Dealing with stubborn wife-How deal with and handle a stubborn wife

However, women are also as controlling as men in marriages or relationships. These type of women come up with different tactics such as threatening the man with divorce or manipulating the arguments so that the man too, is bend on thinking on those lines. It can be a nightmare with living with such a type of woman who is always telling you what to do. You find no personal space or opinion during these times. What do you do?

Dealing with stubborn wife

Dealing with stubborn wife

Dealing with stubborn wife

One day, She went consciously to my sisters and apologized. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 7. The best is just to do my own thing. Since she's bent on wasting resourses Fem x are best diverted to other household necessities, reduce Dealing with stubborn wife quota. I sutbborn una oh. She has a daughter, which I have always took care of.

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And if the unacceptable behavior gets wlth intense or arguments too volatile, seek out professional assistance to find common ground and save the relationship. The preceding article was solely Dealing with stubborn wife by the author named above. But now she has said it again becos Dewling 1 slight misunderstanding. Please help me with some recommendations for a great book or a podcast about it. It was easy for me. We get judged by our looks or lack of looks our whole lives. My family gets worried. I Hills naked partridge a companion, lovesex, and a family and not a rebel wife who thinks her ideas should always be right. They may feel disappointed and ignored. He hates company and always complains when I suggest having someone Dealing with stubborn wife. Your spouse may realize the pain he has been Dealin and withh feel guilty. I want happy life but my wife always remain angry on me. I had the woman of my life, which I divorced…the Dealing with stubborn wife of my life but she allowed her mother to mix in our life and changed quite a lot when stared to work…As a girlfriend she was my dream. She was just unhappy soul.

Dealing with an obstinate spouse can be challenging and frustrating.

  • That is what is meant by diligence.
  • Marriages come with a number of issues, all harder to cope with if you have a difficult spouse.
  • Marriage is an institution that should be enjoyed and happy, virtually every day millions of people always dream of the happy day they will be the nuptial knot with their loved one.
  • At some point, anyone in a relationship has to learn how to deal with a stubborn spouse.

It's no fun to try to convince a stubborn person to do what you want. Dealing with stubborn people can be very frustrating and exhausting, whether you're talking to a co-worker or your own mother. So how do you deal with a stubborn person without ripping your hair out in the process? Just follow along. They're just afraid of being wrong, and, in turn, having their their ego damaged. If none of these steps have worked, don't pester them. It won't help your relationship or the issue. They are aware of their actions and might not want to hurt your relationship.

If you truly need help resolving an important issue, seeking an outside source of help, for example, a close friend, family member, or relationship therapist could help you come to an agreement and strengthen your relationship. Dealing with stubborn people can be difficult and frustrating, but there are a few strategies you can use to make things easier. Try showing them how a decision can benefit them to get them to think the decision is valid. Instead, try to find common ground to help them see things from your perspective.

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Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: October 3, Start with a bit of flattery. One of the reasons that stubborn people are the way they are is because they hate to be wrong. They think that they know the best way to do everything, and therefore, they may be a bit sensitive when they are told that there are other ways to do things; they may view a difference in opinion as a personal attack even if you mean no harm.

So, when you talk to stubborn people, try to make them feel good about themselves by offering them a bit of flattery first. Just make sure it's sincere and that it doesn't sound like you're just sucking up to get your way. Here are some ways you can start off: "I know you've been working so hard lately. I'm so impressed by how you're able to keep your act together during such a stressful time.

I've missed hanging out with you. Show that you value their opinions. Another thing you have to do to deal with stubborn people is to acknowledge their positions and show them that they really have a great idea. Make sure to repeat their argument and show that you do see the good in what the person is saying; that way, the person will see that you do value him or her as well as his or her ideas.

I love the gnocchi at the Italian place, and they have such a great wine selection. But I really think we should give them another chance. But having said that Don't tell them that they're wrong. The last thing that a stubborn person wants to hear is that he or she is flat-out wrong. Don't ever say, "You're not looking at this correctly," or "You just don't get it, do you?

They may be right for another time or situation, but right now, you'd like to do what you want to do. Make that very clear. Say things like, "We both have such great ideas" or "There are a lot of ways to look at this situation" to show that you think the person is "equally" right. Show how the decision will benefit them. Stubborn people are often stubborn because they are very invested in themselves and how their decisions can help them feel even better and do what they want to do.

So, if you want to stroke their egos a bit and make them think the decision is valid, you have to show how it can end up benefiting them, even if it may seem a little surprising. Here are some things that you can say: "I'd really love to check out the new sushi place down the street. Remember you said you were having a craving for fried ice cream? I heard they have an amazing a variety at that restaurant.

I know you've been dying to go. We can use that extra money to go to Costa Rica this summer, just like you wanted to do. Make them think they've come up with the idea on their own. This is another trick to convincing the stubborn person to do what you want. Make the person think that, in the course of your conversation, he or she had actually come up with the idea, or had introduced an important aspect of why the idea is such a good one.

This will make the person feel proud of himself, and like he's still getting his own way. This can be a little tricky to pull off, but if you can do it right, you'll be amazed by how much better this will make the stubborn person feel. Here are some things you can say: "That's a great idea! I forgot about how much I love plum wine.

The sushi place will definitely have that. And you think Saturday night is the best time to do it, don't you? Be firm. The reason that stubborn people often get their way is because the people around them often cave in and let them get exactly what they want.

But remind yourself that the person is using cheap tactics to get his way, and that you're entitled to have things go your way for once. Being firm means sticking to your side of the story and offering a rational, logical argument for why your idea is important. It does not mean getting aggressive or yelling or name calling.

Give them information. Stubborn people are also afraid of the unknown. They may not want to do something simply because they've never done it before or because they're not used to breaking their routine. They'll see that the thing you're proposing isn't so scary because they can have a sense of what it will be like.

Here are some things you can say: "The new sushi place has a great deal on sashimi. It's a lot cheaper than the Italian place too.

They also have an awesome big screen TV, and you can catch the end of the game while we eat. Mike is also really into craft beer and they have an awesome selection. They only live fifteen minutes away, so it won't be a trek, either. How can we afford to live there? Show them why it's important to you. If the stubborn person cares about you, then he or she will be persuaded just by hearing why the things you want would mean so much to you.

If you're in a relationship with this person, then helping them see why this would make you happy is a great move. Here are some things you can say: "I've been craving sushi for weeks. Can we please go? I can always go with Maria, but that just won't be as fun as going with you. Commuting to work is so easy for me, and I'd hate to have to wake up an hour earlier to get there. Remind them that it's your turn. If you're used to dealing with this particular stubborn person, then chances are, you have given in again and again.

It's time to put your foot down and remind the person of all of the things you have given up for him or her, whether it's big or small. You can do this without making them feel horrible, but you can really show them the big picture and let them see that it's time that you got what you wanted. Here are some things you can say: "We've gone to the restaurant you've wanted to go to for the last five times we hung out.

Can I pick, for once? Can we give my friends a chance this time? Well, now it's my idea to stay put. Negotiate or compromise. You may not be able to get what you want completely, but you may be able to get the stubborn person to meet you halfway. Compromising or negotiating with the person can help you persuade him to do what you want to do without fully giving in. If the person is truly stubborn, then baby steps may be the way to go, and you won't be able to convince the person to follow your plan overnight.

But that means we'll go to the sushi place tomorrow night, right? We'll still hang out with them for a bit, but it won't take up our whole night. Stay calm. If you really want to deal with a stubborn person and even have a chance of getting your way, then you can't let your emotions get the best of you. If you start getting visibly upset or even angry, then the person will think that he won, because you can't keep yourself in check.

Take deep breaths, slow down, or even leave the room for a few minutes if you see yourself getting heated. Don't say that they're being stubborn. The last thing a stubborn person wants to hear is that he is stubborn. Stubborn people are defensive, and, well, stubborn, and if you even say this word around them, then they will clam up and be even less likely to change. Don't say, "Why do you have to be so stubborn!?

During her outburst, she is unlikely to hear your side of the story. Do you want to have a second threesome dating with the same partner? Preparation will help you stay on task should she decide to add her negative input. But we have been together 25 years. She even opened her mouth and told me I am too small. Mind you the road will be bumpy but your hope in happiness in life will get you through.

Dealing with stubborn wife

Dealing with stubborn wife. FOOD & DRINK


Dealing with a stubborn spouse – Punch Newspapers

Marriage is an institution that should be enjoyed and happy, virtually every day millions of people always dream of the happy day they will be the nuptial knot with their loved one.

There is no one that dream of problem in marriage or either envisage problem in their marital life. At certain point, if you are in a relationship with a stubborn client you must learn how to deal and tolerate a stubborn spouse. Even though your wife may likely not to be really stubborn in nature but some are naturally stubborn and arrogant. When we say someone is stubborn it means someone is unreasonable and often refuses to change their mind about a particular issue, ideas, or an action.

There are some reasons that might be responsible for your wife stubbornness. They easily personalized their idea to themselves. They always think their real identity is threatened if people or their husband is not convinced with what she is saying. Given the fact that every human is unique, every human has many different characteristics that is conflicting with that of another individual. I will be discussing some useful tips and ideas on how you can handle that stubborn wife and rejuvenate happiness, joy.

Loving someone means you have to accept them and understand them. I know that getting around them is not going to be easy, but once you get used to this ideas and tips that will be discussed soon you will find yourself being able to deal effectively with your stubborn wife.

The reason for your wife stubbornness might be because you are not seeing the logic behind her decisions. Try to reason and see things from their own perspectives, there are times while our judgment is clouded by self interest, anger or frustration. When you are learning about how to go about to handle or deal with your wife you have to remember that when you are in a relationship it means that you have made up your mind to work differences and also make sacrifices for her.

There are definitely going to be some differences knowing that we humans are not the same and we come from different background, which is the first step in resolving issues. You have to choose your priorities and be ready to lose the rest. What is the major reason why you are married? Is it just to have kids? The marriage is meant to be companionship which many people long to have but sometimes they never get. Your spouse should be your best friend and confidant.

You must try to listen to your spouse and try to understand her. The key is for you to know how to deal with a stubborn wife is to avoid hostility or violence of any kind or confrontation.

Fighting and exchanging of words or blows is never an answer or solution. Often times ego and pride gets in their way, so when you provide proof to your points so agreement can be perceived in the light of the evidence and not that they have a change of mind.

However, when patient and keeping in mind that learning on tips and ways to handle your effectively will guarantee you happy and successful marital relationship. I believe with all these mentioned tips you will effectively make use of them and give your relationship happy boost. Read on how to deal with a narcissist.

The real problem may be that your spouse or woman is a narcissist, if she has an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.

Material things will not fix the issue. My know it all wife, who I love dearly, is better off left alone. She can screw what ever it is up. I stay out of it. This is hard to do. But we have been together 25 years. Until I stopped caring how she does things we fought. EX: I am by far the better cook.

She will tell one that. When I see her over cooking…. I say nothing. As time has gone on we get along better because I stopped caring if the meal is a mess. The problem is that stubborn wife never accepts her mistake and is not willing to compromise anything even if your points are stronger and things should not be done the way she wants , absolutely nothing; and want everything to be her way.

However, a husband cannot always agree and do what the stubborn wife wants, although tries everything to make her happy. In turn, it makes stubborn wife happier that she is about to have things done her way.

Stubborn wife never listens to anyone. But I strongly believe, that if somehow you can find a person that she can see as a mentor, she might be getting softer eventually. The only problem is, will you have enough strength and patience? However, it is extremely difficult to change someones character unless they themselves want that and agree that she will work with you in resolving the problem.

You know what, it never worked for me. She was just unhappy soul. Emotionally it was too much for me. I would rather be miserable alone, than with her. Am going through that she does not get along with her family and my family for that matter.

She, however, is serious about everything and her opinion is always right. She comes from a women led family into mine which is the opposite. She has been struggling to get her own way which causes a lot of arguments. Totally ungrateful about things she has got i must admit i have given her things late in life, because of lack of money at the time, but as providing, ie.

Whenever we argue she does so in front of the eldest, using him as a pawn in her game! Sorry for the long email, just needed to get things off my chest…. My wife is both stubborn and close minded. I find that the worst thing to do is argue about things. The best is just to do my own thing. It is not always easy to do my own thing.

I married so that I could have a companion in life…not a resistor. She uses the children as pawns and shows little appreciation for what I do at work.

Throughout our 10 years of marriage she has worked very little while I have worked myself to insanity. Many people tried to help him although in his stubborn and closed minded ways he was too good to accept others help.

My biggest complaint is an unwillingness to do things together and also a low drive for money. She seems to want to recreate the way she grew up. She was born out of wedlock when her parents were young and as a result they grew up not having much and her dad worked extra hard to provide for the family.

This seems to be reflected on our relationship. Same story! She always wants things done her way at a her time….. Do people change? How does one cope with this? As I read you posts, it all sinks in my head. My wife is very stubborn. She wants things done her way. She not only uses the kids to get what she wants but also sex. We recently moved and now she requested to sleep alone in the kids room while they slept with me.

Plus I work my ass 7 days a week. She had c section twice for both of our boys 2 and 4 years old. I told her not to work and stay home to rest and take of our kids. I do everything else and the stubborn gene in her DNA is never satisfy. I am a man.

I need a companion, love , sex, and a family and not a rebel wife who thinks her ideas should always be right. It is really tiring. I just feel like getting a room somewhere and stay for sometime while I take care of my kids and see how she reacts. I am frankly and honestly damn tired. The Lord God Almighty is my strength.

I pray for peace into our marriages in Jesus name. At times God is silent because things arent done his way, the bible says a wife is to submit to her husband as a command not a request; we give them too much rope then complain, women are insatiable and every bit of rope you give them only encourages their bad behaviour. Rule your house hold period, the old ways were always best ; we want to be fair and equal; we are not equals.

Wow Paul, are you from seventeenth century? Women are like pitbulls. They are power of life and nature, they are multi-talented, they are creators. No wonder if some time to time they eat your face if the only way they are treated is with opression.

We have to learn how to live with them, to be stronger together. To-get-her, got it?

Dealing with stubborn wife

Dealing with stubborn wife

Dealing with stubborn wife