands.

Jed had also been surprised to feel her arms come up to grab hold of his shoulders while she began kissing his neck on his next lunge up into her tight cunt, then heard her moan: "Fuck me! Fuck me you fucker, like the bitch I really am! Pulling out so just his cockhead remained in her tight gripping cunt, Jed got a good grip under her ass, then slammed himself back into her while chuckling "How's that, BITCH!

That's the way! Oh, God, fuck it to me hard That however was the last thing on his mind at that point, as Jed announced loudly; "I'm gonna cummmm! Do it! Cum in me, cum in my cunt like the bitch I am! Make me your bitch from here on in That's it cum in me Realizing that he hadn't begun to go soft but was still semi-erect deep inside her dripping wet cunt he felt his cock start to grow again.

Then Jed felt Samantha, respond with her cunt muscles beginning to squeeze back upon his growing cock. As neither Jed nor his wife Lora, had ever had sex twice in succession, without first recovering with some foreplay, this was new ground for him. Jed hoped it would allow him yet another wild and energetic fucking of his previously, ice cold bitch of a mother-in-law.

As Samantha lay there beneath him she began to respond to his gentle rocking motions.

Recent Comments by Anonymous. Life with Mother-In-Law Ch. Large hanging tits My erection grew steadily watching the scene develop. All I can say is ummff.. Kate appeared absolutely transfixed by the sight of her big strap-on filling her mother's pussy from behind.

Mother-in-law sex stories above rest

Mother-in-law sex stories above rest

Mother-in-law sex stories above rest

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My wife wanted me to fuck her mother Sex Story | Sex Stories 69

My mother in law just got divorced and has moved in with us for the time being. She had all of her kids real young. My wife is the oldest and she had her at fourteen.

So they get mistaken for sisters all the time which my MIL just loves. She insists the world has to conform to her wishes. My wife and her siblings were taken away from her when my wife was ten. They reconnected after my wife turned eighteen. A couple of weeks ago my wife sits me down and tells me she has a request.

Every once in a while we will watch each other have sex with someone else. I immediately said no. With anyone else it would have ended there. Not this time appently with her mother involved. Things came to a head last night when she asked again.

I told her for the love God stop asking me. She has to be gagged the entire time. Wow she looked pissed. Just turned and disappeared down the hallway. I got real nervous at that point. Sure enough they come back and my wife is carrying a ball gag. Her mom is standing there in a black corset, no panties and of course the ball gag. So I did my best to please her mother. Her mom was a very enthusiastic lover.

I was enjoying it enough I wanted to make sure it lasted as long as possible so when I would get close to cumming I would stop and give her oral. About half way through, she started having trouble with the gag so I let her remove it. All in all this lasted for around hour. I look over to where my wife should have been and she had left the room at some point.

Not a good sign. Normally I would been looking over at from time to time. A to watch her masturbate and B to see if she wanted to watch anything in particular. I get dressed and find her sitting at the kitchen table with a drink in her hand. As soon as she saw me, she stood up and told me I was a fucking asshole and went to our room with her drink. I ended up sleeping on the couch last night. I called in sick to work today hoping to stay home and smooth things over.

Her mother is acting like a different person this morning. I know I could have handled things a lot better, but the same holds true for my wife. I just needed get my thoughts in order and do a little venting. This seemed like as good as place as any. The day i fuck my wife little cousen she need cash for trip end come next to me mywife was watching TV she hold my hand ask for money her hand was hot i grape it there was eletrisit in my body i tald her let go end take it my wife thanks me i hold her by the hand open my bedroom end closed it push her on the door kissing her rubbing her pussy pushing my finger to her hol at that time she was to wet i open her shirt taking her big breast out sucking it she moan i take out my long cock push it slowly in her lussy untill all of my cock was inside i pumm her first lawly end farst until i shoot my load i gave her money end tald her i love u she said she love me to.

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Mother-in-law sex stories above rest