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Sign in. Watch now. Is both documentary and parody of model train hobby enthusiast. Beginning with a history lesson for the model train hobby and then transitioning into a how-to film on creating one's own model train fantasy layout, the film takes a turn as the lead character becomes fully engulfed in the fantasy world of model railroading. Between a full-on dancing girls extravaganza to an "edge of your seat" action film, the film proves that playing with trains is a form of pure escapism for kids of every age.

Model railroad movies

Order Arilroad Order Descending. Dalby, and must quickly find a means of escape. Ex-Magma Arizona 5 also appeared as numbers 4 and 27 to represent different engines on different trains. Then it's all blazing action, hair-raising chases, and spectacular Italian scenery in this Oscar-nominated adventure that runs full speed until the nail-biting finale. Trouble is, the authorities are convinced that the child has been kidnapped, causing no end of trouble for such innocent bystanders as engineer Mike Victor McLaglenbookish moveis doctor Harvey North Dennis O'Keefeand a garrulous clubwoman Zasu Pitts. Edit Storyline Is both documentary and parody of model train hobby enthusiast. In the movie, everyone on board the Orient Express seems to have concluded that hateful financier Ratchett Richard Widmark was behind the abduction Model railroad movies murder of the infant daughter of a famed Slutty women in lingiere. It makes a great historical "bookend" with the Burt Lancaster film "The Train". Synopsis : A failed climate-change experiment kills railroax life on Earth except for a lucky few onboard the Snowpiercer. Synopsis : Top billing is bestowed upon Claudette Colbert as Kit, a best-selling mpvies heading westward to oversee the Model railroad movies version of her latest novel.

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How to Wire a Model Railroad Turnout. No Account? Look at them hair extensions on Shirley MacLaine! Video: Inside the November Model Railroader. Now you know why Hogan was so keen on this rescue. The microswitch has three pulls or wires; the center pull where the power is going out, and the outer two pulls Model railroad movies the power is coming in. From jolly, old England comes this tale railrozd a small village trying to prevent the closure of their Model railroad movies railway branch line. The Trolley Dodger Musings on transit, past, present, and future. Current Issue. Videos Search Transsexual in panties videos Use the form below to filter through our collection of videos on ModelRailroader. Post to Model railroad movies. Moeel of Contents Subscribe Digital Editions. Follow us: Facebook.

Labiche and his fellow railway men unleash a torrent of devastation but must use skill and deception to protect the train's prized cargo.

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  • One of my favorite TV shows as a kid growing up.

This film points out that during the postwar boom, many model railroads ostensibly purchased as a Christmas present for little Junior, were soon taken over by their fathers. It is a model train-laced extravaganza of Lionel in its prime see how many accessories and models you can identify. All aboard the O scale express!

With a self-satisfied smirk, Joe looks around at the counter of a well-stocked hobby store. Alice does not suffer from the usual marital problems from her beastly Joe booze, abuse, carousing. Oh, no.

Agony is enthralled and immediately grabs the caboose for himself. Cartoon buffs may recognize Arthur Q. Bryan as the voice of Elmer Fudd! Flashback to Christmas Joe is mesmerized with the simple circle of track under the tree. Soon he is fighting for possession of the locomotive with his nephew!

Before you know it, McDoakes has acquired his own layout with 3 separate trains and spread it out on the living room floor. Not content with a smaller pike, McDoakes soon has built a sprawling layout which takes up the entire front room.

Huge mountains tower over the set. Alice hits the roof and demands Joe dismantle his empire. Alice is jolted awake as the Super Chief roars by precisely at am. Time to get up!! McDoakes literally hands the hobby store owner all his money and carts the prized Lionel accessory away. After spending all their money, the repo men are now taking away the furniture as Joe madly watches his train roll back and forth. A switcher pulls 3 bowls of soup along the track.

Joe uncouples each car as it passes in front its intended recipient. Dispensing olives and celery is no problem as he uses various Lionel accessories to do that. Here comes the gravy train! Finally, Joe is hauled down to the radio studio and asked what he has to say for himself. A very enjoyable episode in the series there were 63 made of Joe McDoakes shorts. The tricky part is not letting it go too far…. Korst gmail. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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This could be every once in awhile depending on how often they are run. Layout Visits Watch videos of some of the spectacular layouts featured in Model Railroader magazine. From jolly, old England comes this tale of a small village trying to prevent the closure of their much-loved railway branch line. F40PH cabin view. He calls her Bay-buh in practically every line of dialogue once the movie gets rolling.

Model railroad movies

Model railroad movies. Best Tips of Great Model Railroads DVD with Abrasive Pad

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Labiche and his fellow railway men unleash a torrent of devastation but must use skill and deception to protect the train's prized cargo. The story was inspired by an actual art looting and France's successful delay of the German train until the Allies arrived.

Period equipment was donated by French National Railways SNCF during their transition from steam to diesel, and full access was provided to seldom used routes and yards.

Except for the interior museum shots which were filmed with a studio set, other early scenes including the loading of the art train were shot near Paris at the docks of St.

The stations shown during the run to Germany were filmed for about 25 straight nights east of Paris at Troyes, Longueville, and Provins. The station, crash, and hotel in the fictional Rive-Reine were actually filmed at Acquigny, approximately 60 miles northwest of Paris.

The scenes immediately before the crash were shot on the track heading south from Acquigny. The idea of a circuitous route returning to Rive-Reine was not part of the original script, but was improvised to maximize filming opportunities at Acquigny.

Director John Frankenheimer felt the village was superior to the initially intended filming locations. The line is still active as an industrial branch as of , serving the Georgia Pacific mill near Hondouville. The station is now used for offices, and the hotel where Labiche stayed the night was converted to a private residence.

The steam locomotives are Class Bs leads the military train Paris to Vaires , art train until Rive-Reine crash , rear engine in Rive-Reine crash , and art train post-crash.

The air raid at Vaires included several Class R locomotives at the engine shop, though perhaps unintentionally as this locomotive class did not begin delivery until Additionally, a Class C was used for the initial derailment at Rive-Reine that blocked the art train. The derailment of was intended to occur much slower, but the stuntman pulled the throttle too far before jumping and caused a high speed crash that took out 9 of 10 cameras and suspended shooting for two days.

The unharmed buried camera captured a stunning track-level shot for the film. The art train served not only as a key prop in the film, but also to transport the filmmakers' equipment between shooting locations. A 1 is famous for his ability to catch a ride on any train no matter how risky the hop or dangerous the guards. He acts as a sort of mentor for Cigaret Keith Carradine , a young hobo who brags that someday he'll surpass A 1. Neither has had the courage to ride a train guarded by Shack Ernest Borgnine , an unusually sadistic railroad cop who will brutally beat or even murder any man who tries to catch a ride on his train.

A 1 is determined that no one, not even Cigaret, is going to deny him his title, so taking his life in his hands he and Cigaret hop a ride on Shack's train.

Ex-Magma Arizona 5 also appeared as numbers 4 and 27 to represent different engines on different trains. Forced to stall these unknown assailants until a ransom is delivered or a rescue is made, transit chief Lt.

Garber Walter Matthau must ad-lib, bully, con, and shrewdly outmaneuver one of the craftiest and cruelest villains Robert Shaw in a battle of wits that will either end heroically or tragically.

The hijackers commandeer car , an R22 car built for the IRT in Using a cast of non-professionals, Clement tells the story of French railway workers who bravely battle the Nazis on many fronts, aiding the Allied invasion of Legendary cameraman Henri Alekan Beauty and the Beast , himself a resistance fighter who escaped Nazi POW camps, shot the film in a gritty, semi-documentary style.

Synopsis : When Andrews Fess Parker , a Union spy, leads a team of soldiers into the South to demolish the railway system, things don't go as planned. The train conductor catches on to the plan, and does everything he can to stop them.

Based on the true Civil War story of Andrews' Raiders, who captured a Confederate railroad train during the Civil War and were then pursued by another Confederate locomotive.

Rural locations along the line resembled the site of the actual chase which occurred nearly miles to the southwest in Kennesaw, Georgia. Torn between the bonds of blood and his allegiance to the railroad, Grant finds himself hoping for the best but preparing for the worst as the train comes under attack from Harbin's bandits. Then it's all blazing action, hair-raising chases, and spectacular Italian scenery in this Oscar-nominated adventure that runs full speed until the nail-biting finale.

Lazare Station in Paris. Hopping a freight train, they head for freedom, but when the engineer dies of a heart attack, they find themselves trapped and racing full-throttle towards disaster.

Crashing through stations at fatal speeds and hunted from above by a sadistic warden in a helicopter, Manny and Buck are convinced it's just the two of them against the world Miniature trains were utilized for the crash scenes. When the opening shots of the Civil War are fired at Fort Sumter, Johnny tries to enlist -- and he is deemed too useful as an engineer to be a soldier. All Johnny knows is that he's been rejected, and Annabelle, thinking him a coward, turns her back on him.

When Northern spies steal the General and, unwittingly, Annabelle , the story switches from drama and romance to adventure mixed with Keaton's trademark deadpan humor as he uses every means possible to catch up to the General, thwart the Yankees, and rescue his darling Annabelle -- for starters.

Synopsis : Clint Eastwood directed this docudrama about an incident in August in which three American tourists subdued an armed terrorist aboard a Thalys train headed to Paris. Air Force Airman First Class Spencer Stone -- portray themselves in the movie, which chronicles their lifelong friendship and the numerous choices that prepared them to act quickly in the face of sudden danger. Memory" Wylie Watson. In the midst of the show, shots ring out and Richard flees the theater.

Moments later, a terrified woman Lucie Mannheim begs Richard to help her. Back at his room, she tells him that she's a British spy whose life has been threatened by international agents waiting outside. Richard is certain that she's mad until she reappears at his door in the morning, near death with a knife in her back, a map in her hand, and muttering something about "39 Steps. Richard learns that he's now wanted by the police for murder, and he must find a way to clear his name. Synopsis : When David Keith Harold Goodwin is railroaded to prison for allegedly killing his uncle, his sister Katherine Pauline Starke must prove his innocence to the governor's office.

Synopsis : In this made-for-TV thriller, a train hauling a cargo of radioactive waste is passing through Colorado when its brakes fail in the Rocky Mountains. The train begins rolling out of control and is headed for Denver with no way to stop it. John Seger Rob Lowe , an agent with the National Transportation Safety Board, has to find a way to bring the train safely to a halt, and he soon learns that the stakes are even greater than he imagined -- a faulty Russian atomic bomb is also on board, which could blow the city sky high in the event of a wreck.

Synopsis : When a senior Russian official, Gen. During the journey they must survive terrorist attack and an avalanche, all planned by Russian spy-catcher Nikolai Bunin Schell.

The four must put aside their political differences to save the man from a Nazi murder plot. Synopsis : Set during India's battle for independence from Britain, the film begins with Victoria Jones Gardner returning to her native land after several years in England. Her loyalties are put to the test by two men in her life: Col. When she is forced to kill in self-defense, Victoria is given comfort by Communist insurrectionist Ghanshyam Illing , further dividing her fidelities.

The train crash scene was shot at Longmoor with a locomotive made of plywood. Synopsis : The obtuse nephew of a multi-millionaire finds that he has inherited a fortune. However, a stipulation in the will requires that he become a hobo before he can become a billionaire. To inherit his uncle's fortune, Vernon Praiseworthy must ride the rails in imitation of a Depression-era hobo, just as his uncle did before he became rich.

Vernon and his faithful dog Bo take off on their adventure and soon find themselves enmeshed in a dognapping scheme with two thugs. Synopsis : Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski weaves a fascinating tale of fate that draws the curtain back on life in communist Poland circa The film plays out three possible life scenarios for a disillusioned young man named Witek Boguslaw Linda , all depending on whether he catches a certain train to Warsaw.

The title character, played by Barbara Hershey, links up with union organizer David Carradine after the death of her father. Running afoul of anti-union forces, Bertha and Carradine are forced into a life of crime. Whereas Bonnie and Clyde robbed banks, Boxcar Bertha's specialty is trains. The , built in by Baldwin, is now owned by the Blacklands Railroad in Texas. Some of the railroad equipment was out of sync with the Depression-era setting.

But one by one, the passengers are being murdered. Their only hope is John Deakin Charles Bronson , a mysterious prisoner-in-transit who must fight for his life - and the lives of everyone on the train - as he uncovers a deadly secret that explodes in a torrent of shocking revelations, explosive brawls, and blazing gun battles.

This engine later pulled excursion trains at the Heber Valley Railroad in Heber City, Utah, where it is now undergoing restoration. Synopsis : Based on the building of a railway bridge to link Thailand and Burma, the story centers on a Japanese prison camp isolated deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia, where the remorseless Colonel Saito Sessue Hayakawa has been charged with building the bridge for the Japanese.

His clash of wills with a British prisoner, the charismatic Colonel Nicholson Alec Guinness , escalates into a duel of honor, Nicholson defying his captor's demands to win concessions for his troops. How the two officers reach a compromise, and Nicholson becomes obsessed with building that bridge, provides the story's thematic spine; the parallel movement of a team of commandos dispatched to stop the project, led by a British major Jack Hawkins and guided by an American escapee William Holden , supplies the story's suspense and forward momentum.

The locomotive in the crash was built in the s and operated in India prior to purchase for the film. A diesel engine was used at the rear of the train to ensure all four coaches followed the steam engine off the bridge. The destruction of the bridge as depicted in the film is entirely fictional. In reality, two bridges were built -- a temporary wooden bridge and a permanent steel bridge a few months later.

Both bridges were used for two years until they were destroyed by Allied warplanes in June After the war, the steel bridge was rebuilt by Japan and is still in use today. By chance, she meets Dr. Alec Harvey Trevor Howard , who removes it for her.

The two talk for a few minutes and strike immediate sparks, but they end up catching different trains. However, both return to the station once a week to meet and, as the film progresses, they grow closer, sharing stories, hopes, and fears about their lives, marriages, and children.

Synopsis : The whole story unfolds on a Chicago-to-Manhattan express train; among the passengers are Hollywood starlet April Marjorie Woodworth , her producer Ivan Leonid Kinskey and her wisecracking secretary Patsy Kelly. Hoping to stir up publicity for April, Patsy and Ivan conspire to adopt a baby for their client.

Trouble is, the authorities are convinced that the child has been kidnapped, causing no end of trouble for such innocent bystanders as engineer Mike Victor McLaglen , bookish young doctor Harvey North Dennis O'Keefe , and a garrulous clubwoman Zasu Pitts.

Also included is PRR American steam locomotive The later operated on the Strasburg Railroad, a tourist railroad in the Amish farmlands of eastern Pennsylvania, and is now preserved at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Synopsis : Criminals have hidden a bomb on a Shinkansen train barreling through the Japanese countryside. With the end of the line somewhere ahead and a very large number of increasingly agitated passengers on board, somehow that bomb must be found and defused.

This concept later served as the basis of the American action film Speed. Synopsis : Vinod Verma, an employee of the Indian Railways, has a dream of building the fastest train in India.

When the Railway Board finally approves his prototype for the Super Express, an embittered colleague seeks revenge. The film basically begins as a freewheeling story about robbing trains but soon becomes a chase as a relentless posse - always seen at a great distance like some remote authority - forces Butch and Sundance into the hills and, finally, Bolivia. Aided by his trusty sidekick Dynamite Dawson, Tom and a gang of yard boys must battle mad trappers, Native Americans, and the wild Canadian unknown.

Filming Locations : Filmed on location in the Canadian Rockies.

Model railroad movies