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Geocities bikini

Geocities bikini

Geocities bikini

Geocities bikini

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GeoCities is never quite what it appears to be.

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According to a post to an mtg usenet group in January , people had not received the cards yet as they were still with Carta Mundi. Over in the Old School Discord, one of the players posted a Dragon themed deck that includes Nalathni Dragon and we started discussing the various media promos of the era.

I thought it was printed in , so certainly not Old School Legal, but lo-and-behold it was actually printed in November ! According to MTG Gamepedia , Windseeker Centaur was the first Centaur, and was included as an insert in the novel Whispering Woods , which has a publication date of November, leading me to believe that this card should be legal, alongside Arena , Nalathni Dragon, and Sewers of Estwark. The double red is a bit rough, not not terrible to build around.

The art on this card is pretty great, as is to be expected of Anson Maddocks. I mean, the obvious breast cups are still strange, but are a very common trope in fantasy art how else would we know this warrior is a female? Back to the look of the card, these media promos were printed with similar tones and saturation as 4th edition, but in black border, so they look great, even if they do have a date line on them.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, I was wrong. Older posts.

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Geocities bikini

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Kathleen Hanna – Bikini Kill | NATHAN JOLLY'S GEOCITIES SITE

GeoCities is never quite what it appears to be. Touted as the 10th largest consumer Web site by marketing godzilla PC-Meter, GeoCities spins like a beckoning Starship Enterprise of simultaneous individuality and commonality.

And it holds a treasure trove of promotional stuff: dumb flea-market things like GeoCities caps, hokey things like birthday greetings, valuable things like homepages 2 megs of which you get free - you'll find all forms of conspicuous consumables here.

Which is why , so-called homesteaders have built homepages within GeoCities' virtual microclimates. Dig deeper and GeoCities becomes a pioneering Paul Bunyan of an outpost in cyberspace, a munificent world that attempts to be all things to all people.

GeoCities is what the Web is all about: dreams for a better virtual life. Have a mansion in lusty Hollywood even though you live in Belgium. Become a homesteader and move into one of 29 cybercities, where you can live and love, build and set down roots. GeoCities seems poised to become the first moneymaking Webventure known to geeks.

Advertisers are treated like John Cheeverish new neighbors who will do anything to fit in. But homesteaders are treated with megarespect, and they respond by coming pretty damn close to creating the mythic community everyone always talks about but never quite actualizes. Though initial GeoCity homepage attempts were annoyingly primitive, the last six months have witnessed a full genetic transformation.

The homepage-happy denizens are into raucous creativity now. Witness The Mona Mailart Show project www. Here, all your knowledge of fine art morphs into a renaissance Italian cabaret, old chum. Regard The Mona Liza , in which the elusive Mona becomes a plastic-surgery-poster-girl-Broadway-show-tune crooner. Or perhaps the Mona Lisa as busty Marilyn in a checked bikini.

Even if this isn't the highest tech stuff, these mavens do a lot with their 2 megs. There's even a Reservoir Dogs game where gasp! At Sunsetstrip, oddly, there's a megapage about the terrific and culty New York antifolk singer Brenda Kahn www.

GeoCities beckons with everything from MotorCity an ideal subdivision if, say, Bobby LaBonte is your pedal-to-the-metal hero to Soho a beatnik paradise. But GeoCities, of course, isn't a real community: there's no suicide, sex, drugs, or murder. It's not the utopian planet of perfection, either. But right now, it's the best use of the Web by a group of regular Janes and Joes.

There are no Internet geeks, no intranet techheads, just people who love their computers and desperately need to communicate a sense of place. A word of caution, however: before long, you may find yourself filling out the Application to Live in the South.

Sample question: "Do you own any shoes? If yes, how many? Syllabels in Space Since the sparse Japanese poetry form haiku hit the American consciousness in the late 19th century like so many detonated cherry blossoms, Westerners have infused the petite syllable frame with everything from Hollywood mojo to beatific acid trips to corporate melancholy.

But hold on to your Mount Fuji. A new season in three-line verse has hit the Web: SciFaiku. What do you get when you morph Matsuo Basho with Philip K.

Dick, or Kobayashi Issa with William Gibson? Check out the elegant, techie, and tripped-out text known as The SciFaiku Manifesto and sneak a peek at some possible scenarios. Can't stomach your lit without a chopstick of crit? And if you're inspired to pen your own poem, follow the link to The Virtual Fridge , select the SciFaiku word heap , and get futuristically existential all over your galaxy.

Instead, check out the Fashion Face-Off of best- and worst-dressed starlets and the newly added Plastic Surgery Lab , an ongoing mix-and-match of celebrity facial features. Showbiz remains the favorite online tattler of gossip-mongers. So whatever your money is on Fargo still has our vote! Postfem and Proud Devoid of splashy graphics, The Postfeminist Playground is a welcome relief from those pages that take five years to download.

But what the site lacks in visual pizazz, it compensates for in thought-provoking, vitriolic nastiness. Notably different from the sites of its femme-friendly riot grrrls who abound on the Web, the playground's two postfeminist editors tackle gender politicking head-on with pop culture reviews, overtly sexual fiction, and critical essays. We can write about something else for a change," they shout. You won't find any finger-pointing at the male-controlled media or corporate patriarchy; what you will find are unabashedly self-absorbed essays that aren't afraid to poke fun at themselves.

In the Web's Darkest Hour Into the dreary chaos of Netropolis comes a man with a vision of how things once were and might be again. Brooklyn-based graphic artist Chris Kalb has rediscovered - and brilliantly resurrected - our first mysterious superhero, The Spider.

Kalb's Spider Kit lets you learn about, and then embody, pulp fiction's earliest dark avenger. A series of ingenious paper cutouts gun, hat, mask, and, of course, The Spider Ring can be downloaded with Netscape and the Adobe Acrobat plug-in.

A quick flash of steel scissors, and you're ready to kick some criminal backside. The site is part of a larger online pulp-fiction renaissance, including Kalb's Hero Pulp page members. The Spider Kit's cunning combination of high and low tech is, at last, a payoff on the promise of the Web. In one stroke, Kalb unites the best of interactive technology, American pop culture, and our own childhood dream worlds. The Super Friends wish they had it this good. Beer Frame While many Web sites look really great, they often read like they were put together by illiterate fourth graders.

But not www. Not only does this microbrewery make a great beer including the buttery smooth J. Dundee's Honey Brown Lager , but it has some of the funniest text on the Web, much of it delivered by retired brewmaster Chester.

Chester's tour of the site covers many an odd link, including one aside about movies that should have won Oscars: Animal House , Strange Brew "the whole movie is about beer" , and "any Dirty Harry movie, including Sudden Impact. This site will make you laugh so hard, beer will come out of your nose. Thanks to the Wired 5. Colin Lingle colinl starwave. Tessa Rumsey tessa wired. Paul Semel beerhound aol. Anne Speedie anne wiredmag. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain.

Muscling In. Author: Matt Simon Matt Simon. Author: Alex Davies Alex Davies. Author: Jesse Jarnow Jesse Jarnow. Old School. Author: Clive Thompson Clive Thompson. Keep Calm. Author: Virginia Heffernan Virginia Heffernan.

Geocities bikini

Geocities bikini